Orange Sitara goes even further…

Most of us complained a lot of times that Orange Sitara was completely copied from other international famous dance/singing competition…

Well, seems they tried to be original, for once….

Since some weeks they brought a new concept into the competion….

They made the participants sing, dance and even the mentors had to perform live…

And one of them thought:

Why dont we make the musicians sing???

Well, that was a completely foolish idea… at least for me…

Since some weeks, the musicians have been performing live, practically most of them, from the electronic keyboard player, the guitarist to the tabla player (technically known as a tabalti)

The story does not stop here!!!

They have even introduced another extra into this concept:

Why not make the viewers vote for the musicians???

LOL ! Who will want to spend rs10 per sms to vote for them (except the family members and friends of course)…

Surtout dans ene lepok kot p serre ceinture and petrol p monter lol…

No need to tell you how “fabulous” those musicians perform, LIVE !
Hoever, not applicable to all, but still !

Something perhaps the organisers (mbc) might find informative to know, musicians are made to play musical instruments and not all of them know really how to sing, ya, they do sing, but not all of them are  good enough to sing LIVE on a national television channel…

I am was a musician too, some years back, ya lol, i was a tabalti (tabla n dholok player) in religions ceremonies (ya lol! believe it or not, i played in kirtans and bhajans, despite i never believed in god!) lol…
I also play electronic keyboard, but nowadays, i rarely have the time to spend some time playing music, since am blogging lol…
My Dad, and uncle too are musicians, and at times, they even sang & played instruments in weddings, hotels etc, as a hobby/leisure of course!

We are not big singers/musicians(not me definitely), but i dont go live onto tv to show that i can sing when i dont know how to!

However, there are not many musicians who can play their instruments and sing at the same time, except of course, famous superstars singers which Orange Sitara wants to build here in Mauritius it seems lol…

lol, just before blogging, Vicky was telling me that “to ene fan orange sitara twa”.
In fact ya, but not exactly, as i like to watch their show because of their originality, stupidity(sometimes and often lol), copying of international ideas/concepts, importance they give to certain persons,  quality of tv platforms they offer here in Mauritius to promote new talents…

For sure, they do make the best SHOW on tv lol !

So, how do you find this innovative and orginal concept brought forward on our “petit ecran” these days???

17 thoughts on “Orange Sitara goes even further…

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  1. Waa, zordi mo p chk sa. sa tabalti la p sing 1 sel song with different raags…lol…mne truve tou pareil mwa…sirtou pa kozer zoreil ine bien fermal kan mne tend li santer.


  2. Oranz sitara at the beginin it was nice … franc tous mo pas ti trouve ca un problem ki zot p copier international programme pas grave ca .. mais bon a la long its not more a competition …

    It suppose to be a competition na .. at the beginnin nu in commence trouve ban figir ki ti deja gagne ban dernier competition i wont take the names everyone knows kisanla mo p dire.. nu bisin imper nuvo talent .. la dans final nu pu retrouve ban dimoune ki ti deja finalist dans ban competition ceki ti ena avant … a la long li vine mari borin..mais bon pas grave kave nu pena assez dimoune ki ena talent dans moris lol ….

    Tous ban ceki in get orange sitara ban dernier semaine la .. ban participants in sante un seul santer arrive 7hr .. fini pas coner ki pu faire.. lerla commence koz kk , its bekme like a family programme… its suppose to be a competition.. they could have sung 2 songs na … ti pu arriver 1930 .. nu commence trouve stuff like ” ce nest qun au revoir etc etc etc ” is that suppose to be part in a singing competition i wonder!

    Sitant pena narien pu faire ziska mentors in commence santer.. it was suppose to be a competition so make the participants sing … the aim is to promote new talents .. not people who already made their career

    Ahh the mentors… au moins they shold have point out wht technical mistakes the participants have made..korek tous mauricien pas comprend .. mais dimoune ki comprend music exister dans moris …

    Its not really a competition .. the participants pas meme sing in that ….its like a family or get togther programme …

    un comment assez longue lol


  3. LOL…….. Seems to me that you relly like the orange colour on your blog there is always some post about Orange, Nomad, etc…..


  4. @RocketScientist (Kunal): c pour garde zotte anonymat haha! If u want to see them, see them live on the tv 😛 but pas tracas, since u r not in mru, just ask me for the original pics 😛 lol


  5. Franchement just premier episod la mo ti guete…apre sa mone aret suive sa program imbecil la lol. Bt my mum still watch it…kipou fer… asize pou guet tv dan dimanche et just sa lheur dimun pou al dinner…

    Alor mo cone impe ki ban grimace pe deroule dan sa program tv la. Ceki mo truv assez rigolo la dan ce kan olieu pe promote ban participant la…zot tou le semain bizin al fer reklam dan college ou soi si pa cot sa enkor,….pou sa 2 specimen…(2 presentateurs la)…al fer their own publicite…coment dir zot pe fer acteur actric dan morice lol

    I think some people give them TOO DAMN MUCH importance!

    Another very funny one….yet very original….zot pe fer musician vine chanteur. bon ena ki chante assez bien…bt dir moi…sa program la pa ti pou soidizan promote ban new talents sa??? mo truv tou ban vieu MOIZI em ki aller vini la dan!

    Eh pa blie ban jury la….!!! Sa c ban specimen rare sa! They are the real shits…uhh i mean heroes of the show! enfin mo pe rod dir dan fer boufon!!! Si to met un participant fer competition chanter ar un sa ban jury la…mo sure participant chant 1543 foi pli bien ki jury la….et enplus ban jury la sitant malin sa…zot pa mem kapav done explication ki erreur un participant in fer.

    Fouf… tv show in a nutshell…

    Avishs last blog post..Truth about the Net PC of Mauritius Telecom


  6. ROFL at the attempt to mask their face!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    (Anyone who saw the JT will know of MBC’s lame pixelisation…) 😛

    Anyway, musicians are meant to play music & singers are meant to sing… can’t be more explicit! Haha 😉


  7. Ha ha! Fer moi rié Yashvin!
    Orange Sitara là bèze sa!
    Zot seye copier ban l’émission étranger, mais zot pas pou kavap. Mo désolé pou dir ki ban dimoune production MBC 1) zot pa qualifié
    2) zot pena l’idée
    3) zot pas compran ki été télévision ek téléspectater!

    Mo p dir sa parski mone travay pour “Nouvelle Star”, et c’est quasi impossible pou MBC fer ène l’émission au moins aussi bien avec moyens ki zot ena, pas akoz moyens ki zot ena, mais akoz ban dimoun ki travay là-bas!

    Mo gagne honter pou Moris, mo pas koné comment directer MBC kapav dormi asoir avec sa ban betises ki li produire là ek sirtout koman ORANGE kavap communiquer lor ène l’émission ossi médiocre!
    Moi, mo pas gagne compran, parcki mo koné ki avec tigit moyen kavap fer bon zaffer…


  8. @PG: Elo!

    Vraiement content mone gagne comments de someone professionel 😀 et plus qualifier ke beaucoup d’entre nous pou donne ene avis professionel.

    For those who dont know, PG was once working for a private radio in Mru and even on mbc radio, isnt it dear friend?

    Pas donne zotte idea Nouvelle Star, pas koner ki enkor zotte cpv inventer et adapter dan contexte moricien lol 😛


  9. To be precised: I worked in mauritius at:
    Radio Plus: 2002-2004
    Top FM: 2004 (9months) + 2006 (3months)

    in France at:
    Europe 2 (now Virgin Radio): 2004-2005
    Fun Radio: 2006
    Europe 1: 2006
    M6: 2007-now

    Never worked at MBC, but i know 12 ex-collegues working there now.
    They almost all agree on the fact that the problem at MBC is people, nothing else.
    I am really sorry for this situation, I must admit I would have preferred to work and live my passion in Mauritius, but it’s not so easy because of these “people” who claim to know everything but does nothing.

    I am really happy that persons like Yashvin don’t hesitate to make clever critics and that others respond to that. MBC “managers” (if they can be called that) and Orange management sould have a look at what people think. But do they care at all? I’am afraid not…


  10. Fran tou…mari vilain in vini aster! Prog la ti bien start li mais aster ena bez laaa….san exceptions tou top ladan ein…

    e sa lidee fair musicians sing la…original sa ein..Made In Mauritius…hehe!!!

    p.s. chance saregamapa challenge 09 in start…mo gagne rol get bn singers sanT…


  11. Mere humsafarr..mere humsafarrr..mere paas aaa mere paas aaa….
    nthg more to add….

    marvelous singer…wai ta!!!!


  12. @Din3sh: Ti mari vilain sa, li ti p donne cours taal dans emission la, et so raag ti mari kk!
    Dont know si ena bane professional singers who is reading this, but perhaps they can say a word on this, also applies to those ‘grand noir’ of Orange Sitara….

    @PG: Thats nicer now that u have urself specified all those details, keep it up!

    @Preetesh: We cant complain 😛 They at least did something purely original, and What and idea!!!


  13. MBC = Mauritius Bureau of COPY!!

    Orange : “Lets COPY our international Super Shits (supozd to be Hits) to Mauritius!”



  14. li tro personalizer
    adi so ledan fermal li amen so dentist kin trait li dan show la
    lot la li gagn scolarship bizin fer so interview
    li aller bizin bid li GOODBYE
    b wats“ goin on…. kuma dir pou zot …pops sa ki….



  15. orange stinks as an ISP and i think the show also is kinda crappy.. well thats my opinion 🙂

    ki vraimem coute 10 rs pou vote lor sa KK la???? depuis coummencement sa??
    soi acoz pe gagne tro tigitte vote pas pe cpave tire frais..

    mone plein ek sa bannes program la.. pe rode talents mais couma dire mem figuire ki pe trouV ..


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