“La Police mwa!” 2 believe or not?

The world is becoming dangerous place to live in, including in mauritius where we have lots of abuse of power in the different sectors, especially when it concerns high status government officials or like here, in the Police Force…

We live in a country where most of us do not know our own rights… & those so called awareness programs do not really make us learn useful things that may save our skin in front of a government servant of any kind! Nevertheless till now, nothing concrete is done despite the different measures and legal “Standing orders” of the police force which stipulates that

  • Every police officer without any exception, should carry their warrant card
  • The Complete Uniform should be worn, else its a violation of law…

Recent happenings will and is surely going to raise a lot of questions of some practices in the Police Force, some of which include some incidents narrated in the newspapers the last weekend:

  • A young man approached by a “ADSU member” and was asked to hand over his belongings
  • a clash between a Juge, a deputy and a police officer….again here, we cant say who is to be blamed, as all of them are officers of the governement, hence, abuse their power!!!

Another useful thing…

You can at anytime ask the identity of any police officer to report him, if his name is not to be seen on his uniform, or if he declares to be one…



Bribing is illegal, in any form, to anyone… If ever any Government Servant asks u a bribe in any way, u have the right to report him or produce strong evidence against him…

The next time, anyone stops u and claims to be a police officer, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM until they produce their warrant card and insist to be brought to a Police Station for any further inquiry, or search…

NO WARRANT CARD, NO POLICE OFFICER, even wiz their uniform

L’habit ne fait pas le moine !!!

Get them sacked for any power abuse !!

13 thoughts on ““La Police mwa!” 2 believe or not?

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  1. moi sha , titli 🙂
    yea just been reading express ek c grave wats happening in this country. thanx for ur advices, i’ll keep that in mind if ever i come across a police officer.
    yeaaa finally u mentioned me on ur blog 🙂


  2. Yep, it’s true that there’s abuse everywhere… Policier declare zot “ROI” dans la rue.

    Should be like in the US(in those shows & films), where those FBI guys show u his warrant, recites ur rights, explains his actions, etc.


  3. lol
    na madi, pane gagne probleme narien moi, mais c vraie, ena declare zotte leroi, as Carrotmadman said above…

    to under_score :
    wai lol, lo simer, si mo koner mo ena raison, mo pas hesiter pu vine tapeur, its not the first time sa 😛
    meme si apres mo tan zourer r morpa lakaaz meme si mo en raison, but mo ena ene grave probleme, mo pas accepter ki dimoune abuser et met mwa as the guilty when they are at fault…

    mo redire, mo pane gagne probleme r personne 😛
    thnks for ur care, n concern 🙂


  4. An interesting ‘serious’ post! et sa montrer ke to feel concerned about da social affairs in ur country!Et puis mo pa ti connai pu sa heavy duty vehicle la.


  5. hmmm…learnt quite few things out here!! 🙂 mici pr ts c infos 😉 c vrai ke kan on a le pouvoir, on a tendance a en faire trop!!pffff….


  6. hmmm beser mem Yash!!! till now mo pa encore paretr dsa blog la mem :(:(
    weps concernat ban ti conseils they r helpful 🙂

    c vrai kan on a le pouvoir, on a tendance a en faire trop!!pffffffffffffffffff….


  7. wep mais depi 2005 pays la ine commence vire enbas la o.. alor ene sel solution ena.. hehe pa bizin explik plis ki sa mo penser..:D


  8. quid custodiet ipsos custodes ?
    This is the question that arise at the beginning of the democracy. Indeed, those who invented philosophy couldn’t have been so wrong in saying those words.

    For those who are too tired to google it.. quid custodiet ipsos custodes means, who will guard the guardians.
    Who will keep an eye on the policemen in Mauritius ?
    Who has the power to stop them ?
    Who has a hand on politicians ?

    Some might answer THE LAW.. very stupid answer..
    The law is the people not for the guardians. This is Mauritius. Paradise, mon cul !


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