Microtrottoir sur summertimes…

No no, we are not talking about the song !

Featuring on the above picture :
Varsha, Deepa & Nehafrom left to right] at Mont Choisy

Dont worry, i was (still?) just like some of you a few days ago and i had to ask my dear colleagues Bernard & Ashvin to explain to me the concept of summer time ( heure d’été ) that will be applicable as from the 1st November 26th October 2008.

Analysis :

Lets simplify things…

In order to save Power/Resources (electricity, petrol) consumption, the government has decided to move the time by 1hr so that [ayo, mo meme pas trop comprend]!

I quote from a reliable source:

Indeed, as proved in most industrialized countries, DST or Summer Time reduces the consumption of energy. Daylight Saving Time (or Summertime in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer. During DST, the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning, when people are usually asleep anyway and sets one hour later in the evening, seeming to stretch the day. The reason DST works is because it saves energy due to less artificial light being needed in the evening. In Mauritius, the Finance minister has said that the Summer Time project would reduce the normal energy consumption by 15 megawatts – “equivalent to the output of a small power station.”

Design :


lol, monsieur mone blier faire!

Implementation :

In brief, everyone will have to double click on their taskbar clock, click the top arrow and then click “Apply” or “Ok”

Quick Microtrottoir on MSN

Before writing this post, i did a quick tour on msn to ask what my contacts understand by ‘Summer time/Heure d’été?’

Feerdosh Summertime? hmmm heure d’été mais dans le sens c la fête c l’été 😛 c MA définition hihi
Avish hmm….summerjam un chante sa non 😛 Summer time…enfin….pu moi sa veu dir..net reveil un jeur temp en lavance pu empeche dimun dormi!! mari amerdant sa
Jumping_Turtle samem sa zafer pu decale time par 1 hr la?
rode bane details lor kuma li pu benefit morice et eski li pu change kitchose dan la vie bane moricien, du jar l heure leve dormi eski nou pu affecter tou sa
Paranoid hmmm, banla p azoute comier hours o faiT?
Anonymous(Jya) en october, p avance ler lete par 1hr, mais ban jumma mosque p protester
Mantasha bouze l’heure by 1 hr…
¢@??ø?m?Ðm?ñ? ™ GMT+5 LOL
Rami 1hr temp decalage la sa non?
Fadil wai! ca mem ca! pu daylight saving
Izzyladdoo normalement summertimes vdir bne moment pli cho de lannee… mo kmpren sa em! lol! ou soi guide touristique la!… mai heure d’ete… mo pense pa li 1 bon zafer parcki mauricien envi fer kuma dehor mai zot facon penC enkr vilaz! lol donc en gro.. zot mem pa pre pu met heure deT maurice

Ya, dont forget, we will get back that 1 hour on the 27th March 2009 since we will have to minus 1 hour from our current time!

youpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

Deployment/Training (in Creole…)

Saki veut dire, le 27 Octobre, kant zotte tous zotte alarme pu sonner 6am par example, ofet, li pas pu 6am, mais li pu plitot 5am (vraie time)…

Zotte pu rente work 9am, but en verité, li pu still 8am, et zotte pu fini at 4pm comme dab, mais li hard pu believe, la verité seki li pu deja 5pm! sorry, li pu 3pm (thnks to Muzzamil for this correction)

Li comme si, tout zaffaire ki zotte faire, li pu parait normale a la longue, mais kant zotte realiser, zotte p faire sa 1heure d’avance tous les zours…

Par example, apartir demain, essaye imaginer kouma li pu eter ene fois sa fini set up…

Si d’habitude zotte lever 6am, essaye lever 5am, akoz le 27 Octobre 2008, c sa lere la zotte pu lever, enkor dan noir!!! Esperons faire imper pli claire ki aster la lol!

Et kant zotte pu retourne lakaaz 56pm, li pu ofet 65pm le 27 Octobre, et kouma zotte koner, actuellement 6pm, li deja faire preske grois noire dehors…
(thnks to Varshafor this correction, fuf mo meme mone faire 2 errors!)

Apres le 27th Mars 2009, tout pu retourne a la normal, kant pu retire 1heure …

what do you understand about

this topic & what are your views?

Read this very relevant article from L’express again…

25 thoughts on “Microtrottoir sur summertimes…

Add yours

  1. LOL! etaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    to conner li pas ti marser kan ti essaye faire li dans les annees 80, nou va gueter san fois la…


  2. “Zotte pu rente work 9am, but en verité, li pu still 8am, et zotte pu fini at 4pm comme dab, mais li hard pu believe, la verité seki li pu deja 5pm!”
    ton fer 1 ti erreur la. work pu fini 3 p.m en verite, pa 5p.m.


  3. mo don mo l’opinion sur la chose. personellement mo truv li assez bon kom idee. mai bien sur ena certaine contrainte. u should let the experiment finish n then do conclude.


  4. seki pli interessant c ki aprer work, to pu ena on average 3h30 sunshine alor ki aster li lor 2h30. to kav fer impe pli bucu zafer. meeting friends, shopping, etc


  5. @carrotmadman6: LOL! Lampadaire devant mo lakaaz reste allimer 24/24, CEB/Village-District Council ine dire, laisse li allimer, akoz si met la main la dans, cpv zamais li pu rode allimer enkor!

    lol, sa faire plis ki 2ans cpv 😛


  6. It’s awful! What kind of silly people would want a time zone change in a “cyber-island” where most existing systems are not existensible enough to adapt to such change?

    The change has already affected the notification module of an app I’d created which is currently in use my many. It’s so wrong!

    Do you really believe this will lead to power being saved? All the servers and computers @ my end will stay up. And cloud computing is overlooked (too lazy to implement.) So, power is wasted. I’d rather suffer a boring campaign inducing companies to switch to cloud computing rather than go through the agony of editing systems so that they adapt to the change.

    How will it affect my life? Let’s see – I’ll have to sleep 1 hour earlier if I want to get my 3 hours of comfy dodo-times, but I can’t do that because some of my friends are awake @ around 3 AM. So, viva Zombie-Shah! I’m so screwed. I better build up my stock of sugar to remain active so that I can deal with the devastating toll it will have on my pathetic body.

    It’s fraked up decision IMHO!

    Shahs last blog post..Of tables & upcoming Infotech 2K8


  7. deepa….to p vine actrice tu 😛
    p truv toa fer mannequin dan foto la lahaut 😀
    summertimes :O ….. astrla mo p tande ha la :S + :\
    kot zot copiE l’idee summertimes la?? :p :p :p


  8. Enfin pour l’instant zot p dir ke c n projet pilote.. B problem c ki nu fin dza essayé avan sa en 1982, é li pan marsé.. GM la li ré essayé enkor pu gété si li kav marsé san fwa la..

    Prosèn GM 2010 ki pu vini li pu repeal sa Summertime Act la é nu pu rétourne pareil cuma astèr..

    Lot GM 2035 li li pu ré essayé enkor.. B kot nu p alé? Kifer en 1982 kan zot fin rejette summertime la zot pa fin rod ban lézot solutions? Zot pa ti koné bizin pren ban mesures pu économise l’énergie?

    Alors nu ban ministres au lieu zot truv ban solutions convenable, ki pa pu bez dimun dan la clé, zot p réglé montre dan parlement zot.. Cuma dir nu fin met zot la ba pu réglé nu montre!

    Eh matelot péna assez problem dan sa pays la? Alors kifer bizin rod lézot problems encor.. Laisse li cuma li été.. Li bon la. Pa blié tou dimun péna digital clock cuma yashvin.. éna dimun kan pu al réglé zot pendule/horloge analogue kav bez en ba gayn fracture crane mort tou. Zot fin oulé sanzma.. Ala sanzma!! LOL hahahahaha!


  9. euta yash vraiment to 1 vrai chou 😛 to in resi wirte something on this which has clarify my doubts
    thnks again buddy 😉


  10. merd zis pendant m exams sa!!!! kifer mw?!!! pou pren imp letemp pou abituer lever sa ler la… omg,can u imagine waking up at 4hr?! ( 5hr dan clock). merd merd merd!!!


  11. Sa 1 hr bnheur la ena bez laaa..surtou kn dan kumancement…pa pu kpv leV early saaa…
    mn try n scenario mo p geT komien energy kpv save…mais mo pa truv bel diff mw…

    Consider this….
    Normal Time(as it has always been in summer):
    Sun wakes at 5.30am
    I wake up at 5.30am
    I leave home at 7.00am
    I start work at 9am
    I finish work at 5pm
    Sun sets at 7pm
    I go to bed at 10pm

    Dapres sa mo use 3hrs energy buku la nuit laa…

    Btw pu fair sa summertime laaa…nk ler dan montre ki pu chanG(1hr pli bnheur) e pa ler soleil leV e soleil coucher…alor mem fair decale time la 1hr pli bnheur…time of sun leV e coucher pu pareil saaa…!!

    Therefore, proposed time….(real time la ein…fair kuman dir penkr dresse ler dan monte!! Tou kitchose vin 1hr pli early apart soleil ki pu leV e coucher mem time!):
    Sun wakes up at 5.30am
    I wake up at 4.30am
    I leave home at 6.00am
    I start work at 8am
    I finish work at 4pm
    Sun sets at 7pm
    I go to bed at 9pm

    E as such time of watch:
    I wake up at 5.30am
    Sun wakes at 6.30am
    I leave home at 7.00am
    I start work at 9am
    I finish work at 5pm
    Sun sets at 8pm
    I go to bed at 10pm

    Soleil pu coucher kn pu 8pm dan montre…lol! E supposement pu use 2hrs buku energy asoir laa…mais wat about sa 1hr mng la kt mo leV 5.30am e soleil p leV 6.30 am (dan montre sa ein)?? Li vin pareil mem…!!!!

    Therefore…my conclusion c ki li pa pu fair bel difference saaaa!!!

    Btw hope mo pan confuse zot r saa..mo mem mn pran 2 zours pu ressi kmpran sa e write sa laa…lol!


  12. @ carrot and yashvin: Bez sa….zot p dir lampadair rest alume…cot moi un ti lampoul si ceb penkor mete dehor lor sa sime la…enplus ena la foret vacoas deriere mo lakaz….kan march dehor asoir…bizin prend torch lol.

    Enfin pu gagne impe soleil enplus en novam lol

    Avishs last blog post..LouLou The Model – My Cute Doggy!


  13. GMT+5..pffff..eh pa blier..si met ler hiver..sorri..ler eter..bsn gete pou rodrigues osi! !ki pou arive li?GTM+24?LMAO..


  14. For those you do not know about MRU Summer time (GMT + 5) it allows you to save an hour of daylight everyday whether or not you will save electricity. I don’t think anyone should have an objection to get an hour extra of sunshine per day. If we do however save energy (5% predicted by CEB), even 1% is a lot


  15. @Rajesh: I have not objected to Summer time, but I want to point out about the fact that Electricity will be(is being) used in very large amounts solely for decorative purposes while big campaigns are being made to save electricity…

    In the perspective of saving the maximum of our electric consumption, don’t you think that this electricity could be saved too?


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