Price of water, the difference.


Bottled water always costs much more, extremely much more than tap water, its a worldwide fact.

For instance, a normal household can have a water bill of around Rs100-200, but a single bottle of water (1.5 L for example) costs around Rs15-20!

Just imagine, gallons of tap water is equivalent to a few bottles of water!

That was the (stupid?) thought of the day, feel free to express yourself…

[image source]
Special thanks to Zai, Mantasha and Ally for quoting the price of a bottle of water πŸ˜›

15 thoughts on “Price of water, the difference.

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  1. So… πŸ™‚

    Usually that means your bottled water has gone through a “premium” treatment, adding nutrients & stuff… but I wonder to what extent it’s true? πŸ˜‰

    Soft drinks cost less than water in some countries. 😐


  2. Bizin boir delo robinet mem sa dans morice, sa delo seki ine rester dans mare-o-vacoas sipa komien zour la, samem ki bizin boire!

    Delo vital ena tro belle marketing ladans, apres li mari chere tou!

    Delo robinet, sa ki apel delo!


  3. LOL YAshvin, ena 25 tonnes dilo divant mo laporte, mo capav avoye toi camion la neige nous vender dans moris nous fer ene business XD


  4. “Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value”
    Source : Wiki

    Up to you what you want to drink.


  5. There are people who can’t drink tap water… suffering from high fever if they ever did so [ i saw some cases like that ] (kind of surprised me at first)

    But then, water is supposed to be expensive, because it is something on which our mere survival depends on. Remember the Water-diamond paradox? :p water should be much more expensive..LOL

    anywayz, i don’t like vital it tastes like fish water, which crystal tastes like water, i.e tasteless :p.


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