What a day!

Wow, we had a blast!

Since this is a personal blog with personal things of my life, this post will be all about what I did today along with my friends. Zainab, Yasmina, Jaya, Mantasha, Fadil and Myself met after nearly 2 months – We organised a small get-together, something which Zai wanted to do for the pasts one month…

After picking up Jaya and Mantasha(toujours….), we met Fadil, Yasmina and Zainab at Super U Grand Baie before driving towards the bungalow at Pereybere. After the usual foto shooting session which lasted about 30 mins, we drove to Spur for lunch.

On reaching Spur, I had to drive a dear friend of mine back to her house, since on the previous night, she shared a whole sambucca bottle among 4 cousins in a girls-party and she was hence unfit to go home by bus. Mantasha accompanied me during our journey to her house and we got back to Spur just in time, when Fadil was taking his ‘lelan’ to eat his second ‘bouffee’ of food, lol…

Zai secretly ordering a big cup of ice cream which we shared together among the 6 of us, just like, 1 year before, when we celebrated her birthday in Pizza Hut….

Happy Birthday again to Zai. No need to say, she got some pretty nice gifts as souvenir 🙂

Back to the bungalow, we changed ourselves and dived(exister sa? or dove, sa meme plongee lol) in the swimming pool and even here, another photo session in water, enbas water et dehors water for perhaps again 30 mins… We truly enjoyed the next 1.5hrs in the water, enfin, bane seki kone nazer lol. At 4pm, we got out of the water and at 430, we left Pereybere, and I drove back home after dropping Jaya and Mantasha in front of their doorstep. Once back home, my sister wanted to go to the seaside, and once again, we headed towards the beach, this time that of Trou Aux Biches where we enjoyed a wonderful sunset at around 1830pm.


well, its 2025pm, i still havent taken a bath to freshen me up, my dinner(Grillade) is still waiting for me.

I think its high time for me to end this post, freshen up, take my dinner and directly to bed!

Thnks friends 🙂
hey wi, sa dimoune ki mone al kit li so lakaaz la, thnks to pane vomi dan mo loto 😛

15 thoughts on “What a day!

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  1. phew wat a day vraimem!! unfortunately sa dear frnd seki line drive back home la mw em sa. xtra xtra malad zordi. thx 2 my really gud frnd,mone ressi rent lakaz without puking in the bus! I PROMISE NOT TO TOUCH SA DRINK LA AGAIN!!!!!


  2. to amishi :

    euh, mo ti tan dire to ti dire mwa “mo pas pu reboire zamais”, temoins to cuzines n mantasha…

    et aster, u wrote:

    lol, less than 12 hrs, u already changed ur promise haha


  3. Lol…nice day,… N thxs yash! U drove all the way!:) Tired but happpyyyy..Bn curaz zot tou pou work 2m! Have a nice week 🙂 cheerz


  4. yea what a day!!! Vraimem le temps passe vite apre plis ki 2 mois nune meet la!!!!

    Ti bien nice 2d had a lot of fun!!! a un moment mone gagne titre photogragh tou :p

    In bien amiser n tired osi…Kan nu re met n plan coumsa la 😀


  5. that’s a niiiiiiice post!!!!!!1
    noune bien nager… dan tou les courses nager ki sanla ine gagner?? ki sanla?? mo pas p tende zot?? ki sanla?? ouiiiiiii!! mo mem sa!!!!!!!! hihihi!!
    dessert mo ti supposer p offert zot sa!!!! en remerciement!!!! mais finalement zot ine mem ine paye li!! lol!!
    thx guys!! for the nice day 😉
    i’ve got some pretty nice pics that i’ll send u later… 🙂
    mo nenez p couler tou!!
    repose zot bien… demain y a boulot… 🙂


  6. Hey… yep yep yep… one hell of a day! 🙂 Had so much fun!!!

    LOL Zai arete glacer la… ki linet to meter? Ki linet? KI LINET?:P

    Merci zot tou! 🙂 can’t wait to see the pics!!

    Yash… danse des voitures la ti teup!;)


  7. couma noune trouve toi p depasse nou yash nou ti coner to pou fer pareil to pou zig zager!!! :p
    hey yash, last year nou ti le morne!! tone blier zouer baton!! lol! 2 years ago we were at pizza hut… 🙂
    photo original de jaya la plis zoli!! megalol!! ene top photo sa!!! mo nouvo profile pic lor msn sa!! et fadil ine mette ene nouvo nom r jaya!! mone trouve jaya ressembler ene mouche geante lor sa photo la! donc le nouvo nom (ke fadil a trouver!) est… roulement le tambour!!! KAMULMOUCHE!!!! hahahahahaha!!!


  8. Hihihihiihihi wi pas mal non?!:P zaya p risse so cv devant so PC la!!;) to ban photos top zayasing! zai in gagne prob gastrik akoz toi lol!

    LOL wi yash kan ton depasser la… nou tou ti p attan toi fer pareil! mais… kestion… eski to conner kifer nou ti p fer ca nous? *-)

    Hey.. vraimem… a sak fois nou in fer 1 truk pr ton anniv Zai! How cool is that?! 🙂 Et ban plan la evoluer hein! Next year plan la vin international hehe!


  9. hi there,

    truver zot in bien have fun…
    kan mo get sa foto desert la mo rapel
    desert avek 16 ti cuilleres kan nu ti dan year 1 lol

    bien dire: “What a day…”

    moi ti flic en flac, vissen ti campement vis a vis
    sa bizin raconte toi sa yash ban grimace labas la…


  10. deuxieme le course la mo pas ti mette linet sa fadil!!!! mem sa mone gagner!!! 😀
    apres ki linet?! couma mone mette mo linet lire mone nager, lol!!!
    yep… every year noune fer kitsoz for my birthday 🙂 parski every year mone propose ene plan!!! :p
    hier fadil ine trouve ene lot nom pou nou camarade jayasing… sanla si top… deman li! :p


  11. hihi! i read this post TODAY!! in rapel kelke trucs!! lol!! sa dimun tne kit lakaz dan to loto la..as soon as lin desan lin dir ” mo ti p ggn xtraa envi vomi dan loto!!” hihihi! u shd be really thankful li pan vomi!! n ya..moi ek sa dimun la nun keep nou promise!!


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