mbc : making fool of our children?

Its not something new but rather a practice that has been carrying out since months.

Perhaps if u r a grown up, you may not be aware of it but if u do watch MBC as from 15hrs daily, then am sure you will like the following post.
well, i lay somewhat between the two, lol, anyway, i took advantage of the last day am watching these by taking some pics of wat our children view daily, since as from monday, i will no more be a “chommeur en vacances” πŸ˜€
Gonna work at DCDM Consulting as associate software engineer, to start wiz πŸ˜›

So, lets come back to our post.

It concerns the continuous repetitive transmission of some video clips during the period 1500hrs to 1630hrs.
Everyday, the same and again the same clips are played back, practically at the same time schedule to “bousse trou” between 2 successive cartoons.
You can watch it once, twice but not during the whole week, lol, even for months!

Some of these clips are;

  • Pigloo – le papa pinguin

  • Bebe Lilly – Dans la jungle

  • Bebe Lilly – Les Cowboys

  • La marche des tongs

  • Ilona – Laissez Nous Respirer

  • Titou le lapinou
  • Ma fleur vanille

Try to imagine, if in an elapse of 1hr30 u have so many broadcasts, what will happen during the next 3 weeks during school holidays?

anyway, i dont think i will ever get the opportunity to be home during those hrs, but for those who still have a long way to go, bon courage.

Due to the high frequency of those video clips broadcasts, most of the children

  • know all the dance movements(lol) and the lyrics by heart, no matter if they dont know to count up to 10 but they know the songs
  • also, u “gagne envie craze sa television la” but unfortunately, it wont stop those clips.

So, how do u find those clips? πŸ˜›

30 thoughts on “mbc : making fool of our children?

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  1. You should have precised it’s MBC1… :whistle:

    1st thing i’ve noticed is that they are hacking those videos from TV5 Monde…(they always do so… even from B4U Music)

    I don’t watch MBC1 at that time…(coz I’m watching BBC World Today)
    Anyway, i had thought that MBC have stopped the practice of broadcasting video clips between programmes… well, … old habits never die. :biggrin: :biggrin:
    The clips aren’t that bad, but even i would get tired if i had to watch it daily… :biggrin:


  2. haha. :cheerful: :cheerful: Yash breaking u’r TV will sure save your eyes and soul from these fools but you will still need to pay the MBC fee. We are all doom :ninja: 😦 😦


  3. I like the songs moi :silly: Apart la marche des tongs et bebe lili, le reste j’aime bien :whistle: And bane zenfants si content… Mightbe to pas like akoz to lesprit nepli innocent coment bane zenfant huh :devil: (sinon to fasson validate comment la encombrant…)


  4. The overall quality and consistency of mbc programmes has been on a downfall for the pas 5 years. I still remember those days when it was a real delight to sit in front of the TV to match cartoons being broadcasted on MBC1. But that was a long time back… I do hope this situation would change soon. But i’m rather pessimistic over the whole matter…

    P.s. TNT doesn’t really help either…


  5. kan mo guet sa ban TV clips la,mo envi ale zet mo lecorps dan un ver delo . :unsure:
    Pena courage pu guet sa enkr,si ti cpv mo ti pu kass television lamem mai moi pena droit fer sa sinon kuma mo pu guet les 4400 .. :tongue: si un jour mo truv sa ti bb lily,mo pu send li kot mo joli zorro(mo doggie) ou kot pam(yash doogie) lerla mo sir li pu aret santer,mo penser mne koz imp kk mai mo ti envi ecrire un long comment mai pa tro long,enfin je sais pa mw..

    si in case mne craz mo TV mo pu dir tw :whistle:
    ok astr bzn ale rod baton e sizo la.


  6. eutaaa ban clips la super chouuuuuu
    chance mo pa lacase pu watch them seulement :whistle:
    in arrete gagne yu ghi ho? ki gagner aster?
    partout gagne 1 seul word or just a string of letters to validate, kifer pur toi ena 2 words?ek lorla difficile dechiffrer zot :blink:


  7. first of all to avishna:
    infact, out of these 2 words, one has been scanned frm old book and the other one is a known word.
    so by entering these 2 words, u r not only validating urself as a wise human but in fact helping to digitalize old books.
    click on the link to read more…

    tone bien dire, chance to pas lakaaz pu guet sa :whistle:

    to deepa :
    ale zet mo lecorps dan un ver delo
    dialog top :biggrin:

    to doorgesh : nice comment, euh, mo bisin al consulter mo dictionaire, thnks πŸ™‚

    to roushdat :
    wi, mo nepli ene zenfant, mais kant meme ta…
    passe meme kouyonades tous les jours! :sick:

    to transformer :
    mbc fee, ti tan dire li pu monter encore :getlost:
    euh to get more programs like jori no 1? :blink:

    to carrotmadman06:
    lol partout dan screenshot ena ene gros MBC1 :wassat:



  8. enfin ta to blame MBC…li p fer mari progrE…..li p diffuse 24 hr saison 5 alorr q mne fini get saison 6 !!!

    en passant MBC ena 1 “bezer” maniere pu retarde tou so bne program prevu sans sans prevoir pou diffuse ban program ” ministre”……acoz sa 1 fois mo ti atan ziska 11 hr 30 PM pu get 24 hr chrono!!!!

    Pas fini ver commencement l’aneE, 1 fois ti passe EnvoyE spEciale…mari serye tou!! seulement quand lin fini…li ecrire

    ” Copyright 2004″


    dan weekend gaagne ban bande dessinE entre 6 hr a 9 hr du matin…kan bne enfant pe dormi!! LOL


  9. mo dakor r chervine πŸ˜‰ ban time ki ggne ti comic pa bon..normalment ban zenfant dormi sa ban time la :angry:

    apre si ban ti comic ki ggner bien kakakakakakaakak

    pli bezer enkor, tou les zour ver minuit ggne film indien et ti ena 1 samdi ti ggne film koyla et lundi ré ggne sa film la mem :w00t:



  10. bon first of all,

    sa ban dessin animer la pan fer pu ban gran zenfan ki nepli inocent, as i’v seen up…

    2eme c ki, sa time devoted pu dessin animer la c pu ban zenfan [ i’m talking abt the afternoon session ]

    b si ban zenfan laem bien kontan geut sa, mem si 10 fois paser dan la zurner, alors nu ki nu ena pu dir ladan???

    mo kone sa bien akoz ena 2 underage children kot moi.

    moi mo kontan guet clips la surtout tongs e lapinou.

    mone tane yu-gi-oh parla, apropo sa, dragon booster in sorti e sane season la in fini tu, ki super seryer, same as the last yu-gi-oh

    last thing i like to add is that, ban dessin animer ki gagner la vaut la peine gueter. akoz nepli gagne 1 sel tikomik so rediff aler em. MBC in fer progres lor sa koter la…

    ceki mo koner mo p dir…


  11. @saheer
    “mone tane yu-gi-oh parla, apropo sa, dragon booster in sorti e sane season la in fini tu, ki super seryer, same as the last yu-gi-oh”

    :silly: Ki li pe raconté?? pa compren narnié :silly: :alien:


  12. tn blier mentione 1 ki souven gagner les:Les nana bananasa clip la mo kwar in pourri dan mbc sa :tongue: :tongue: :angry:


  13. hehe, vicks, aller mo pu faire ene demarche change li, pu ki to pas plaigner next time to ena pu add ene comment :angel:

    we are getting some new definitions of mbc, keep it up 😎

    to transformer;
    pas trop casse tete r saheer la, ofet piti la p prepare li pu take the post of class capitaine for the coming yr in uni :biggrin:
    gd luck saheer :happy:

    thnks bad boy!
    to pas sa bad la kant meme, si to guet sa bane clips la :sideways:


  14. moi mo dir guet simpson et south park si zot pa content mbc :biggrin:
    seulement at 18 30 zot mem fiter pu alle guet tulsi gueller lor mbc1 :tongue:


  15. Avishna ena raison… Hehe BIG UP SIMPSON!! … πŸ˜‰
    South Park aussi seryer…
    Dans mo lepok ti p gagne titeuf, cedrik, action man ek sa ticomik zanimo zaune apois noir la… [Pas p rappelle nom la]… Enfin mo ti p satisfait un peu avec mbc sa tmps la… πŸ™‚


  16. hey yash, to ena raizon, mem si am marrier and that not my age to watch ti comic, wel at time just to remove the day stress, i like to watch comics, but truely to tel u sa bane comic la stress moi plis….Mem mo hubby has the same thought, li dire tous le jours bb lily meme . enfin I think z Mbc should really change the programs and carry a general survey to know about kids taste and interest that may help a lot . mo baneti niecesmem plein ar sa bane ticomic la …. :ermm: zot prefer louer film pou watch…


  17. Could it that there are some subliminal messages in those clips??? – with the sole objective of turning the future mauritian generation into a generation gaga – Yashvin do something!

    Wikipedia definition of subliminal: A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another object, designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. These messages are indiscernible by the conscious mind, but allegedly affect the subconscious or deeper mind. Subliminal techniques have occasionally been used in advertising and propaganda; the purpose, effectiveness and frequency of such techniques is debated.


  18. point to b noted “children underage” :getlost: :angry:
    pa ki akz to lao 18 ki sa ban clips la to pa cpv guetr,ena fois li vremem amerdan mai pa cpv ki to p insultr 2 dimoune innocen :angel: :angel:,ki sasa,sa news la pu ale kot majesty bientot,demai pu ranz to kari mo garcn atan,to pu koner ki apel mw :devil:

    huhh sa comment la zis yashvin ki pu cmprn,pa kass tet pu sey kmprn.


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