ROADS CLOSED : China’s President is coming 2 Mauritius!



Since mr the president of the people’s republic of china will be coming to Mauritius on the 16th February, our dear government and mr the dear police commissioner of Mauritius (and his team) has decided to close loads of roads.

Most apparent reasons?

To make the journey of mr the president of the people’s republic of china as enjoyable as possible so that mr the president of the republic of china does not have

  • to stop at every 500metres like every mauritian has to,
  • respect any speed limit mostly 60KM/hr all round the island, except 90KM/hr on motorways and some rare exceptions of 110KM/hr like  every mauritian has to.
  • loads of regions have been declared as No parking zone, where the hell will every mauritian park their cars?

Oh, I nearly forgot!

  • Since all speed breakers (humps) have been exceptionally removed, mr the president of the people’s republic of china won’t have to slow down and change his gear to the 2nd or 3rd when he comes across the loads of humps along the Palma road and others, like  every mauritian has to.
  • Since every members of the authorities, ministers and personalities are always busy, this may prevent mr the president of the people’s republic of china from reaching his meetings late, else he will be penalized,just like every mauritian.

btw, the government has forgot to order all mauritians to wear their most beautiful clothes for this occasion!

Download and plan your journey now!

Do you want to check out the communiqué issued by the commissioner of police?

Click here to view/download it.


Message to mr the president of the people’s republic of china

I wonder is he has time to read my blog, but nevertheless, I will to tell him the following.

The government of mauritius is fooling you so that you can grant us many privileges such as big loans, encourage investment here!

Life is not always so beautiful as you will be experiencing it!

  • A big percentage of the population gets stuck in the traffic jams everyday, and after some 10years of consultancy, the government found out that the most feasible solution is a bus lane haha!
  • Speed cameras and checks are carried out everywhere, while during your stay, all of these cameras will surely be in some store room!
  • Just for your visit, the government has been changing the look of the roads which you will be taking… Make them a surprise, ask for a random road, only then you will see the reality!

I leave the speech to my dear readers so that they may contribute by saying how life is beautiful in Mauritius, when you are not visiting it of course!

Of course, I will be happy to meet you, just give me a call 😉

However, I only know the following words:


xiexie for your visit 😛

I wonder whether the government will declare public holidays if the president of America happens to visit Mauritius! tvr!


Please Read THIS Comment.

In brief, Offices & Educational institutions will be closed at 14hrs on Monday the 16th Feb 2009 and on Tuesday the 15th, Offices will be closed at 12hrs.

Note : Educational institutions will remain closed on the 17th.

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  1. Welcome to Paradise Island Mr Hu. 😛

    It’s the same thing with all head of states. Met lacaz prop kan ban invités p vini. ROFL! 😛
    But I don’t think Mr Hu will go around shaking hands of the crowd… so he may not witness the ‘real’ Mauritius.
    That’s the least that can be done to ‘please’ a really ‘helpful’ nation (so that we can leech them later). >:)

    Btw hope they don’t restore ALL the breakers… They are quite useless…


  2. our gvmt has showed us dat its not in his power to take any decision mai depan lor mr le president chinois pu tak actions! come dab line montrer so incompetenciT..p al gaspille fond public pu tir humps pu 2 jour ek re gaspille cash ti dimune pu remet sa ….


  3. Dude, that is very normal!

    For security reasons. China is almost near becoming the world’s super power, the president of china cannot travel without the minimum of security laid out, else he won’t be coming, that is NORMAL. This is not imposed by the government of mauritius, but requirements set by the security personnel of the people’s republic of china.

    Its like you invite the president of the US in mauritius and you don’t lock out the roads for the guy to move.

    You can’t treat head of states like anybody when it comes to security, sure, some head of states can be morons, but nevertheless, they represent the country, and an attack on that figure is an attack on the country, and humiliating for that country, hence the security.

    The larger your economy/power is, the more precaution you take.

    The government of mauritius is fooling you so that you can grant us many privileges such as big loans, encourage investment here!

    Hmm, you are a good friend of mine, but I really didn’t like that part… coz that’s not being patriotic at all what you just said… like every business deal, there is some amount of embellishment that occurs, soiling that can result in screwed up business … same for deals like that. You might think, a post on a blog is insignificant, but you never know who happens to read it.

    ps. china doesn’t invest without knowing for sure they’ll get something in return



    1. @selven :
      As someone commented on facebook, isn’t a helicopter not more suitable?
      Do you realise the pain of those drivers? And who will pay for the extra kilometres? Petrol while stuck in traffic jams?

      lol, as for the fooling part, I admit it 😛 but you might already know that I have written this as a humour.
      However the aim is still the same : Getting privileges, Loans, Investment… its no secret!

      btw, I do hope that they read this 😉
      Anyway, aren’t we in a democratic country?

      @All : Do not take this post into consideration, it is simply a joke!
      lol, done!


  4. Maybe if Bush decides to come here one day all Mauritians will be ordered to give all their shoes to the police and the country will have to walk barefoot during his stay.
    MEGATVR!!! 😛


  5. Aha!!!! i was expecting an article on this issue… well… yashvin said it all… 🙂
    what a show off.. lol…really.. the government made the joke of the month. aler jusq’a retirer les ralentisseur.. WTF??

    if any accident occur because of these sudden changes. i wonder what will the president of sozz think of the organisation.


    Hire a helicopter, and use it for his visits around the island during his stay. That would be. THE SOLUTION.


    1. @Sun : You raised a nice point here!!!

      What will happen if accidents are caused since the humps have been removed? Will the government take the entire blame?

      Of course not, mr the pm will do a press conference to say that the cars drove too fast! LOL!


  6. donne li ene helicopter pou li fer transit.. pas pli facile..

    pas tro connE couma pou fer pou alle travay sa 2 zour la..

    enkor ene tiguitte mette couvre feu tou la..

    pas pli facile donne 2 zour conG matlo.. la pas connE ki kaliT problem pou gagne pou alle travay la.. sipa pou bizin passe the whole day lor simE mem :@

    bannes zoives!!!


  7. Firstly, tone cokein mo l’idee lol…mo tip dire nisha in bus zat mo ti pou blog lor la tonite hahaha( again telepati dou 😛 )
    I agree wiz watever u have said in your post. Above all mo p envi dire kisoz government maurice….all zos humps which once they made in palma…ti ena 1 grand raison pou sa…many people(both children and adults) died zer coz of accidents zer and saem zot ti pran sa decision met sa ban obstacles la.AND SINCE THEN, NO ACCIDENTS OCCURED.And now they are removing certi???????USELESS !!!

    I don’t care about economy or watever…people’s lives are more important! mone truver cuman sa ban accident la in occur in two little girls lost their lives was terrible…

    I am not saying that season of accidents will occur again in palma because they are removing the humps….but you never know, akoz 1 ministre paconer ki kpv arriver…riots!more accidents!mo prier non…


  8. Yashwin, FYI he is not the president of the republic of China, he is the president of the PEOPLE’S Republic of China, there is a difference. PRC is not equal to Republic Of China (Taiwan), The president of the REPUBLIC OF CHINA is Ma Ying Jeoh. and weh zot ti bizin fer bizness Air Mauritius marC sarye sa couyon la (Mr Hu) dan Helicoptere. B ki pou fer Gouvernment PRC will give money (bribes) to rearranze dodann la (esperons).


  9. we need to follow up this issue and see what impact mr chinese has on mauritius, and that was there any importance to do this for his visit, and any futur collaboration/favors that mauritius benefit from him.
    we must reckon that china is a powerful country, so there should be some way we are to benefit for us to do all this.

    btw, i guess the ambassador of china in mauritius should be aware of this change. and i think this change has been initiated by the ambassador himself..


  10. I also think it is alright since its for 2 days only.

    He is the No 1 of the most populous country in the world and which like India, China hails from an ancient civilization. China is likely to become a superpower and its growth is already spectacular.

    I guess that there are usual risks of demonstrations from people supporting Tibet, Human rights, liberty of expression etc and slowing down at humps might be a security issue. Remember the protests of the olympic torch in Paris or US?

    China is also investing heavily in Mauritius for e.g the airport, the mbc, cyber tower 2 and tianli. We also rely on chinese labour and expertise. I think that it is normal for us to welcome the chinese president in the best possible way and avoid any mishaps.

    Heard there would be a 52 car delegation along with him.


    1. @Kailash : 52 cars? wow!

      I hope that in some years, they won’t remove the humps saying that the PM’s life is in danger when he slows down.
      Drivers will be relieved to know that but big risks of accidents as Dhaneesha mentioned above


  11. Well i think what is most important in this situation is to assure The President security.

    There is something which we cal bilateral relation and i think you should have added part of it in your post.

    Selven sum up the situation and i completely agree with him.

    We like in a global world where there what we call international relations and to make that international relation works which is now international politics, the least Mauritius can do is assure security of the President of China.

    Instead of being proud why lament. Do you think the President of China will go to Zimbabwe?

    Have you thought of the publicity and image that Mauritius will have after the visit of The President?

    Its time that Mauritians think out of the box and from global perspective in diplomatic issues.


  12. I agree with Selven and Kailash who have pretty much covered everything. He is not just another bloke.

    He is The President of the Republic of China, Hu Jintao. *bow*

    Heck, I hallow him and his country who shall be the world economic salvation (more like enslavement but still – better start hallowing now.)


  13. weirdly, he’s the first world leader that’s getting this kind of treatment
    even when the Gandhis(Rajiv and Sonia) and Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain(or something, something) and other world leaders came to mauritius, they didn’t get this kind of treatment

    imagine the southbound motorway from port-louis being closed at 1700 on monday

    i’ve seen the plans put forward by the Police, how the hell are people going to go to work, how are kids going to get to school???

    it’s the Police who’s getting the best deal from this situation in my opinion
    since removing the speedbreakers on the Palma road, 15 speed tickets within 2 hours
    they making money to put the speedbreakers back when HU will be in China


  14. “The government of mauritius is fooling you so that you can grant us many privileges such as big loans, encourage investment here!

    Life is not always so beautiful as you will be experiencing it!

    * A big percentage of the population gets stuck in the traffic jams everyday, and after some 10years of consultancy, the government found out that the most feasible solution is a bus lane haha!
    * Speed cameras and checks are carried out everywhere, while during your stay, all of these cameras will surely be in some store room!
    * Just for your visit, the government has been changing the look of the roads which you will be taking… Make them a surprise, ask for a random road, only then you will see the reality!”

    I don’t think China is being FOOLED, they aren’t that stupid, surely the Chinese High Commission knows these measures are being taken, maybe they recommended these measures… These are all security measures. Now whether they are good measures or bad measures, that’s arguable.

    And I am sure the Chinese know one or two things about traffic jam since they have one of the world’s most populous cities in the world…


  15. just one little thing i’d like to know

    if ever, in the improbable eventuality(totally hypothetical) that 1 of the 52 cars in the delegation hit someone during their travel, who is to blame??? i mean in an accident, like the driver went on the “trottoir” to avoid something and hit the person, and the person jumping in front of the car

    basically they are diplomats and as such will benefit from diplomatic immunity and they wont be held responsible for what they did(if what i know about diplomatic immunity is correct)

    will our government be held responsible or will the poor person who got hit be held responsible

    like it or not, they are going to have their way, so who will be to blame in that eventuality


  16. I just don’t understand some people’s complaints…

    Don’t you people read/listen to world news? Don’t you know that the head of the People’s Republic of China has many enemies? Many powerful enemies.. Every Tibet proponents and every Taiwanese wishes for the guy to have an accident. It’s just NORMAL that he benefits from the top most security.

    1. Using a helicopter may be dangerous.. no possibility of decoys unlike with land vehicles.. if anything goes wrong, it’s certain death.. Security for land vehicle is much more easier to organize.. Watch 24 and learn.. the president of PRC cannot take risks..

    2. If humps are kept along the president’s route, the Chinese delegation will have to slow down and/or nearly stop and risk being attack while doing so..

    3. Cars parked alongside roads can easily be booby trapped.. that’s why no cars will be allowed to be parked on shortlisted roads

    All’s very logic.. THINK people THINK

    The president of the PRC is at the head of one of the TOP 10 world and nuclear power, he requires that much security. These security measure are a prerequisite to the president’s coming.. The Government of Mauritius did not choose by default to do all that..

    To Dhaneesha: If some Mauritian dies in an accident because humps are removed, it will be another Mauritian’s fault for exceeding speed limit, being careless while driving or drunk driving.. people … let’s be responsible.

    To Yashvin: The president of PRC already knows and/or does not care whether us Mauritians are bound with laws that he’ll be exempted of.. He doesn’t care if we Mauritians experience traffic jam.. and anyway there’s no point for him to care about that… The only IMPORTANT thing is his signature on multi-million dollar projects contracts and positive economic spin offs. We all know that the TIANLI project is of utter most importance for our country.

    Yashvin, you’re trying to flame an already unnecessarily hot topic.. buddy !


  17. well said..why is the government spending so much just for a 2-day visit of the president of PRC by removing the speed breaker temporarily? why does the police need to close the public road? why is the police imposing various no-parkng zone? why is he the first to get this kind of treatment? why must Mauritius meet the international security standard during the visit of the president of one of the most powerful nation? why do Mauritius need all the media attention from all other the world, especially from Chinese investors?

    one word: conspiracy


  18. “if ever, in the improbable eventuality(totally hypothetical) that 1 of the 52 cars in the delegation hit someone during their travel, who is to blame??? i mean in an accident, like the driver went on the “trottoir” to avoid something and hit the person, and the person jumping in front of the car”

    hmm there are already loads of cars for diplomatic missions in Mauritius, for all those high commissions and consulates. Why is this suddenly so important? Accidents and diplomatic missions have been around for a looong time!

    I think we are just being paranoid now. It’s only some roads, being closed and some road humps being removed for a few days. Accidents have been happenning all round the island for ages, some due to inadequate infrastructures, others due to negligence on behalf of the driver or the pedestrian. Why do these measures taken for the visit of the Chinese president seem so enraging all of a sudden?? I don’t get it…


  19. @ALL who think that the measures are necessary :

    Don’t complain when you will be stuck in traffic jams for hours!
    So, do have a look at the list of roads that will be closed!

    “pas grogner lerla! lol


    1. @Reena : Our PM is not important…not enough 1/16th

      @Valery : Tout a fait d’accord c’est une personalité important.

      @Selven : During AGOA, loads of vehicles was brought to Mauritius.
      Here we are talking about THE president of the people’s republic of china.
      If this concerns his security, I think that bringing his secure helicopter is not a big deal, is it?


  20. Firstly, tone cokein mo l’idee lol…mo tip dire nisha in bus zat mo ti pou blog lor la tonite hahaha( again telepati dou 😛 )

    lmao, mo p mazinn lucky luke kan to p dir sa!

    hahaha, mais this time, its, yashvin, the guy who blogs faster than his shadow! hahahahaha

    As for the helicopter thingy….

    in don’t have helicopters that can match VH-x type of helicopters, those air mauritius helicopters are only for leisure and small occasion :p you can’t protect a president in those small toys!

    air mauritius Helicopters

    against this


    Alos, you might say, “but we here in mauritius, we are peaceful and security isn’t much of an issue….”

    Here in lies the flaw, as you know this security principle, “A system is as secure as its weakest point”, hence leaving such small details makes the whole presidential security at its weakest point.

    As for being blocked into congested road, this happens often here :p.

    Such cases, it is ok to have road blocks.. but it is the police work to provide smooth running for that day…

    pour le prix de lessence :p i guess they didn’t think of that… enfin meme en amerique zot fer sa, et usually, zot piss ar la population kan fer sa… there’s no way out of it. soi fer lessence vinn bo marchE for 1 day!


  21. Les Mauriciens on une facheuse habitude de se plaindre pour tout (Mauritian are difficult to change) et ensuite ca passe comme di lo lor brede songe. Alors vous allez voir que tout va se passer bien. Car il ne faut pas oublier l’enjeu economique et la couverture mediatique et aussi l’image de l’ile Maurice a travers les medias.
    Si ne ce reste d’une petite bavure, vous realisez l’impacte…! Je vous laisse reflechir les gars.
    Nous sommes en 2009…et si Maurice veut donner une image positive et international il faut se plier aux normes internationales.
    Je suis un grand patriotiste, je crois en mon pays et je me bat pour le defendre.
    Je comprends les questions sans reponses de certains mais, securite d’une personnalite international oblige…

    Vive Ile Maurice – vive la republique et les mauriciens….


  22. My question is:

    If the Prime Minister of Mauritius goes to China, will they do all this for him????? At least half of it..


    I mean GOD! He is here to help us or make it WORSE!!! See, they all suck!! (Sorry for the language, but it’s a bit too much of a situation here!). Can you imagine! We are alien in our own country! Now if you are dying on that day, bein just too bad, the ambulance will be stuck somewhere else waiting for hi HONOURABLE to make his way…

    F#$K this whole country!!! Am so angry!!! Grrr!!!!


  23. Think I can bear with a traffic jam if the Chinese continues to invest in the country, assuring FDI inflows, boosting GDP and thus at least maintaining our standard of living.

    SSR avenue, where I stay, in Sodnac is being converted into a one way street and majority Vacoas via Quatre Bornes to Port louis traffic would be diverted there. Its a pain but I am happy knowing that it would help the Chinese president have the best possible stay in Mauritius. I cross fingers and also trust the Mauritius Police Force that no major mishaps happens to anyone.


  24. I think you we must not compare the incomparable. Through I mean we are a small country where we depends entirely of bilateral coorporation with big nations. If we fail to be at the standard, we will fail in our agreements and treatees.

    What is ask is only for 2 days, come on guys collaborate and everythings will goes well. Its very important…!!


  25. If the US president comes then may b we’ll see the following:
    1. No one is on the road between 8.30-9.30 except policemen
    2. Marine battleships in the quays @ Plouis
    3. Apache helicopters & F-16 planes flying in our airspace
    4. A convoy of Hummers and Limousines going towards Plouis or anywhere where there will be a meeting
    5. if any car is left outside by mistake it will be blown by rockets
    6. Sent to Guantanamo Bay for trying to shake hand with the President or get an autograph
    7. CIA and FBI agents searching every building b4 the President goes inside

    + more if some of u guys have ideas 😛


  26. as selven said, it’s for security reasons.. u shouldn’t be short minded only by making critics.
    what he said is totally true. this guy will have an escort of 2.5 km and approx. 50 cars (with all the delegation members) and so many riders; the speed he’ll be going is for security, the simplest mistake may cost many lives. people are not allowed to be on the streets because if something happen to them, then everybody will be blaming the gvt again n again.

    it’s time to evolve and be partial. being biased like this wont lead u far.
    i respect what u do, then why can’t u respect what other people do. try to put yourself in another’s shoes.

    Il faut savoir faire la part des choses.


  27. When it comes to economic favors, the following say summarizes our situation: “A beggar cannot be a chooser”

    You don’t impose when you’re asking for help.. (helicopter travel, hotels near airport etc..)



  28. One also has to consider the benefits of these aspects. If the chinese prime minister decides to invest in the airport, the incompentecies of ‘Mauritians’ will be wiped out… If considering the money spent on humps and closing roads, it maybe that the benefits are even greater. Therefore to really judge, you should have all the data !!

    Regards !


  29. @All, @Mayuri :

    As usual, here is a small brief

    One of the main objectives of blogging is to share my views as well as yours. That’s the most interesting part since its not one sided or biased. As you can see, I have not rejected anyone’s comments who is not sharing the same point of view as mine.

    In brief, its a platform for discussion which does not imply that I should always be on the right side.

    So, everyone :
    THANKS for sharing your opinions and making this subject lively.

    Most of us have discussed the benefits as well as the inconvenience which will be caused to Mauritians.
    Its clear that Mauritius will be The winner at the end of the day once the contracts are signed by the president.
    However since “la fin justifie les moyens”, Mauritians will have to be much patient and tolerant on these 2 days because of the security measures.


  30. Lol Ritesh!

    Well, for one I’ve been thinking about this:

    Chandni Chowk to China V/S Hu Jin Tao to Mauritius!!!


    Yeah…also what if everyone stays home on Monday and Tuesday…what say???


  31. Futile rant. Not every Mauritian rules over a billion people and is willing to pour millions of rupees of investment money in the country.

    Did you see how the Chinese security personnel took over during the torch relay in the UK? If they can do that in the UK, imagine what they can do in Mauritius.

    Besides, it is only good manners and diplomatic to make the stay of your guests as enjoyable as possible.



  32. “Hire a helicopter, and use it for his visits around the island during his stay. That would be. THE SOLUTION.”

    Rest assured that there WILL BE a chinese navy ship in the area during the president’s stay. An emergency situation will be the only reason to despatch a helicopter. For anything else, travelling by air for such short journeys is too cumbersome.

    Why the fuss anyway? It’s the president of the PRoC, not your average Joe. Would you not like to have a good image of Mauritius being displayed on TV around the world? Anyone who wants the contrary is very unpatriotic as Selven wrote. As for the problems that exist, that is not for people of other countries to become aware of and assist with; Mauritians should pull their own weight like everybody else. Of course, a bit of help… helps, and that is why the visit of the chinese head of state is so important as are the demands of his security staff.



  33. hMM…OK..OK..

    THEN WHY NOT THE SAME for all the other presidents and ministers who came here??? Madagascar or even INDIA for that matters!!! Are they less worthy??? 😛


    1. @ALL :
      My mum gave me this official news regarding this matter :


      On Monday
      Government offices/ministries/departments & Educational Institutions will be CLOSED at 14hrs 

      On Tuesday
      Government offices/ministries/departments will be CLOSED at 12hrs and as for Educational Institutions will remain CLOSED on this day!

      Semi-Government bodies should also be released as above, but I am not sure for the private sector.

      I am damn sure that these special security measures surely have some great inconvenience for the population.
      Else what could have pushed the Government to decide these above mentioned???

      Do share your opinions…


  34. Of course it has inconvenience for the population…

    Its not possible just because of the coming of the President that all these roads must be closed, diverted or whatever more measures they are taking like the Motorway and so on…
    I heard somewhere that the Motorway from Airport to St Jean will be blocked too? … a person living mahebourg and having to go work to PL!!! Just imangine what a hell it will be to that person…

    Neways Mauritians its hign time to voice out certain things …to me thats not done …

    It costs Rs 700 000 just to remove those obstacles on these roads, n how much will it cost to put those again!!! Bisin serre ceinture meme? LOL

    Give the guy a helicopter to travel along…

    ALso i heard that delegation coming with him will be aroung 150 persons and as such there will be around 50 cars ….

    On mOnday and Tuedays many persons will be arriving at work late…real late too 😛


  35. @Yashvin – ref early closures of offices and schools. This certainly confirms that it will be chaos on the roads. Better you guys in the private sector take your precautions too. Maybe you can work from home by remote PC connection?


  36. [quote] The government of mauritius is fooling you so that you can grant us many privileges such as big loans, encourage investment here! [/quote]

    do u think the government of mauritius can FOOL the government of china?????


  37. Moi mo penser helicopter dangereux..cav fer cible pou missile or petardtifiss..Mo plito content moi ki sa misie la pe vini,gouvernment pe propose fini bonheur travail..cav refuser sa?


  38. The president of people’s republic of china, surely an important personality.
    He is the president of one of the world’s rising economies, and nuclear powers. They are one of the most populated countries.

    Frankly speaking, i would have taken the same measures our govt have taken. Yashvin, think well, he is not every mauritian, and his trip here is not to know what the common mauritian does, hell i’ve been to china, and i can tell u ppl there are expendable..hell they have a population of 1.3 billion individuals. so i dnt think what a common mauritian does everyday counts a lot. i dnt think we would wanna mess with the security of that guy.

    next, can you even imagine how much 1 min of time of that guy is worth? here itself, i dunno if u’ve went to work abroad or have had consultant coming here, but every hour that they are not work working represents money guy is a president..and its not only him, but his whole delegation.

    whr our country stands right now, with all the recession, financial help from countries such as china will be of great help. hmm i read smtg, i think its ReenaDKL who said this..yes reena..let’s be frank..the others ARE less worthy? what do you expect from madagascar? the country is in political unrest..been there too..they have much to sort out for their own economy..india?? i agree its a rising power, but apart from the so called cybertower..what visible massive investment do you see from india? they are not interested in mauritius..but china is..been working a lot with huawei and chinese have real difficulty getting into european markets..and i believe they wanna use mauritius to do so.

    helicopters? lol we dnt have anything here to provide them with security and comfort..provide them with helicopter would imply setting up a no fly zone in mauritius which would allow only his helicopter to fly..but then we would also have to cater for air-air and land-air security we we dnt have..i dnt think our old chetaks or fennec offers any degree of comfort or security. but then we also have to cater for the rest of his team right?

    some1 mentionned abt the president of america..couple of years back, bill clinton, during his mandate, planned a visit to mauritius. This was however not feasible since we couldnt cater for a hotel to hold his security team only, which comprised of abt 400 individuals…

    This debate can go on and on..but i can totally understand the move of the govt..some may not..but we cant blame them..

    As for me..on Monday and Tuesday i’ll be working from home..long live VPN..


  39. Concerning Helicopters:
    a) Not enough Air Mauritius Helicopters for the whole delegation
    b) Those available are not secure enough
    c) Even the bodyguards pa pou ena place dan helicopter :p

    Problem Circulation / Fuel Cost
    a) What if everyone choose to travel by bus leaving their car @ home – no need to worry about traffic jams and parking space
    the same measures were applied in China during the Olympics games
    b) 52 Cars??? Could have used 5 Blue Line buses from CNT to accommodate them all lol


  40. I heard on the radio that UOM will not be closed Monday and Tuesday. We will have to go to attend our courses.
    UOM agreed that there should be no lecture. but govt didnt approve.(heard that on radio, the vice chancellor said it himself in an interview)

    Anyone, tell me i am wrong please. 😦


  41. I guess it’s a good excuse for everyone to stay home and chill out! As for the president, I hope that he gives our Govt what they want from him … afterall the whole of Mauritius is making a big sacrifice!

    I do think though that after what happened in Cambridge, Mauritius had to take some measures… but I should admit that these measures taken by our Govt are quite drastic!!! but hell… I do hope we get the president’s support after that!


  42. Money is the biggest reason. Mauritius will surely get billions of rupees from this agreement, so spending millions for his visit is peanuts. Of course, some of this money goes into the pockets of some people…

    You’d do the same for the US President, but may be not for the others… Japan may be? These 3 countries are the top currently (USA, PR China and Japan), even with the recession.


  43. @Sun–>even if there is UOM classes, how do you intend to go there?Flying?Air Mauritius?

    @Yashvin–> I talked with a cousin. He will be working on both Monday and Tuesday{he is in the private sector}


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