Mauritian adverts crap?

Ziiingggg Ziiingggg Ziiingggg Ziiingggg Ziiingggg

Does this word Ziiingggg tell you anything?
If yes, you have perhaps watched this fruit juice advert, in which you see Ziiingggg displayed everywhere, bus receivers shouting the same word, youngsters dancing on a Ziiingggg music, etc etc…

I dont think that the following french pharse is suitable, but I prefer telling it like this

“C’est la goutte d’eau qui fait deborder la vase”

Why? Simply because many of the tv adverts broadcasted nowadays are simply nonsense, and I feel its a shame to the professionals in the industry.

Whether its on TV or on Radio, we don’t lack suck types of adverts…

Very bad examples

Some of the examples:

  • “Peze asterisk pu kokin to camarade so caller tune”
    Are such words supposed to be used in adverts?
  • use of foutou in an advert for dog food.
    The scene : Someone cannot sleep because the dogs in his neighbourhood are barking, then he says something like this : “donne sa manzer foutou!”
  • The most ridiculous adverts remain the ones for the trade fairs.

One which am sure, loads of mauritians won’t forget *devil*, will be that of Nomad, Newly improved

Most promising ones?

Some of the most promising and entertaining ones remain those made by Shakeel Madani.
His tv adverts are very original and fun, its always a pleasure to watch them.

I cannot remember all of the adverts, perhaps you can help me?

PS: Please do not quote any trademark, but instead provide similar words. Thanks!

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  1. this was my status last night; 25 min reclam, 10 min film…mbc = bullshit
    there is only navin and reclam, apart sa nanier…

    @topic: adverts needs lots of creativity and sometimes, they use these words in order to catch the audience attention, but yeah it sometimes results in an unethical advert mostly in the case of reputed companies…and also if the ads are broadcasted too much the the audience may not buy it either, like for ‘latet n coud’ [‘PS: Please do not quote any trademark, but instead provide similar words. ‘] i used to buy it, but because of its ads i started buyin l`ore*** [again ‘PS: Please do not quote any trademark, but instead provide similar words. ‘] though it contains SLS

    though it can also be noted that Shakeel madani is doing a good job and good adverts which are affordable and creative though it may not suit big companies..


  2. I dnt knw about the ziiiiiing yet. i dnt watch tv much these day. but i would surely like to add some note on this topic! (nice topic yashvin)

    so first of all.. all those who watch Tulsi, nowadays the serial is daisplayed between adverts(though it should have been adverts being displayed between the serials). mo pa pu zourer selment. im being polite. because this serial itsself is a piece of crap. 🙂

    2nd. you pointed out very well, shakeel madani’s adverts are original and fun to watch. and It really does promote the product efficiently. kip it up man. We nevre get tired of watching ur adverts! 🙂

    3rd. Adverts mislead us?? they confuse us? let me explain. i’l take the phone operators as example. Orange says : we are the best company and offer this and this service and we hav this much subscribers, Emtel says, we are the best company in the field and we offer so many services. Now what?? both are best??? sombody is lying?? isnt it?? who?? we are consumers. how shud we knw? Isnt is the task if the “Consumer potection unit” to protect them from misleading us?

    thats just for the phone operators. but there are so many similar to this. Two companies who sell the same product and both claim to be the best!! I think this is unaaceptable. Its like we have to decide which produt to buy depending on “which advert is pli zoli?” , coz they both claim to be best.

    i have moer things to say. but i have to go for now. 😛 excuse me for the sms lingo used and the grammar mistakes..:P thats my identity. lol.


  3. I think people dont care too much about these words. We are used to such ads nowadays and if you watch foreign ads … they are sometime worst than these.

    Shakeel ads are really original and funny. The most ridiculous ad i have recently seen…is the new KFC adverts where 3 baya and 3 “baya so femel” are singing….and then finally eat together. WTF?!!


  4. You want good advert ?

    “Fleggard” a Danish site recently made the commercial advert. Wow, original, professional, insane and ….

    Only the Danish could get away with something like this, how great would it be to see such adverts on MBC(certainly not in the 100 years to come).Its an advertising about a Siemens washing machine for 4,999.00 DKK.

    Overview: Dozens of topless Danish women during a skydive.

    It most definitely contains nudity. Check it out , I am sure that you won’t regret it.

    Here’s the link, choose the first video:

    Host Intruder


  5. hahahaha asterla to kone sa toi…
    Banne adds dans maurice la mari kaka!!! Banne soidisan “pro-fesses” ki fer banne add la croire zot kone fer add… alle ferfoute! Mo meme mo capav fer plus bon add ki sa… Mo rappele ene compagnie bien renomee ti telephone moi pou travaille pou zot pou fer add en 3D ( pas pou dire zot nom akoz yashvin inne dire pas dire 😦 )
    Kan monne alle gette zotte studio, tout couyons labas ti p servi software pirates ek ti ena keygens lor desktop tout lol Li ti dimane moi: “Eski to kone fer ene latable en 3D?” Yashvin fini koner ki monne dire zot labas lol

    Tellement zot ti kaka, zot pas ti capav afford moi alors monne dire zot alle ferfoute et par malheur mo ti dire zot apropos ene add ki mo ti trouve mari kaka lor mbc ek apres monne alle koner zotmeme ki ti fer sa lol

    Sa ene bon add:


  6. I completely agree with you, the Shakeel Madani adverts are silly but extremely enjoyable, the orange ads were great too (the music(12:59 Lullaby bu Beduin Soundclash) was annoying after some time but they had a point, everytime you heard that music, you knew that it HAD to be an Orange commercial.

    BTW I’ve stopped watching RBC Now (Even that boring CCTV 9(a.k.a Chinese Propaganda Channel) is better!)


  7. I would also reccomend the Get a Mac adverts on Apple’s website ( whic are really really good (Particularly the ones called “Choose a Vista”, “V Word” and “Sad Song”). When an advert campaign which started in 2006 is still here, you know it has to be great.

    The “Bill Gates + Jerry Seinfield” ads are also cool (just search for them on YouTube (sorry for no linking them, I’m on a mobile browser))


  8. That’s so true… these big ad companies who consider “pro” are usually the ones who make these lame concepts.
    Hats off to Shah Aqeel Madani for coming out of nowhere with his superb ads!



  9. Definitely, most Mauritian adverts are crap and I emphasize on the word crap!

    Seriously they piss me off when I watch TV!!! The one that pisses me off is the one about cyber right(can say the exact name). We see the guy ranting about the fact that he can’t get a job and then the manager or ceo tells him what to do! But the problem is that the certificates are not certificates but rather the script because when the guy says: my girl friend won’t be ready to pay anything for me and all the blah blah” You clearly see the guy name (starting by V)on the script. No professionalism!!!!

    On the other hand, a company used the song of Mika that is Grace kelly to show what they meant! In the song we could hear “I could be brown
    I could be blue,I could be violet sky” clearly stating what the advert was about that is colour! A very good advert.

    Adverts on radio are really of bad quality!


  10. @ tushal, MBC stands for Misleading Bullshit Corporation
    Shakeel Madani FTW but the “zinnng” advert is the worst one he ever produced so far.

    One of his latest innovation which I appreciated a lot was the mobile repair ad.


  11. Well mauritians really lack ideas and originality in their ads. My aunt was watching a channel on parabole maurice and it was really amazing and genuine.

    well concerning those ads which lack “sense of humour” and maturity:

    1) Yop ads: there’s a school guy who drinks yop and turns out to be superman and then saves a girl from being hit by a ball..

    2) Sha-aqeel madani in the ad “repair your phone” he keeps on saying alo alo alo alo as if ……

    3) Orange Sitara

    4)pepsi sega hungama Why waste money here?? Could have invested money in financing poor people’s electricity bill/nutrition expenses for 1 year.

    Too many…



  12. @Yasir: TVR for your point of Pepsi Sega Hungama…
    Si sa continier, dimoune pu commence craze zotte television kant passe sa reclame la!

    As for the repair ur phone la, I like it, dont know for others, since I find it much original.
    Thnks for ur comments 😉


  13. Man.. you cannot possibly think “Consumer Protection Unit” will tell you which product is the best as there would be no point in advertising then… Independent critics may do that … if they want and if they exist…

    I’m also wondering who is this “Mandani” guy you’re all talking about and how is he so famous?

    In overall, mauritian ads are somtimes “immoral”, “unethical” and insulting to our intelligence.. REALLY SHAME on them.

    However a friend working in the ad industry told me that “they” have to make “easy” and “very low intellectual” adverts and taglines as everyone understands them (even if intelligent people will eventually despise them) …. dark future for us …


  14. Quote from bernardo:
    However a friend working in the ad industry told me that “they” have to make “easy” and “very low intellectual” adverts and taglines as everyone understands them

    No. Thats not why. Its simply because they CANNOT make professional and intellctual shit. I met a lot of those companies and they suck balls


  15. Wel i’d like you to blog about those xxx clips being sent on mobile devices. Well i don’t think there ways to completely stop it but.. for e.g There’s an AXE perfume poster which depicts a woman with her jacket open and showing off her b**bs..why this poster?why so “sensual”??there could have been a funny poster instead of a nude one… je me demande kifer gouvernment pa fer nanyen ek zot fer complainte dans journal apropose pedofile si pa kiki….bblabalalb



  16. France Television, so directeur has taken the initiative to ban all adverts after 20hrs….. 1 zafer ki premier ministre la france pane cav fer!

    mo penser en prenant sa initiative la , li pu gagne plis audiance coz la pluspart entre nou prefere guet 1 film ou serie without stupid adverts in between spoiling completely the mood.

    those with canal + will enjoy.

    pou ki morice prend sa decision la, bizin ena competitor tv broadcaster ……


    1. @Avishna : Unfortunately here in Mauritius, the national television is the “propaganda” medium of our government…

      As my cousin(Deepa) said some days ago, previously, there were advert breaks within tulsi serial, but nowadays, we have the impression that we have tulsi played within the advert! LOL


  17. Ban Mauricien telman amateur!!! Fran tou!!

    Sa reclame KFC la, sa em kot banla parodié ban sanT indien, plis ki bouffon sa!! Pena talent nanier!!! En plis tou ban figurant la couma dir cloun!!!!!!! Merdik net!!!!


  18. MBC Will keep force to all Mauritians to watch whatever they play on broadcasting.They are Taking ADVANTAGE of having ONE and ONLY Broadcasting Channel.JUST Keep Busy to Make and Save money for them,U Know Why Coz NEW TV Channels are not allowed to open in Mauritius.BAD LUCK….But i believe That as In Many countries PEOPLES got success to open More private free to air channels.IF This happen
    in Mauritius We will Have More than 70 channels in future,then MBC will realize his forcing broadcast.lolzzzz
    KEP PRAY,,,


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