God on Facebook?

lol, early this morning, I got this funny mail.

A very long image, but worth to read…

tip : Start from the bottom 😛


Thanks to Neeta…

21 thoughts on “God on Facebook?

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  1. Lol! It’s awesome man…

    Really…if only God did not create the serpent..we’d all be little cherubs playing around the garden of Eden…pfff…God really does it upside down sometimes…


  2. hehehe, quand mo lire sa mo pense 1 friend of mine…he’s not god though…he is g0d :p Maybe he should think about creating his own god-om (like kingdom but for god).


  3. It’s funny but it’s dumb for making fun of Christianity doesn’t play in anyone’s favour for the real threat out there is Scientology which is gaining ground in many countries.
    (Take no offense)


  4. C’mon you all…it’s not that serious…

    I believe in God and take no offence in what has been said…though I agree some people are more sensitive when it comes to religion and the beliefs…

    I strongly believe that no matter what is said or written about your beliefs should not bother you since your beliefs will remain yours and stay intact inside your heart. No one can touch it there…so…

    Some people laugh about hindus worshipping idols, Elephant heads (Ganesh), Monkeys (Hanuman) etc…it does not bother me coz I don’t see how they can harm me…even if they try to do it no chance…

    So just relax and enjoy the sunny pleasant day….


  5. to whoever thought this guy should be banned and has insulted all religion…

    *flames on*

    dude, saa 1 mari maniere ti lesprit de pensE sa…

    If you believe in god and there’s some account in facebook made under the entry of god, should that “hurt” your belief or make god sound let’s perfect????

    bof, i pity your faith in god then. Coz it really sounds weak.

    You can’t describe god in words :p nor in action.. god is just god… if you believe in satan, satan is just satan, those are things beyond your lil moronic brain =) wish to talk about those… i would be glad to have this flame going on and on.

    piti la inn fer 1 l’entrE god lor facebook, laisse li.

    Moi monn fer 1 lentrE thegodof.net lor 1 tld meme, alor, does that make me someone who insulted god???

    pffft, if you did believe in god, then in your 0.1 stuff that you have in your brain, you should realize that, we are all part of god in one way or the other… even you don’t believe in god, this is also true…. after all we are all born equal, and we should have the right to believe in what we want… alor why do you want to enforce something on a person? e.g like banning him coz he took the title of god???

    If that was the case, i can challenge you that you insult the word god by pronouncing it from your mouth, because you are after all.. just an impure, imperfect, moronic and inferior being who lives in a less than perfect world… if you were [assuming you believe in angel (doesn’t mean i believe in angel)] an angel, then atleast you could be considerred pure to take the name or god from your mouth… so who are you to defend the title of god???

    were you granted some sort of “superior” rights to be an authority when it comes to using the word god???

    a superior being


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