What’s your forecast for forthcoming revision of prices?

The next revision of prices for petroleum products will be discussed in 2 days time, that is, on Monday 2nd February 2009. The Automatic Pricing Mechanism will then have to fix the new prices which customers will be paying during the month.

So, lets start a game out of this!

Lets try to guess the outcome of this forthcoming revision.

As illustrated below, here are the latest prices :

But be careful, even BIG BIG Experts made huge errors in guessing the prices, which caused the hedging problem in Air Mauritius and STC.

Yashvin, pages of my life

My prediction :

lol, I dont really know myself, but I guess that there may be a small increase.

My advice : Rempli tank la moitier, zotte tous pu gagnant!

Nice blog topic, suggested by my colleague Kamal. Thanks again!

8 thoughts on “What’s your forecast for forthcoming revision of prices?

Add yours

  1. It won’t bug if it’s supposed to decrease, but if it’s gonna rise then it’s gonna zoom!

    By d way, our dear Ministers don’t even know how things work in real life coz they get all free!!! So, it doesn’t mean anything to them…our tax is paying for their luxurious life, so they just don’t give a damn….eeeehhhh!!!

    S#@&t of a country I tell you!


  2. yeah.. last time there was a decrease.. no products actually “cascadingly” decreased. now if there’s increase…. gues what will happen.. ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. According to some people, diesel price will be untouched and petrol prices will be increased in order to compensate for the Prime Minister Incompetent Nominees{P.M.I.N} actions. Mauritius is the only country where prices increase when it should decreased. On international stage, the price of fuel is still decreasing but here we have too many P.M.I.N who are just a hunch of idiots and think only about enriching their own pockets.


  4. Decrease on Petrol Price by 8%. Remember that the hedging contract on Petrol already expired while the one on Diesel runs till June/July. So there are no reasons why we should have an increase on Petrol.


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