DCDMC Orienteering Challenge!

Wow, that was fun but tiresome!


As every 3 months, DCDM Consulting organises a different Company Event for the staff, and this time, it was called “DCDMC Orienteering Challenge”, held at Domaine Anse Jonchee, near Ferney in the south-east.


Preparations have been going since long, with me sending mails to all staff to make them remember wats going to happen on this saturday 10th may 2008 and also remind them about practical things such as transport etc.

Each pick up point collected staff at 8am and all the vans reached the domaine at about 10hrs where 4×4 and jeeps took us to the Panoramour Restaurant.


Indeed warm welcome from Vertical World, which organised the logistics behind the challenge.


Oh yeah, i nearly forgot!
As a “mascotte” i had brought a Monkey Teddy, “Mr Zako”, those who ever travelled in my car surely knows Mr Zako, koz it hangs right behind the driver’s seat 😀


Mr Zako, was quite a star on that day since no one thought of bringing anything + the teams names were different species of monkeys (picked from wikipedia).
Everyone was touching Mr Zako, admiring him (& his owner of course lol), even taking pics with him (not only me do! Zako la si ! haha!)

At one instance, i didnt realised that Mr Zako and my Cap fell somewhere :S
I had to go back and look for them, fortunately i remembered where i walked and found them somewhere near the first goyavas which i picked there to eat. Delicious!


Above the team No 01, Angwatibo!

At 1130hrs, the game started and each team was composed of 4-5 persons + had a map and other stuff to orientate ourself in the huge domaine and collect the maximum of beacons(flags) + solve riddles attached to each of them.


There were also 4 Red Challenges, in the “Fort Boyard” Style.
My team managed to win 2 of them 😀


The above one was really tough and i managed to put down the guy! waaaaaaaa!

At the beginning of the game, my team members and myself had lost ourselfves but we managed to get onto the track and start collecting points.

Amazing things happened during the game, for example, deers running here and there, and quite close to us.


There was an open lunch from 12hrs to 1630 hrs and each of the teams had to organise themselved to be back to the restaurant to be able to take their lunch, at anytime they wished, or rather, at the time they managed to come back lol!

After the end of the challenge, there was a prize giving ceremony and beyond expectations, my team was ranked 6th lol, out of 14 teams. We really didnt expect that!

All of the teams received gifts ; those after the top 3, received, guess wat???
Banane! lol


and of course,the winning team:


After the prize giving, we had official photo sessions…
We were allowed to climb on the top of the jeeps to take pictures 😀


We took really A LOTS OF PICTURES and that will take time to regroup all of them, but however, i have already uploaded pictures from my mobile and my 2nd camera.

We really had a nice day,

  • lots of fun, but tiresome
  • lots of “boudouf” when we fell down here and there in the mud,
  • lots of “hey kot nu eter la? check lo map!”
  • “p gagne faim! kant nu pu ressi arrive enbas la?”

When’s the next???

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