Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

As a blogger, It is sometimes necessary that you take things from another angle, different from that of everybody else around you.

This encourages other people to voice out their opinions too, thus causing a (huge?) uproar about certain topics. Still, I haven’t yet mentioned examples where bloggers may land (or landed) into problems while denoucing/criticizing different practices in our daily life.

Speaking out certain matters is not always pleasant to everyone, and thats the interesting parts of blogs where everyone may react to the topic being talked about.

Living in a democratic country is indeed of great advantage to us.

Mauritius shall be a sovereign democratic State which shall be known as the Republic of Mauritius.

My Personal experience

Those who have been checking out my blog since the begining might still remember my posts about the loads of problems encountered with Nomad. Following those posts on which I criticized and denounced the service offered by the company, I was once called to meet the Executive Director for discussion.

Recently, I was again phoned by their Public Relations Officer who wished to have another meeting with me, in the presence of his CEO. Unfortunately, some months have already passed by, and still, they haven’t set up the meeting yet.

Among my most favorite topics in which I usually criticise blog about;


What about other mauritian bloggers?

Fortunately, I am not the only one in Mauritius who can be considered on the blacklist of certain big companies.

We can take the example of Avinash Meetoo who wrote about his bad experience as a customer ( following a car accident ) of Mauritius Union Assurance Co.

Loads of mauritian bloggers complain about the problems they experience, examples;

These are only a few of them, just navigate to the mauritius blog tracker, where you will surely fall upon more articles posted by Mauritian bloggers.




A successful post?

It may seem a bit out of topic, but if you want your topic to be read by Mr Everyone, make sure that “Mr Everyone” has not read it on another blog where he took some time to write a comment.
If so, Mr Everyone may not willing to lose time again to react to your subject.

From my personal experience, I truly believe that a successful blog post (with loads of comments and hits) remains the one which is 

  1. Unique and Original (not a topic which has been blogged 10times by other bloggers)
  2. Interesting (talking about matters of common interests)
  3. A post with pictures (a picture is worth 1000 words)
  4. Introducing ideas/topics/categories which are new to the blogging community
  5. & most important, in a clean user interface which encourages the visitor to leave comments.

lol, seems that I covered lots of possible topics on a single post!
So unfortunate for those who had the ideas after reading this post 😛

So, are you on any wanted list?

21 thoughts on “Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

Add yours

  1. 🙂 i have the impression that i am wanted … u forgot the issue of uom fees

    uom elections on the way … demain i will make a preview on uom elections .. i hope this time pu ena changement pu ena un exclusiviter total on student union election …..

    I think it is a question of tellin our views .. loudly

    yushas last blog word


  2. Oh, I’ve been on the wanted list since 2004(on another blog which had to die) and even got nearly sued by a company – had to apologise even though i was right.
    i’m no longer targeting companies now,…well, i try not to, even though i’m right.

    hey, nice use of geek and poke. so, you’re a fan too (of the comic)? it’s so cool.

    note: there’s a bill about to be ‘passed’ in parliament soon. the bill deals with net neutrality, protection of children online, and data mining. alas, there was no open brainstorming on this bill. as mauritius is more of a ‘corporatocracy,’ everything was done behind closed doors. nobody i know of, had a say into this. i guess, we’ll all be screwed. we should fight for our rights – even if a bill (which may become a law) contradicts the very foundation of democracy (freedom.)

    on another note, there’s a rumour (i don’t know if it made it to the newspaper yet) that our beloved ict minister has got married recently. can someone confirm this? thanks.


  3. HAHA Yashvin..comment dire to pe met reward lor nu la tete sa..facon ton write..Mauritian bloggers..You are wanted..LoL..
    Anyway..Thx god..mwa mo pa encore get into trouble..
    Yusha cool..mwa mo pou cover the SU election..{si gagne time}

    Tushals last blog post..Transporter 3


  4. I guess all Mauritian Bloggers who criticise are on some sort of hatelist… LOL 😛

    But it’s great to see that bloggers do take notice of what’s happening around them instead of a-day-at-the-seaside! 😛

    I know i’m wanted (by Apple’s cousin!) – that’s why i try to preserve my anonymity as far as possible!

    As for my stay at hospital – that wasn’t the real rant! 😉 (I can’t force myself to do it… it’s a bad memory I want to forget)

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Google Chrome Beta


  5. WLOL… We are the local Bin Laden For these companies 😀

    @Yusha and Tushal: Moi mo dir chakun entre nou rent ek un parti la dan and we monitor all their activity and blog it 🙂 espionage interne haha

    I have a nice suprise for the SU election la… 😀

    Avishs last blog post..Priscus On Blogshot With Kurt!!


  6. That is one of the reason among other that I don’t want to blog!

    I got lots of controversial opinions on the actual government mostly its way of governing the country and the way resources are being allocated! I also got opinions on the MBC and also on some privates Radios and newspapers who are supposedly here to promote peace, unbiased news and certainly copyright of authors! But actually some are here just to create sensationalism! Examples are Radio -(not to mention any name) and its Defi moins( not to mention any name again!). The irony is blinding, we all know about the episode of Yashvin v/s Radio – over the issue of the video that Yashvin made and is the sole proprietor and how ironic is that the same radio promotes Copyright of Author!

    I am not a coward! I just don’t want to get into troubles at such an early age to be honest. But I enjoy reading your views yashvin like I like to say rock on mate, I could be starting to blog after my HSC!


  7. mari bez sa..i need to be promoted on the wanted list as well 😀

    well mauritius is a country where you can expresss yourself using freedom of speech/expression. As bloggers, we haven’t gone to the extent where we use loudspeakers and announce loudly to visit our blogs for stunning articles as compared to politicians who keep on disturbing people by using loudspeakers grrrr. we do have a freedom mate and we are allowed to blog about daily life issues!! who’s going to listen to us without a blog?? and when it comes to criticism, then politicians complain!!! what the hell?


  8. @Hans–>Avish said it correctly..Its not a reason not to blog..

    @avish–>shall we start our undercover jobs?LoL

    @yush–>Yush007..the chief of all undercover spies..:p..we shall report to you Chief..:p


  9. Lol! Thnx 2 u am a blogger…
    It was through your nomad blog that i came to know about blogging. It’s an amazing experience and gave me the chance to know people like Shah, Avish & Yusha (zot blog kine mari fer moi rier)…it’s amazing that there are mauritians who want to change things around and are not afraid to voice out their opinion. Am eagerly waiting for a meeting with the little group you have will be great to see the others flesh n blood (enfin pas gore)…


    Reena DKLs last blog post..Hospitals in Mauritius


  10. This is what makes a successful blogger, seeing things from different angles… 😉
    And it’s really nice to get comments on the topics you have set be it for or against the topic… Thus forming an online soceity. 🙂


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