Fancy Fair at Saint Joseph’s College

Today’s was held the Fancy Fair at Saint Joseph’s College, my ex-college..


I was there, together with Javin, Purahoo and others, and as usual


It was very nice to see some of the old friends and all of our teachers after nearly 5 years!

We played lots of game but won none, that was the fun!

However i was very disappointed by the “Chambre D’horreur” which i paid rs50 to enter and waited nearly 1hr in a queue!

The above “Chambre d’horreur” was DULL!

Nothing to fear, i didnt even saw anything because of the dark, i only saw some of the organisers to walk with their torch saying “[pardon pardon, laisse passer]”


Except that part of the day, i was very happy to be back to my college after all those years and together with my friends, we talked about the old days, when we were studying there…


As we say;


9 thoughts on “Fancy Fair at Saint Joseph’s College

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  1. ey to rapel ti p coz lor to “chacha”?
    ti mank li dan groupe la, b kan mone return home, in gagne so call… li moris dpi 1 week already

    ena djameel n mudun si p come in 2 weeks la
    need to organise sth soon 😉


  2. il y avait OSB dans votre ekol je vous invite a venir au Fancy Fair du BPS le dimanche 08 JUNE a 09:00
    merci d’avance


  3. hey to fer mwa gagne honT! to coule sjc “Then i told them that thats none of my problem, and they should at least review their price! I went to the long queue waiting and told everyone there it was not even worth!…vaut mieux zotte reste zotte lakaaz et zotte teigne la limiere, zotte cpv gagne plis per ki endans” to propre lekol apres to dir JOSEPHIANS FOR LIFE!!

    mo ena impression to pena lesprit joséphien la ditou!!!


  4. Hi to everyone…

    Na mo pas p couler exactement mais meme si mo college sa, c tout a fait mardaye…
    Ti pu diman mwa rs50 mo ti cpv donne kdo for mo college, mais pas ene chambre d’horreur ki pas vo narien, to rente endans et to pas truv NARIEN, justement! lol.

    btw, kant mo dire bane organisateur la pena ene ferfoute endans, zotte dire mwa cpv bane deco ine casser, so zotte aware ki ena ene probleme endans.

    Coming to the fancy fair after 5 years since i left college shows mo still value SJC… et mone participe dan preske tous jeux, meme si mo pane gagner, mo pane faire oken plainte there, koz that was the fun and the game…


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