Do you believe in god?

Note : This is only my point of view…

You may not agree with me, and express ur own beliefs…

God is a figment of man’s imagination.
We YOU created him in our your undeniable lust for security and a need for purpose. God doesn’t exist. Until evidence is given to support His existence, no rational thinker can put faith into religion.

Its not a secret, I simply never believed in god…
Everybody in my surroundings know well how much i care for him, to such extent that during any hindou fast, i have either Chicken or lol “Mo saucisse et mo disefs” (copyright @mong colleagues)


I found no reason y i should follow those millions of ppl praying to those imaginary ‘creatures’ but nevertheless, i do respect their way of life…

One simple example, i quoted this today @ work….

This Sunday, i read in 5-Plus that a few hindou devotees owned their life to the “Kawal” they built and were carrying back to their village after their pilgrimmage to Grand Bassin. Some driver has unfortunately lost control of his car, hit with 3 of them and struck with the Kawal.
Those pilgrims feel that without their “kawal”, they would have probably lost their life…

If instead of wandering on the street, on their way to pray to ‘Him’, they would probably be at home and none of them would have been hurt in anyway, nor would have his leg plastered! lol !


The only times i go to Grand Bassin, is when we go out for Plucking Goyaves de Chine or for a picnic somewhere, with lots of food in the car 🙂
I think its the 4th year i havent gone there to “pray”…

Quite often, i like to question people:

To croire dan bondier?

While some of them would answer by a firm “OUI”, a few of them would reply back “wi imper imper”

How can u believe in something “imper”?
Its either a YES or a NO!


One simple reason y (some) ppl (especially youngsters) believe foolishly in God is because since their birth, they have been always been taught that ‘the one above’ will always here to help you in ur bad times, you must pray constantly, blabla….its because the way you were brought up.
just ask ur parents, they will continue the paragraph…

Not believing in god, keeps me open minded, enables me to understand other people in my surroundings, without first asking myself “hey malbar sa, non lascar, or even nation sa!”

Not believing in god gives me the liberty to believe in other things, use that time in a more constructive way doing things i like, spending time with PEOPLE WHO REALLY EXIST, instead of believing that one day, my wishes will be realized, probability -0.01 …


And what if its purely a coincidence that ur wish has been fulfilled?
Have u ever thought of that?

As said someone : “L’espoir fait vivre les imbeciles….”

I have stopped counting the number of time i get clashes at home, just because i dont follow the beliefs of my parents or my surroundings, or because i eat things which a hindou is not supposed to eat….

Hey u indian guy/gurl, have u ever tried Porc/Beef?
No? Perhaps you need to give it a try!

& what if one day u have nothing to eat, except some delicious miam miam, porc/beef meat?


God’ if ever u r reading my blog and dont like wat am saying here,
you, who possess all those powers,
ban my blog,
make my server hard disk crash,
Oh god, u can do everything, ya, really everything!

& y dont u leave a comment btw? LOL

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  1. Just my two cents, which is just in fact my personal opinion.
    I think that believing or not in God is not a problem in itself, but it starts to become one when man messes in it by “inventing” the rules of the game: religion and it’s dreaded dogma.
    So, I believe in something that is above the reach of man (is it god, is it E.T.I… I don’t know), but I can’t adhere to any religion


  2. religion, gods, religious beliefs, prayers, etc are something which can be compared to politics. its like belonging to some parties, believing them and expecting benefits… 


  3. Some serious answers on the matter here:

    Attention to all trolls, proto-trolls and what not who have been given too much license here: Please note the quality of the argumentation, and the way of presenting the pros / cons, backed with evidence at all times. Evidence, not belief in something constructed out of ones / another one’s MIND.


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