Happy birthday Neha!

Happy birthday didi Neha!

As you can guess, the cake was miam miam!

Everyone forgot that they were on diet lol!

Check out this pic, it has become a tradition to take this picture, in the specific poz since years, but unfortunately, I did not find all the pics on my pc…

Click here to read the post about her birthday, celebrated last year (2007) and here to watch a small video where I was the DJ in her small birthday party, for the year 2006.

Yashvin, pages of my life

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday Neha!

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  1. lol sa gato la mo coner sa.. mo coner osi kisanla in fer sa et cot li sortiii
    niway hope u enjoy guys.. mo aniversaire ena bocu zour la:( snif snif


  2. happy birthday! many many happy returns of the day 😉

    btw, the cake really look yummmmmmmmmmy :p

    reminds me my time when I was doing my pastry course lol :p


  3. i don’t think that you will be able to carry on with ur tradition by taking the same poz in the future years… tvr
    Happy birthday neha


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