I hate you Itunes!

Just a quick post for this one…

My whole music folder has been messed up when itunes tried to reorganize my music files, according to its structure…

I have been taking great care to put my files into folders, first by its year, and then by the different music albums.

For example :

D > MP3 > 2008 > AlbumXXX > *.*

But ever since i have started to use itunes to copy/synchronise mp3s to my ipod, the folder MP3 is now a complete “bazaar!”!

Impossible to locate a specific song in those hundreds of foldersΒ (about 600)!

I sometimes used other applications to transfer mp3, but now, i will definitely switch to another one, perhaps winamp itself… But reorganising this folder will surely take me loads of hrs during my weekend!

Leave u here friends and dear visitors….

Got to catch up long hours of sleep!

17 thoughts on “I hate you Itunes!

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  1. Sa mem mo dir ki itune zot servi??? πŸ˜€ plito met lord manually sa… moi my music folder i organise them myself and i use COPY PASTE to transfer music to my ipod. lol πŸ™‚

    Happy…Met Lorde…WLOL


  2. I’m not an iTunes user myself – gave up on it @ version 6, I believe.

    My music box runs an ole’ but stable Debian Sarge but with the latest Amarok.
    URL: http://amarok.kde.org/

    Give it a try on Windows: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on_Windows/Installation

    There are features to customise saving of music files. Also, it can interface with iPods and other devices. πŸ™‚

    BTW, there are reports that the new version of iTunes is crashing Vista, causing a BSOD. Did you experience any BSOD lately?

    Shahs last blog post..Doctor Mom Cage Fights!


  3. iTunes Rocks. LOL

    Mo pane gagne problem ar li. Son & Organisation top net.

    Facile locate ene song. Right click lor ene specific song—>et click lor ‘show in windows’ explorer.

    Enfin chacun so gout. XD


  4. iTunes is still better dude. I had the same problem 2years ago but today I see iTunes as the best. Sleek, easy and simple. Before installing you should have unchecked the ‘reorganize music folder’. Even though, if you organize your musics manually, iTunes should only change the folders to artists’ name and that’s all. Maybe you screwed up somewhere. It took me 2weeks to rearrange my music folder, 6000 songs! Imagine the hell of time I went through. lol!
    Anyway, good luck!


  5. @Neel: thnks for the solution, i think that i did a big mistake by giving itunes the go ahead to reorganise the music files!

    I just unticked the option and now, I still have to revert back to my old folder structure.


  6. I think I’ve got a solution to your problem;
    1). Open the folder where all your music are located
    2). Press Ctrl+A
    3). Then Shift+Del
    4). Press Enter

    And you’re done! No music, no need to reorder! Its that simple!

    Just kidding… Go for Winamp man. iTunes… that’s Apple! And Apple is gay! Everybody knows that. Please, don’t don’t even think about WMP.

    Winamp is breezy, sleek (both audio and visual) and expandable just like Firefox and it supports some cool plugins like iPod support and some others that would rearrange your music files in folders the way you want for you, according to your library or a playlist.

    WInamp is really magic (automatic) if you know how to use it. I’m a fan of it since years from now. Give it a try. Nice blog! Have a nice day.


  7. @Sawan: lol, thnks for the solution, perhaps u wont believe me, but i really did it yesterday!

    I had made a dvd copy of my mp3 2weeks ago, so I deleted all of them from the disk and copied the backup from a DVD!

    haha! I was lucky, I saved hours of my precious time.

    btw, i also tried an opensource application called Songbird, seems nice, looks just like its ennemi from apple.


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