Orange Sitara, here is my post!

Did not really want to write any further posts on those competitions organised by our National Television, but, could not resist after that of today…


I will try to recap everthing which happenned….

I as quite surprised, as well as most of us watching it here at home, after the announcement of the voting results, the girl there started crying….


Come on, its only a miserable competition, no need to do as if u r on Sa Re Ga Ma Stage or any other famous competition…

lol, and guess what? She was crying, not because she lost, but because she won!
Initially all of us thought she was quite dissapointed!

Online SMS Display Messages

Nice innovation, live sms on your screen….

but quite unpleasant for their image, i agree they should display everything,

however, its not always nice!!!


Lets talk about the choice of the judges there…
One in particular(to the right in the picture below)…


On his first appearance before the camera, he was unable to speak correctly before the camera (“ti p gaga”) and how is he going to mark the performance of the candidates???

Female Host, totally lost in her words!

Again, MBC has put 2 new female hosts, which are completely “amateurs” just like the one they put on “Hum Tum” Singing & Dancing Competition some months ago…

Today one of the female hosts talked nonsense at one instant (when there as a tie -candidates with same points )

She told approximately the following:

The first time something like this is happening here in this emission, you can send your sms to vote!lol,

In fact, at that instant she meant “You can send your sms to comment!”

That are the disadvantages of being live!

Orange Representatives

Orange, being the sponsor of this singing competition, its quite normal for their representatives to be there….

Just a small comment (since most of them being french or english, hence not understanding anything!):

Hey banne representants Oranges, attention zotte beze mangue labas!



The concept of the mentors, was completely stolen from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Be Original! At least prove you can be creative!

Time to leave u here, dont hesitate to add further comments below!

128 thoughts on “Orange Sitara, here is my post!

Add yours

  1. @REQUIN: “Still being an amateur those people are facing the camera, to ENTERTAIN the whole public”

    AH OUI! Zotte entertain, thats sure! lol

    “let me remind you that in India singers are BORNED not formed.”

    Well, if here in Mauritius, they are not borned singers, y make all these drama, making as if they are the best singers????

    btw, u seem very much to know things in mbc, like dress management etc, seems nice! anyway, the dress lol, no comments…. especially that one which the girl host wore on the first episode!!! Bouteille Orangina lol !


  2. “the way you criticize is as if you wanted to handle the production of the show”
    > Si ti gagne ene l’occasion, I would have loved to do that.

    “I understand that you are watching quality shows from India, SO let me remind you that in India singers are BORNED not formed.”
    > My grudge is not against the singers so much as against the technicalities of the show. With a little more creativity, a better show could have been conceived, like I said an audition for the anchors (Yis it only for Miss Meteo this is being done? Lakoz gagne 2,3 sous la dan), better lightings, more innovative sets (it is not money that make this, it is artistic vision), a much much more competent jury, getting mentors from abroad not the great music directors but there are some competent Gurus though not popular (Mtius boasts abt their priviledge links with India time N again), the aim of the show to promote singers instead of just giving them a cash prize, stop this stupidity of self-propaganda like this sore to the eye episode of Sanjana, fer ban promotion digerable (pa ban $^$%^$ chasseur), wasting time with these tour dan ban ‘ti kolez’ wiv objective of showing the anchors being asked autographs, be more innovative than just asking a person to sing a whole song, trying to impress by broadcasting live, etc etc

    “Still being an amateur those people are facing the camera, to entertain the whole public, its not a shame and you should also not be ashamed to watch it.”
    > Sa mem mo p dir zot enkor amateur. Ena p prend zot pour ban superstar with designer clothes etc, N exaggerating in their expression and performance, like I remember one person I don’t remember who exactly, sat on his knees and started to ‘shout’ “Subhan Allah”. Even Shaan, the original singer never did that in any live concert even if he has rightly been rewarded in all award functions. Even that guy, who challenged the judges, he sang “Chaiyya Chaiyya”, he should have expected that he would have done numorous mistakes. This song cum album has grabbed nearly all awards in 1997/1998. Even some1 killed the song “Kehna Hi Kya” from Bombay. So ban candidates ki amateur, what am just asking you is to choose simple songs to display your talent. By singing award winning songs or difficult songs do not try to impress; the repertoire of Indian songs is ver very large. Just inspire yourself from singers like Kailash Kher who shined by singing the then not so popular “Allah Ke Bande”.


  3. [re=22051]Arrmaan[/re]:
    hats off to u bro.. at last someone talking some sense…
    requin avc to ban l’atak sur la personne de armaan, montrer toi ki immature ta….alor to content orange sitara? si wi, to ena 1 problem avc to gout, soit to content mediocrity…


  4. [re=22051]Arrmaan[/re]: Dear Mr Armaan, from your analysis you seem to be taking yourself for a Maha-Maestro! It is indeed very good to analyse and criticize but what constructive things have you said to compensate your tons of critics?

    N before you make any analysis, make sure that you knw what u r talking about.. Singers are already singing an antra and a mukhra if you have not noticed.. N for your kind information where have you seen designer wear in this programme? I believe an artist wears what he is most at ease in- if you have followed the programme, there are themes and if you have any essence of being an artist, stage performance also involves wearing a costume that gets you into the mood of your song..

    Oh so do you LIVE on youtube? WAKE up and GROW up Man! Being an artist is not just a word but it involves really feeling the song, delivering it with all your soul and getting the notes and the beats right..

    as for the advertisements.. ok you do have an opinion.. but do also have some sense of appreciation for the creativity thats emerging, maybe slowly but atleast this shows that we are moving from Contemporary advertising and promotion..

    If you feel you know music- erase all those biases in your Head and instead of pointing out just the NEGATIVES, try to find those percentages of POSITIVE n try to appreciate- unless thats too difficult for you to understand..

    and why do i sense so much frustration in your comments? did you par hasard not qualify for Orange Sitara?

    i totally agree with the comment from Nemesis.. u knw the word remote control? get one and use it to change ur tV channel..

    cheers Man
    Get a chill pill haha


  5. Dearr Mr Swami,

    1st N foremost, for ur kind info I didn’t even try to participate in Orange worry not, I recognise am not a good singer and I have no interest to go on TV to show how bad I am, just like some are doing, even going to the extent of believing they are gr8 stars (kal ke sitaare). 2nd such a platform is not appropriate for development of talents. There’s no question of being frustrated, the current female anchor is one of my good friends; and we usually sit down and laugh at some stupidites of the show and of course she tries to defend herself, but that’s all the fun.

    About “try to find those percentages of POSITIVE n try to appreciate”, I have tried to find the +ve points, but they are hardly present, mo pa cpav fer narien la dan moi. Jodi No.1 was way off better in terms of creativity. Dans Orange the many -ve points overshadow the rare +ve points. The only +ve point I think is that indeed there are some participants who are making a genuine effort, but unfortunately very few.

    If the candidates have started singing only mukhras and antras then I think it’s good for the show. Haven’t watched it completely for the last 2 weeks.

    Oh so do you LIVE on youtube? Oh no of course not, I don’t y u are worrying so much about me, lol. But at least, am being able to get a variety of quality programs and learn from them. Ki pou fer…mo ene ti dimoun ki pa cpav mette chaine satellitaire, alor mo prefere get zafer affordable kan mo koter en parallel mo ena MBC.

    Mo koner pa designer wear sa do, ena ene zafer apel sarcasm ^^,
    “if you have any essence of being an artist, stage performance also involves wearing a costume that gets you into the mood of your song”.
    “Being an artist is not just a word but it involves really feeling the song, delivering it with all your soul and getting the notes and the beats right”
    >>> Ask yourself if the candidates are satisfying the above, if there are they are only a few of them, so few are they that unfortunately they are eclipsed. Surtout, pa croir kan Jury dir zot le stereotype: “Performance achcha tha. Aur Rihaaz karna Chaihyer”.

    “atleast this shows that we are moving from Contemporary advertising and promotion”
    >>> Mo laisse la population apprecier sa 🙂

    “what constructive things have you said to compensate your tons of critics”
    >>> Malheureusement mon cher, ur attention is still focused on the critics. Mo pa capav fer narien la dan. If u concentrate imP plis, I hope one day u will see the loads of suggestions too. Good luck!

    “u knw the word remote control? get one and use it to change ur tV channel”
    >>> La parole nou directeur MBC osi. Eski zot p rod dir ki zot pou continier mette ban low quality show lor MBC, ek c nou telespectateurs ki bizin change channel???!!! If this is the attitude towards the viewers, then wish u good luck for ur one man-show, where u are both the performer and the viewer. Bon pour moi pa ene probleme, mo pa compte pou change channel la, FREQUENCY MO GET TV IN BAISSER DEPI BIEN LONGTEMPS! 🙂


  6. I’m happy to see that people with great vision like you are still on the blog ;

    don’t you think your place should have been else where.

    Even a local producer wont have such ideas.

    Please change your feel we need people like you in this country.


    At the end of the day comments will be left as comments, just to shine on this blog.

    It won’t go elsewhere.


  7. Armaan bought foward an critical analysis based on facts, ppl who say o.sitara is a good show must do the same…bring foward your analysis and positive points…dnt jst go endlessly getting personal with the person sending negative comments…sipa li vivre dan youtube,sipa li pa cone santer..sipa li immature…
    pa sa ki p discuter la, p discute positive and negative points of this show alor dire ban point positive la o lieu fer palabe couma fam…


  8. [re=22051]Arrmaan[/re]:
    mo pa pu ecrire bel bel zafaire…paret par seki to dire ki to suive sa prog la chak semaine…to kone tou seki ariver chak fois..








    anyway,criticism certainly helps…but only when it comes from more able people or when its ended by a solution.

    till then…cheers

    your NEMESIS


  10. Dear Mr. nemesis VII,

    If u have the right to tell us to stop watching TV (something which we unfortunately and unwillingly pay) – wonder how u have been bestowed with such authority, lol – this is democracy man, then I think we also have the right to tell those broadcasting to stop low quality local productions too (as viewers I think we have this minimum moral right to do so) and we’re doing it by giving reasons and justifying it, not by using any personal attacks. Similarly, if you think you are right and we are wrong:

    1. Put forward arguments to show why we are wrong, credible ones not personal attacks.
    2. Put forward the +ve points of the show.

    Thnx 4 ur understanding.


  11. quote from yashvin:
    Koz we pay for that and we got to know whats going on with our money!!!
    Its so simple!!!

    lol, nemesis VII got owned!!! hahaa!!!!!!


  12. [re=22269]Yashvin[/re]:
    i can c that u get problems understanding english…
    i said that if the prog is so bad,y dont u stop watching it?
    that didnt mean stop watching tv…
    u got it?
    read again…
    if the show is not good enough,u may change channels or switch off the t.v set..its means that u have an option,u understand that?
    also,since u seem to be quite ignorant,u have an option to cancel the fee paid to the mbc from the ceb bill.
    I THINK THAT KUNAL DOES COZ HE PAYS TO THE MBC… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the msg applies to ARMAAN N ROCKET SCIENTIST 2..



  13. @nemesis VII: Watching tv or that show, is the same thing koz i pay mbc for its whole set of programs on all the channels!

    Kifer, to ena ene problem r teletubbies?
    Kouma dir dan tipti kant to ti ena 1ans to ti p guet film porno twa, sorry for the language!


  14. [re=22038]Yashvin[/re]:

    Dear Mr Yashvin

    At least you care to view an odd / outdated / below standard and s…t program like orange Sitara..
    You seem to be either a super star, a super performer ..or a completely ignorant fellow not to say frustrated …..
    I invite you to come to the MBC and say it live ….
    If you are agreeable .. I am ready to have a live face a face with you any time ..
    If you are a genuine critic then do let know .. I will introduce myself .. give you an appointment at the MBC and the the viewers judge your capacity and/or inability ..


  15. Quote 1 from Nemesis:

    You dickhead, i dont live in that country anymore… I dont pay MBC whatever… I just happen to laugh my ass out when i watch their shitty program… If Orange Sitara gives you an orgasm, then let it be. Enjoy the show but it still remains shitty!

    Quote 2 from Nemesis:
    ”’the msg applies to ARMAAN N ROCKET SCIENTIST 2..”’

    Your half-ass comment does not make any difference to me. Go suck on a used condom you faggot.


  16. @Sky: Dear Sky….

    At no moment, any one of us said that we are ready to produce before the camera…
    Just tell me where in case u saw that somewhere…

    Wat have been said many times :
    1. if u cant sing well, dont do it before a camera..
    2. MBC has to review its programs quality, what they show to the whole population
    3. MBC has to be original, not copying from VERY famous tv programs like Saregama…
    4. We are not much very interested in the personal life of that host, so y show all those dramas?
    5. Did u watch that advert with the ‘hunter’? Ridiculous, one word is enough!
    6. Did u know that orange sitara dream team was practically kicked out from Cosmopolitan College in the north, after they have told the rector that he cant manage his students? Then, do get more info if u can!

    Well, sure, we can meet and discuss, am always ready and open for that, just giv me a mail for us to set up a meeting something…

    Seems u r someone big, so please convey what some of the viewers think about those shows…

    To all, i will be out for the day and will be moderating/accepting comments very late tonight….


  17. Ene sel zafer mo pa p comprend…si nou p critik Orange Sitaara, c ki afin dan le future ban organisateur prend conscience pou produce ban program of higher quality, higher quality v osi dir ene platform pli professionel pour ban artiste. B c ki nou p remarker, c ki peut-etre mo p bien dir PEUT-ETRE ban dimoun kin participate ou zot relatives p zis defend Sitaara du fait ki zot in participate la dan. La kestion ki mo pose zot: ESKI ZOT PA ENVI GAGNE ENE MEILLEUR PLATFORM POU MONTRER ZOT TALENT? (Meuilleur en terme sets, lightings enfin tou aspect technique) OU SOI ZOT PREFERE ENE PLATFORM MEDIOCRE?

    P.S: Si nou p critik zot fasson sanT, c zis pour ki zot ameliorer. Sa mem nou p dir zot soizir ban sanT ki dan zot range, ki al ek zot la voix, enfin final outcome la paret plaisant. C pa necessair kan zot p sante ban sanT difficile ki zot p montrer zot talent, o contraire zot prend risk ek enta defaut parait ki couvert zot potentiel + concentrer dan fasson sanT dan place concentrer lor fer zes (includes linze, ban expression exagerer etc). Ena ban exceptions mais zot bien rares.


  18. [re=21675]nemesis VII[/re]: Soz i live in the uk.. & i dunt watch orange sitara.. !! But i am aware ov MBCs copyin potential..
    & i’ll tell yu wuh… if orange sitara was available on the net.. i wudnt av watch.. Buh wud still stand up n voice owt my opinion..
    it is about time mbc stops copyin!!


  19. salut bein mw mo pou coze seulment creol ok pou tou dimoune kpave lire bein c vrai ki orange sitara 2fois boom pki ena pa cone chanter mai 2fois li zoli nu bisin support zot mai pa rire zot svp zot p fer zot best ok mw mo ena 1 seul zafer pou dir mo xtra content nilesh rapoojee mo peur pou dir sa coumsa mai li vrai li xtre zoli si zot gagne so num donne mw svp je laime beaucoup,i love him a lot bon je souhaite a tou les participant bon courage


  20. it’s been a long time i’ve not been in touch.
    i really appreciate the comments of Armaan n Yashvin.
    but can somebody explain to me what’s really happening in orange sitara?
    what we see on tv nowadays is only voting for the mentors and musicians,
    i dont really get it . i mean who’s gonna get through?
    and to all those who say that we shouldnt watch the programme if we dont like it..
    then please let me know how can we avoid the publicity of voting which has been going on n on 4ze past 2weeks i fink ,when we r watching serials that we actually like?
    it disturbs..
    personally i dont watch orange sitara..
    coz i dont want to spoil my mood..
    but i cant unders a thing, what’s happening out there?
    sorry 2say.. we r going nowhere with this!!


  21. Anyone out there going to watch O.Sitara so final 2min????
    Mon dieu, 15.30-19.00 e puis after ZURNAL KREOL pu continue from 19.30 till pa kner!! Seems zot pu bat sa till 00.00 as z always do! Sa cumadir mari mak rol lerla ale gueT sa!!! As for me, dimanche matin, mo ecoute result lor radio, sa em tro bocu sa!!! Nways those going to watch, bon courage!!!


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