Bilan of Internet Service Providers in Mauritius

I thought i was, as usual, the only one unsatisfied about the internet connection i have however the whole majority of surfers seems to be complaining about their internet connection in Mauritius, be it, Nomad, ADSL, MyT or now even MTML.

Clay Bennett, The Christian Science Monitor

A lot about my experience about the “high speed wireless reliable internet access” (Nomad) has been read here in this blog.

Its sure that people are fed with nomad as users and also, as visitors in this blog, thanks for ur patience.
[ You can read the whole range about nomad here ]

Mauritius Telecom and Telecom Plus offer the following;

  • Wanadoo ADSL
  • MyT

Mr Avinash Meetoo has been conducting a survey on the bandwidth available with the help of other persons.
According to his first results,

Simply said, we are getting much less than what we are paying for.

And finally, the latest on the market, MTML

as our new blogger friend, Azagen, says here in his first post

My complaints to MTML Services.
I’ve been using the services of these guy’s there since January. Since then, these people there have been messing and constantly fooling me. I’ve got so many problems with them that i had to go to ACIM to lodge a complaint about them. I have already sent a letter of six full pages to the ICTA to complain about the lack of responsibility and profesionalism of the people working there.

Till now, he is the only one known to have mtml in our class, and at the start, he was very proud of his 244 kbps connection 😛
Seems now that his internet experience is no more the same.

However, i do know another friend, but till now, he hasnt been complaining about his connection

The views and experience of the different ISPs seems to differ depending on different factors;

  • Location ( myT and Nomad)Different people say different things about their connection, and it seems that different regions do not always give the same speed since the internet speed depends on the distance from the Relay(myT) or the BTS antenna (Nomad) and also, the degree of saturation.
  • Internet UsageThose using myT for mass downloading often complain about low speed, because they exceeded the garantie d’usage.As for Nomad, many of the users do not even know how to use internet properly because of the huge nomad campaign to attract customers.

    Sorry for the word, but huge majority of nomad users
    are simply “COUYON”

    They either do not care about their connection, or are not aware that the problems they get are due to their ‘reliable’ connection.
    Also, may of them, are ‘shy’ to call the customer care…
    Believe me, i know personally a lot of them.

  • Customer Care Experience

    A quote from many myT users;

    Customer care mari bon

    So, it seems that they are highly help-full and reliable

    Unlike Nomad, where
    – You may be put on hold for even more than 10 mins
    – You may have to wait for their technicians or Customer Care agents to call you back for days!
    – The problems get solved by themselves, no explanation about the source of problem or even the solution applied

  • Tracking of resourcesThis applied to nomad, from personal experience and feedback.
    Did you know that there are some users of nomad, who havent paid their monthly fees for month???Also, i heard of someone who migrated to America, and who simply had “bouille so modem wiz lapaille dither” before going 😛


    Till now, Nomad, has not reported any of these cases and also, very often, they have huge billing errors in their monthly settlements!

  • Home InterventionI once got the feedback that myT technicians are very very quick to attend outdoors, sometimes coming home even without notice, lol.However, some friends got the following problem;
    Telecom Plus automatically switched their ADSL connection to myT without notice for testing and consequently, they dont have any internet access.
    This happenned in 2 known case
    – When technicians are supposed to come to upgrade ur connection
    – or when they test your lines to see for myT support.


    As for Nomad, u have to wait for the day where technicians are deployed on the part of the island where u live. Just to add, Outdoor technicians at nomad are very limited (for the north, i know only 2)

What about

your internet experience???

233 thoughts on “Bilan of Internet Service Providers in Mauritius

Add yours

  1. Merci chetzz….. moi mo toujours servi idm..
    @chetzz- Can you make a video of watching a youtube video(about 6 minutes) and download a file from rapidshare or hotfile or mediafire or megauload? Mo ti envi see to internet speed in action…..
    Mo friend habite Vacoas & linne buy package 2m la, li gagne vitesse download 250-268 kb/s….(using idm)

    Enfin…. Aller zordi mo pou alle cot orange & upgrade li…. kan linne fini upgrade, mo ava dire zot si li good…



  2. weps lol ggn 45kb mo koir haha weps enfin mo koir bizin atan lot laner la pu truv nuvo package may b zot kav augment vitesse ggn plis ki 2mb lol


  3. Hi everybody,

    I’ve just got an orange adsl package. The guy phoned me today to tell me that my line has been converted and that I can use it now.

    So I’ve installed everything but when I connect, I get “Error 680 : No Dial Tone”

    Who knows how to configure orange adsl?
    In properties on the connection, I’ve seen the number to dial is “adsl”. I guess it’s wrong

    Thanks in advance.
    Btw nice blog yashvin!!!


  4. Windows XP

    Just to confirm the configuration!

    I should also inform you that orange is giving a new type of modem for adsl now. Sagem 800/840 with two filters.

    Any feedback on it is most welcome


  5. Hello myt bizin met encore package ki pli rapide.

    par exemple: myt 4m ou myt 8m ou myt 16m ou etc….

    Lerla tou dimoune kave profite high internet speed….



  6. weps duno kav next year pena competition si ti ena competition lerla zot ti pu met ban package interessant ena nomad sa wadiaa to bizin met lor pied pu to ggn connection lol


  7. I have not read all your post and not even the comments out there but we are just comparing among services from different companies and I know about these relay which are not in our advantage. Mauritius Telecom is offering up to 2 Mbps for about Rs.3000 which is of course not fair. When will that increased for something reasonable?

    Take a look at this
    A friend from UK

    Another friend from UK

    someone from I don’t know where…101

    & FOR ME

    Check out these differences


  8. well, it seems that the attribute “img src” does not work in this blog, under every italics text in my last comment there an image from some person abroad.


  9. Hi! Rs 3000 + Rs 450 [VAT]= Myt 2m
    {RS 3450 MONTHLY}

    It’s too expensive for Mauritian Users. The price must be reduced to about Rs 1600 or less[It will be more good] monthly. So all users can enjoy high internet speed.


    Myt 100m
    Myt 50m
    Myt 25m
    Myt 10m
    Myt 4m
    Myt 2m

    They must also removed the 512k and 1m packages. Replaced them by the above.

    They must understand that we all need fast internet.



  10. The only BIG PROBLEM about INTERNET in Mauritius;

    is the fact that 99% of the Mauritians ONLY COMPLAIN on blogs! While they would have been in a much better situation to lodge these complaints massively to the head offices.

    “Ti lekere Zazzer derrière rideau” – Ca point fort de banne Mauricien ca!

    And this is a constructive criticism! Work upon it.


  11. Hello guys!

    Phewwww nomad has made himself lot of ennemies!! Best thing to do is to unite our strenght (or hatred if you want ;)) to destroy them…. Sounds odd?!

    Well I have a story too with nomad… to sum up, I was paying about Rs600 monthly..(forget for how many bytes)…and as many of you, i have multiple conexion problems… and as i was paying for nothing AND was goiing to go abroad in near futur… I called them and told them am terminating the contract….

    As a matter of fact of the incompetence of the customer service… Many many months latter… my family in mauritius (coz am in france now) receceived a phone call… about unpaid nomad bills!!… I was really astounded. To sum up again, nomad did not take acount of my phone call… they have continue to charge me…and for very long coz the bill has raised up to more than Rs 8000…

    I called them… from france… their only explanation is that its my fault… i should have bring back the modem for the contract to terminate… but ofcourse the person in the custommer didn’t think important to tell me that when i called to cancel the contract… Well well well…Am stuck… I will have to pay… But I don’t understand why they keep calling at my place and harassing my family…

    My question is, do they have the right to call my family several times (being very rude on the phone and the fact that i’ve given them my direct phone number…), and do they have the right to put a contentious on my family when the contract is on my name and I never signed a guarantee or whatever…???

    Thanks in advance for the responses.


    1. @Zoulou : File a case to the police about harassment. They should be phoning you, not your family members and they have your phone number. Send them an official mail for proof. Btw, I think that you should have sent them a formal letter or notice. Ask them through a mail or registered postal mail to send you the details and also ask them to enquire about your case, date you called them, who took the phone call etc. Put everything on paper. Do keep us updated from time to time.


  12. Hello Yashvin,

    Thank you for your answer. You are right, I should put all this on paper…

    But there is something I was thinking about… You know, this whole story is costing me money and lots of patience (in communication and all…)and to retrace the phone calls, i need to look that with telecom in the 2005-2006 archives…pfouff 😦

    what I’m trying to tell you is that, if i let things to drag on… the contencious file would go to the court… and I presume that as i enter Mauritius land… they will send me a notice regarding this case… What do I risk? I’am actually tempted to do that…

    I’ll keep you aware of how things go on.

    Thank you once more Yashvin.
    C ya. Bye.


  13. well… my personal opinion is just that we are really paying a lot for our internet compared to anywhere else in the world… In uk ,for eg, you can get a 10x faster internet with the money we are paying for any internet speed. I hope the prices would go down one day and everyone will have the opportunity of having internet at home throughout Mauritius.


  14. hmm i just got my.t and just look at these livebox statistics..Can someone give me an idea on how to use these speeds at max???

    Here are my stats:

    Etat de la ligne ADSL Opérationelle
    Standard ADSL G992_5_A
    Débit montant 1016 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
    Débit descendant 19688 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])-CHECK SPEED ON MY LINE
    Atténuation Terminaison locale : 10.1(dB)
    Terminaison distante : 2.1(dB)
    Marge SNR Terminaison locale : 6 (dB)
    Terminaison distante : 15 (dB)
    Nombre de HEC 0
    Logiciel 0xe200314
    Compteur 15 min ES 0

    But i can only 512 kbps WTF ..My line can support upto nearly 20mbps..Would be great if i got that speed!!
    Erreurs de CRC 0
    Compteur 1 jour ES 0


  15. @ Deathstalker

    Your line is good and it is indeed 20MB, as mine also is the same but that is used for VOD services, i get only 4MB as local download speed


  16. MT bizin upgrad so ban cab optic, cab SAFE in vinn trop vié et li trop KK
    Max speed =512kb/s = 64KB/S WTF ki ggt sa!!


  17. Ki pou dire zotlor internet connection dan Maurice!!!!! PAS BON DITOU….

    CYBER island avek 2MB maximum connection….

    Well, moi mo in hire MyT just for gaming….i have taken a 2mb connection (Rs 3,450/month)….when I go on European, Japanese, USA servers… dire zot….MO GAGNE HONTER…..

    plis comique….mo un clan leader et un server mo pas capave host avek sa connection la……MO GAGNE PLIS LA HONTE QUAND MO BAN CLAN MEMBERS FROM INDIA, AUSTRALIA ASK FOR OUR DEDICATED SERVERS….mo nek dire am negotiating with the ISP and will revert by next week…..

    si tant connection la bon ki ena de fois mo mem pas ping (detect)server la ….li dire li N/A.

    quand eski MyT pou upgrade so ban system difil courant et difil souple la…..

    ban ministre la bizin amen ban ISP couma 02 Internet – Premium
    UK’s best rated internet providers. This 02 internet package includes a free wireless router. Order online for 3 months free . Upto 20mb Unlimited 12 months FREE(First 3 months)
    (£9.79 for non-02 customers)

    Virgin Media Broadband – L (Cable)
    £5 per month for first 3 months (£14 a month thereafter). Order online for £20 free credit & Free installation. If you add Virgin TV). Upto 10mb broadband with unlimited* weekend landline calls, modem, PCguard & unlimited downloads. Upto 10mb Unlimited 12 months £5.00 (First 3 months)
    (£14 thereafter)

    BT Internet – Option 1
    Free Wireless Blank Home Hub. With upto 8mb download speed and 10 GB allowance, this BT internet deal is fantastic package. Order online for 3 months free bundles £15.65 after 3 month deal rate. Upto 8mb 10GB 18 months £7.78
    (first 3 months)

    sorry si mo in servi quit mo grossier mais mo frustrer….

    De la part d’un mauricien frustrer


  18. dude the adsl speed is hackable!!!!
    if you are using a 512kbps connection, just modify the gateway and the dns server to another which have 1mbps(simple on the sdm of the modem,funny), then the dns will provide you with 1mbps ips!!! those guys at zoranzejuice are so stupid that they did not even bother put an acl which would prevent tempering!


  19. My first ISP was MTML . I had an contract for a max. of Rs 1000. incl. vat . I reached the max. in only 3 days .

    Looking for alternatives , I rapidly brushed Nomad aside as junk , but deciding between MT and Emtel was more difficult . I finally chose Orange adsl unlimited package .

    I had to wait 1 week for line conversion , but after that I had a much better service : I’m a rather heavy downloader and I stay on the net on average 8-9 hours daily and for that I pay ‘only’ Rs 94o. incl. vat . The Orange speed is slightly higher than MTML’s .

    For the same amount of usage on MTML I would have to pay Rs 10,000. I wonder why some people can’t see the difference yet .


  20. Frantz [7/10/09] must have solved his problem by now , but here’s a tip for those new to Winxp or Orange adsl :

    If you get that error message , go to Control Panel and turn the stupid , useless Firewall off . Xp’s Firewall’s attitude on security is : the internet is dangerous , I can’t allow you to go there .

    It might be a good idea after that to download an antivirus . Avira or AVG are good . I use Comodo .


  21. Hi,
    Just verify my myt Livebox config

    Configuration DNS & passerelle par défaut
    Nom de domaine :
    Serveur DNS primaire :
    Serveur DNS secondaire :
    Passerelle par défaut :
    Relais DNS :Active

    ping on 100% packet lost
    Ping on ok 100% received
    Ping on ok 100% received

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 51 ms 48 ms 53 ms
    4 57 ms 54 ms 61 ms
    5 111 ms 83 ms 60 ms []

    6 * * * Request timed out.
    7 * * * Request timed out.
    8-30 * * * Request timed out.

    Trace complete.

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 57 ms 50 ms 56 ms

    Trace complete.

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 * * * Request timed out.
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 62 ms 47 ms 61 ms
    4 62 ms 50 ms 53 ms
    5 77 ms 90 ms 91 ms []
    6 51 ms 67 ms 58 ms []

    Trace complete.

    Is this normal to get timeout on 1st 2 hops or its because of
    Serveur DNS primaire :

    Can u provide me with valid configs for dns server


  22. Emtel’s fraudulent billing system..

    many of us expats receive strange bills from emtel.

    I am supposed to receive a flat monthly bill of Rs. 1092.5

    Instead from the 1st month of service, until now (9 months), i have not received a single bill with corect amount.
    I’ve recieved bills like this –

    they dont even add up to the correct amount. Every month there is a painful exercise to call them , sort out the mess their billing system has created. make them understand that it is their mistake and finally ask for a manually generated bill and make payment.

    they have even disconnected me a couple of times because i ddidnt make payment..(waiting for correct bill!)

    complete @$$holez, taking advantage of foreigners and im sure ripping locals as well.


  23. Lundi, 1er novembre 2010. Les opérateurs de téléphonie et d’Internet attendaient cette décision depuis longtemps. Le ministre des Technologies, de l’Information et de la Communication (TIC), Tassarajen Pillay-Chedumbrum, a annoncé aujourd’hui la fin du monopole de Mauritius Telecom sur l’exploitation du câble SAFE qui relie l’Afrique à l’Europe. Il affirme que les opérateurs privés et internationaux auront désormais accès à ce réseau.

    Cette fin du monopole, dit-il, entraînera une compétition parmi les opérateurs et par conséquent une baisse du tarif d’Internet. «N’importe quel opérateur pourra dorénavant se connecter à ce réseau, cela même s’il ne possède pas une ‘landing station’. Si tel n’est pas le cas, il devra verser une petite somme à Mauritius Telecom pour le faire. Avec la compétition, le prix d’Internet accusera une baisse considérable. Et avec la bande passante voulue, les utilisateurs bénéficieront d’un accès à Internet à haut débit encore plus rapide», explique le ministre.

    Ganesh Ramalingum, Managing Director of Data Communications Ltd, se réjouit de cette decision. Il a toujours souhaité une libéralisation de bande passante. «Nous sommes très contents car nous avons réclamé cette mesure depuis un bon bout de temps», soutient-il.


  24. I do recall sometimes back that internet connection price went down by 50%… Zorange Juice maintained internet price and gave us twice a better connection…according to 2011 budget, there is anticipated decrease of an average of 16% to 24% in the cost of internet broadband.

    i am wondering whether Zorange juice the will keep the same price and offer to us more kb/s or reduce the price itself.

    lets wait and C.



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