Hello, ki position Nomad, Emtel, MTML, DCL?

Hello,Ki dir?

More than 1 week already, “orange p vender partout”, but still, no response from the competitors, at least, nothing extraordinary in their business strategy from namely,

  • Nomad
  • Emtel
  • MTML
  • DCL

Except a small thing from Emtel, you can now epin ur mobile with only rs20, instead of rs25.

r for rabbit modem

I tried to access Nomad‘s portal, but a big “Under Construction” Notice is there, dont know since when, lets hope its something really BIG for the few users still hanging out with their rabbit.c


d for dcl…

DCL Communications seems dormant since, euh, a long time, very long indeed!


goat for cabri l’inde…

As for MTML, its “Azu wireless broadband internet” is available since some weeks back but till now, there havent been any marketing done to attract potential customers, perhaps because they are not ready yet to handle many users and hence face the same problem which nomad faced with thousands(?) of ppl connected and the system breaking down day after day….really bad reputation they have here in Mauritius! lol

o for zorange…

Internet, Mobile, everything is being controlled by Orange, offering several offers ( mobile packs etc etc ) + innovations (new portal, magic numbers, etc etc) since its launch.

Will they be able to compete with the big multinational company orange?

Sure, the mauritian blog community and myself will be here to keep you updated about the events in our cyber island ( lol, cyber! )

62 thoughts on “Hello, ki position Nomad, Emtel, MTML, DCL?

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  1. @ MBS: While I agree with you that the govt should reduce taxes on telecommunication companies, but it’s worth noting that those companies pay corporate tax (@15%) just like any other company. The govt should reduce corporate tax on all companies to about let say between 3-5% to encourage growth. However the govt should tax the dividends distributed by those companies(to around 40-60%)and it should not be borne by the company itself but only by those who receive them as currently anybody who receives dividends, whatever the amount may be, pays Rs 0 as tax…
    Last year the ‘independent’ subsidiary of MT, Cellplus, operating under brand name orange, made more than Rs1.1 billion as profits. It paid around Rs170 million as corporate tax and Rs 900 millions as dividends…A simple calculation shows you how much is left for improving the network…

    @ atish: I have been using unlimited wap from emtel. Here are my observations when I tried it using my nokia N70…
    7am to 5.30pm: Speed quite good with some connection errors from time to time
    5.30pm to 10pm: Speed greatly reduces (because of peak hours) and the connection resets very often (i.e. the page stops to load midway or the phone disconnects to the network)
    10pm to 12am: Slight improvement in speed however connection is still unstable
    12am to 6am: Great speed, good for surfing, almost no disconnection

    Speed using 3G network
    Average speed is 20kBps during non-peak hours and 1-5kBps during peak hours. When I use a download accelerator I can achieve a max of 40kBps (384 kbps) i.e. the maximum speed that my phone can reach…

    Speed using GPRS/EDGE network only
    Average speed is 1-5kBps during peak and non-peak hours even if use a download accelerator it rarely exceeds 10kBps (instead of around 25kBps i.e. 236 kbps for EDGE networks) This means they probably limit your bandwidth on these networks

    Ports open
    Only three ports are open as far as I know:
    The default port for FTP
    The default port for HTTP (port 80)
    The default port for HTTPS (port 443)

    All other ports are closed. This means that MSN messenger or any other messenger, youtube mobile and other video streaming website wont work…Alternatively you can sign in to MSN messenger from your phone browser but your friends wont be able to contact you unless you start to chat with them( This will open a new page on your browser and you will be able to chat with only one person at a time unless your phone browser supports multiple windows or tabs) If you dont have a mobile browser that have flash support, the only way to access youtube videos is to tether your phone to your computer and use your WAP connection to browse the desktop version of youtube website. You can use a download accelerator to download your video as the frequent disconnection will make your video stop midway.

    Emtel unlimited wap is good if you are a casual mobile internet user and if you own a 3G phone or it’s even better if you have a HSDPA phone… It is not recommended for someone who has a GPRS/EDGE/2G phone or needs a speedy connection at any time… Zis pou glaC avek sa :P… However since I subscribe for that, I have installed opera mini 4.2(best mobile browser I have known to date), Gmail client for mobile phones (supports UOM student mail too!!!! 😉 and google maps to max out my connection 😉


  2. riot22 says that in network, orange is boss, in servies and internet speed and download emtel is boss but in communication and lowest tarrifs mtml is boss

    as for internet, orange3g+ speed is fair compared to that of emtelwimax but emtel one ‘can’ compete with mtml.

    make your choice nut do not use 3g+ orange.


  3. Wa ban broS-and-sistaS-in-arms, b mo dan 1 big dilème la. Pa p ggn cmprn ki internet connektion pu prn la. Mo 1 hard core downloader + poor student m1 osi 1 big crévère. Donc conseille mwa.. Pour le moment, m p download mo ban files dan cybr caf illegalement la..
    Ek wa FYI, mne dza arive 1gb download nomard dan 1 mois, m1 penC aster how much hardcore downloader mo eT!! B mne fni pss r sa aster.
    Ek wa mo p essay konnekt lr intnet lor pc via mo 5130xm, b li pa rode. Mo p servi orange 50mb la, p penC pu servi emtel so free browsing for rs100 lr mo pc. B 1stly kuma fr pu connekt sa lr mo pc. Mem si li p detect, mo pa p ggn knnktion.
    Phuck!! Mo mari confused la. Mo Moris ti PHUCKED UP, li PHUCKED UP, li pu reste PHUCKED UP!


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