DCDMC Water Day + Camping!


I dont know where to start, we had so much fun yesterday and today too…
Without forgetting all the preparations  finalized  on friday, since i form part of the welfare committee… Pratically the whole day was taken up, fixing things, buying tons of beer(lost the pic) and so more…

Then came Saturday, the long awaited DCDMC Water Day 2007, a company event, organised by the welfare committee….

We reached flic en flac at 830 to prepare everything before the arrival of the whole team of DCDM Consulting…

At about 9hrs, vans started to arrive and soon, the activities were about to start;

  • Kayak
  • Pedalos
  • Fun Games
  • Beach Volley(lol, i played too, something rare)
  • Bouees,
  • Swimming,
  • Musical Chair
  • Aqua Tug Of War
  • hmm, forgot lol….

(Michael, Ramma, Me)
(Roubina, Nisha, Vero, Wendy, Dhaneesha)

The first half of the day was spent mostly in the water while the remaining part, we participated in games and danced a lot, on the beach itself!

Me, Wendy, Vero & Nish, waiting to go for a tour on the Bouees…

After so much fun and beer(cans n cans, they kept appearing!), Our group moved to a bungalow which i had hired for the night…. Its the first time lol, that i organised such a thing, a camping night all by myself, without forgetting the Le Pouce Mountain Trip… All of them made these days so memorable, n fun !!!Β And its only 3 months that I joined in the team at DCDMC….

Part of our small group

That’s all for today,

Keep tuned!

12 thoughts on “DCDMC Water Day + Camping!

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  1. bien bon bien amiser danser manger boire. happy for u.

    KIFER TO PANE DIR C MOI KINE tRuv the name for ur new blog?? kifer to pane blog about me yet? n ohh c i have an amazing haricut (shy). pui ohhh that u get free advices from titli.com πŸ™‚


  2. Wai yash, was super cool….

    sof ki mo lerein p kc r douleur telman in kass lerein ….li tourner li tourner….lol

    hope to have another fantastic event soon….


  3. alalaaaaaaaaaa truver tone gagne l experience ek nou ti corom uom dan organise plan camper..:p avoue le???:P aster to bizin organise ene sorti discotheque.. hehehe .. btw samedi soir mone bez enbas dan discotheque…:s nice experience .. hehe


  4. Kifer mwa si pa work DCDM Consulting??:( Parait extra fun 2 work there!!to ena de la chance twa!!! N evrytg happens for a reason, ta les plus bo annnees de ta vie devant twa tu C, alors pa kasse la tete ek le paC kin fini! Et mo conne to collegue dhaneesha.Li ti ek mwa skul!!!;)


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