not accessible using myT?

This post was initially destined to contain a new soundtrack, from the TV Serial Monk.

But while looking for more info on Monk, i found out that was not accessible!


Not even the english version at tried to ping, but damn it, my command prompt is now working lol !So, i tried to access if from an anonymous proxy ( and the page got loaded πŸ˜€

I did not really wanted to hide my ass but only browse using a proxy to check if the site was accessible.

I asked about 5-10 friends to try the link, only one using myT could, and CarrotMadman06 carrotmadman6 who uses ADSL could too… He told me that he too got different complaints that Wikipedia was not opening…

I just called myT (lol! i spent 10mins looking for the myT customer care number since i called them only twice since more than 8months!!!)
I finally got the num from their web site!

I seized the opportunity to ask my internet login and password since i forgot that as well ! haha!

So, after explaining the problem to the customer care agent, and was put on hold for a few mins, he/she(i didnt know if he was a she or she was a he), told me to switch off my livebox and restart it after 5min, as well as the computer before trying again.

Now, am gonna restart and if it doesnt load, i will post this article…

Even if it loads, i will post it too!

But at least, this is the 2nd problem i reported to the customer care since september 2007 i think!

Wow, they are good (for me, everyone have their own internet usage and problems)


The results after a restart of livebox/computer after 5 mins:

Page cannot be found! Wikipedia still not accessible!


Can you access it? Or did you encounter the same problem?

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  1. carrotmadman6 » hihi, sorry πŸ˜€
    Correction has been made to the nickname, the author is sorry for any inconvenience.

    I also got confirmation that with nomad, wikipedia can be accessed without problems…


  2. hey,i diagostic the same problem for the last few days.i thought it was something to do with with my pc n spywares.But glad to knw im not the only one.thanks a lot for the post!
    P.S:MYT Sucks man!


  3. True story! Wasn’t able to access Wikipedia since Friday!

    Funny thing… tried it again when I saw your post… and it worked! πŸ˜€

    You’ve healed the internet dude!! :p


  4. JLBB » LOL ! haha, its working back now, i just hit the address to test!
    gosh! Am so goodddddd, just by writing this post, its working lol!
    btw, JLBB(For uni friends, its our Jimmy Lee blabla) reading my blog πŸ™‚
    thks dear!

    Tom » Whenever u get a problem, specially when it concerns the internet, its wise to ask your friends first, else, you will get nervous/irritated because of the connection!


    Mine is wasted.
    I changed the prosy settings, yet no success.:s
    I called MyT and they asked me to do the same typical thing; Restart your Livebox, restart your PC and wait for 10 minutes or next morning.:^)
    But Yashvin’s post, HideMyAss worked. :d
    Any help guys?


  6. Neel » Neel (Izzy ladoo) is using MyT, still? lol
    kine arrive to nomad la? 512 la? rakonte imper…
    happy to know that u pass through my blog post so often πŸ˜€


  7. To blog interessant.:d
    Ti 128 sa. Mai mo ti p dja servi adsl dpi longtemp.. mo pne cancel mo acc. Mai de tte facon zot ine cancel connexion nomad la.. pa kner kifer! lol!
    Parcki mo avouer ki dan certaine cas (bouge kot 1 cam, al camP, etc…) Nomad ti p vine en aide. Mai aster mne laker! lol!
    Wai pu wikipedia la.. to kav aide moi? dan pince net, pa p kav wiki ditou!


  8. Neel » thnks pu compliments la…

    pas koner kouma, mais kot mo si ine ok…
    mo pane faire narien en plis, mo si mone call Customer care like u, switched off everything, and switched them on again. Then, some hours later, kant mo p approve comments, mone remarker kot mo si ine ok…

    Cpv ene probleme DNS? Normallement kant ena such a problem, after a few hrs li fini ok, but la li mari drole :S

    servi hidemyass entretemps, hope li get ok soon….


  9. I’ll wait… mai kan mem dja 1 semaine mo p atan! lol!
    Esperons li ok!
    Yeah thnks joh… ill us hidemyass entretemp!

    Wai WIKI blacklisted? b sa bezer sa!


  10. also encoutering the same problem, I also had to use a proxy to use the site. When I called customer care, Guess what?? “Restart your livebox, etc…”(BTW I think the people there are programmed to answer this). Pfffff…. Why are they doing this, is it bcoz some article about navin or smething like that?? Last year they did that to faceebook too!!!!’
    Orange SUCKS!


  11. Hey Ki fer to pa ajoute ene “add to google” link lor to main page, lerla mo kav mette to blog lor google reader BTW voila link la “”


  12. sjdvda » elo! si si, to cpv add to google, to nek ena pu click lo mo RSS Icon, et to choose Google Reader or Home page there…

    pas casse tete, dan some days, mo p celebrate the 200th post et mo p change tout design, et mone pu add sa feature la directly πŸ˜‰
    thnks for feedback…

    Tushal » Pu twa, internet ene vraie probleme lol…to pane faire pu servi internet twa πŸ™‚


  13. @yashvin:(:(to koner spend 18 hours lor net per day ek mo pc spend 24 hours on net per day..;);)Hey yash, thanks a know why..for your advices..Thanks.:p:p..Wiki encore bon meme.mais mega slow.:|


  14. Tuesday 1st July.
    here we go..Wikipedia is not opening.F**k off orange.I badly need to access that..Now I need to use VPN..f**k..whats happening?
    Facebook, then rapidshare, now wikipedia..whats next?all international website?:s:s


  15. Maybe MyT or the orange guys are allergic to wikipedia lol.

    But I wanted to share another similar problem. I used to use MTML dial up…and MTML was allergic to Facebook. I could never load facebook with them.

    Now with the stupid nomad its good lol.


  16. @Avish–>:p:p:p by the way.I had replied on your blog.But it did not save.Blame Orange.My livebox got reset.I have to re send you another comment.

    wai.mari bez ramase 1 meme la..livebox ti mort pou 5 mins! ! !:s:s mo ti croire..fini..pou gagne connection after pe write sa..livebox in re pou post sa quan livebox la..connect..hopefully in the coming mins! ! !
    parfois gagne mari crise r sa ban couyonade service la..! ! ! !livebox pa pe rode connect..LMAO..
    livebox got connected..Hope this post will be…………..


  17. @carrot–>thanks..:)but my f**king connection is getting reset every few mins|-)|-)its getting annoying! !


  18. Wai tushal i i didnt got your comment. Kav zorange pa content blogger oci :p Anyway cot mo rester dan trou mountain la…Nomad is doing fine here…I mean the new nomad :p …coz i just took it.


  19. To Avish===> Avec MTML dial mo capave al lor facebook. Quand nomad fane kk lerla bizin servi MTML. Mo moi aussi new nomad. In reprend en Feb apres fausse pub “new improved nomad”. Avec nomad gagne connection timed etc lor wikipedia mais toujour quand refresh page la li retravail


  20. Hi Yashvin,

    great blog !!!

    I’m a myT subscriber since some months and Wikipedia is accessible for me. In fact till now i’ve not encountered any problem with MyT itself apart from the connection speed from time to time


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