Bilan of Internet Service Providers in Mauritius

I thought i was, as usual, the only one unsatisfied about the internet connection i have however the whole majority of surfers seems to be complaining about their internet connection in Mauritius, be it, Nomad, ADSL, MyT or now even MTML.

Clay Bennett, The Christian Science Monitor

A lot about my experience about the “high speed wireless reliable internet access” (Nomad) has been read here in this blog.

Its sure that people are fed with nomad as users and also, as visitors in this blog, thanks for ur patience.
[ You can read the whole range about nomad here ]

Mauritius Telecom and Telecom Plus offer the following;

  • Wanadoo ADSL
  • MyT

Mr Avinash Meetoo has been conducting a survey on the bandwidth available with the help of other persons.
According to his first results,

Simply said, we are getting much less than what we are paying for.

And finally, the latest on the market, MTML

as our new blogger friend, Azagen, says here in his first post

My complaints to MTML Services.
I’ve been using the services of these guy’s there since January. Since then, these people there have been messing and constantly fooling me. I’ve got so many problems with them that i had to go to ACIM to lodge a complaint about them. I have already sent a letter of six full pages to the ICTA to complain about the lack of responsibility and profesionalism of the people working there.

Till now, he is the only one known to have mtml in our class, and at the start, he was very proud of his 244 kbps connection 😛
Seems now that his internet experience is no more the same.

However, i do know another friend, but till now, he hasnt been complaining about his connection

The views and experience of the different ISPs seems to differ depending on different factors;

  • Location ( myT and Nomad)Different people say different things about their connection, and it seems that different regions do not always give the same speed since the internet speed depends on the distance from the Relay(myT) or the BTS antenna (Nomad) and also, the degree of saturation.
  • Internet UsageThose using myT for mass downloading often complain about low speed, because they exceeded the garantie d’usage.As for Nomad, many of the users do not even know how to use internet properly because of the huge nomad campaign to attract customers.

    Sorry for the word, but huge majority of nomad users
    are simply “COUYON”

    They either do not care about their connection, or are not aware that the problems they get are due to their ‘reliable’ connection.
    Also, may of them, are ‘shy’ to call the customer care…
    Believe me, i know personally a lot of them.

  • Customer Care Experience

    A quote from many myT users;

    Customer care mari bon

    So, it seems that they are highly help-full and reliable

    Unlike Nomad, where
    – You may be put on hold for even more than 10 mins
    – You may have to wait for their technicians or Customer Care agents to call you back for days!
    – The problems get solved by themselves, no explanation about the source of problem or even the solution applied

  • Tracking of resourcesThis applied to nomad, from personal experience and feedback.
    Did you know that there are some users of nomad, who havent paid their monthly fees for month???Also, i heard of someone who migrated to America, and who simply had “bouille so modem wiz lapaille dither” before going 😛


    Till now, Nomad, has not reported any of these cases and also, very often, they have huge billing errors in their monthly settlements!

  • Home InterventionI once got the feedback that myT technicians are very very quick to attend outdoors, sometimes coming home even without notice, lol.However, some friends got the following problem;
    Telecom Plus automatically switched their ADSL connection to myT without notice for testing and consequently, they dont have any internet access.
    This happenned in 2 known case
    – When technicians are supposed to come to upgrade ur connection
    – or when they test your lines to see for myT support.


    As for Nomad, u have to wait for the day where technicians are deployed on the part of the island where u live. Just to add, Outdoor technicians at nomad are very limited (for the north, i know only 2)

What about

your internet experience???

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Add yours

  1. Bon les gars,

    ça fait des mois qu’on entends des rumeurs sur une connectique de 8 mo/s chez Emtel.. vous pensez que c’est vrai ? Enfin à Maurice ? Moi ça fait bien que 5 ans que j’attends…et finalement je désespère quand je vois la vitesse de connection : haha : 240 Ko/s en dl si ta des tunes pour 4 Mega. Bref… info ou INTOX sur Emtel ??? hmm ?


  2. @Yowan

    May I know how much you need to pay more for upgrading from ADSL512 to MyT 1M? (conversion fees, new modem, etc…)


  3. Hey all,

    After reading most of the above posts (which started back in 2007), I have to feel sorry for all of you Mauritian surfers…. I once wrote an article in L’express back in 2004 requesting the government (ICTA) to open the way for new ISPs in Mauritius but obviously as someone mentioned above, ICTA is managed by the people at MT and they don’t want competition…. the result…. Internet speed still sucks big time in Mauritius. I am currently on holidays in my paradise island and I had hoped to see some new 2mbps or even 8mbps packages to keep up with the rest of the world…but no… ORANGE still advertising 512kbps as Fast Internet Access (my f*****g arse!!!). I have been surfing for the last 6 years in UK at 16mbps and recently upgraded to 20mbps. Mauritius is supposed to be an IT Hub and all it’s people get is a lousy 512kbps…and that too if you’re lucky. The fastest speed I’ve seen advertised in the papers recently is 7.5mbps by Emtel (using the Mifi dongle)…but that remains to be seen and tested. I sincerely hope that with the end of the monopoly on the SAFE cable, a lot of new and innovative ISPs set up shop in Mauritius and that we see some new high speed packages at low prices…

    In the mean time friends, as we say, let’s “pince neznez boire dilhuile”…



  4. Worst internet connection is on mobile using orange operator…whether ur registered on GSM or 3G(”data”,mne bizin met sa en braket parce qui ena dimoune croire orange ena 3G ek cpve fr video kal tou s.v.p) the speed of surfing and downloading really sucks!!!!

    Best internet connection on mobile using EMTEL operator….Applied on GSM,2G,3G,HSDPA,HSUPA



  5. Hi,
    Well Kamlesh I have a question.
    I’m using a blackberry on orange network and yep I’m forced to say the connection (speed / availability / stability ) isn’t that great. The most I get on a download is 56Kb/s yep that’s like an old 56K modem. And it can take ages to request a page. And I’m not even talking about their CC services. The web site says that there is only a gprs connection for blackberry, their technicians say I will get 3G speed if I activate the 3G on my phone, another assistant say no I will get only gprs and another seller is forcing me to change my phone for a supposed better one so that I will get the 3G speed. Note that I’m using a Bold 9000 which IS a 3G phone.
    I think Emtel’s price for blackberry connection is a bit higher. Is it worth it? Does anyone here use Blackberry on Emtel? I would like some feedback. I’m wondering if I should change operator.
    Thanks everyone


  6. The yoyo quality of service of seemed to have tired out and tend to stay at the bottom these days. Speeds of 7kb/s are no longer surprising. The frustrating ‘Server Not Found’ message are more and more frequent and the problem is always found to come from Orange. Can’t do anything against those abuses that are tolerated by the authorities.


  7. Applied for myT in January, was told they’d contact back when ports are ready. 3 months later, nothing, called, and was told the same thing. 2 more months later, still the same, I call to ask if I can apply for the livebox only, and they say that there is no more issue in my region, I can now go to Orange branch and have them install myT. I went there the day after, “Sorry sir, but port is still unavailable in your region”

    they take 1 week to reply to a mail, and replied only to one out of 4 mails.

    Yeah, their customer care is awesome, they are probably the only allowed to take drugs during work hours.


  8. And we are in 2011 where the connection is still a piece of sh!t. . 
    Specially during the hours of 18 to 23hr where your 1 – 2 mbps connection  becomes a dial up. It’s a everyday issue. The max I can get during that time period is 200kbps for a 1mbps connection. Sort of a pain in the a$$.Right OrangeMauritius?


  9. ce ki mne remarK ce que ena ban place zot pres ek server la mais ena ban place kouma ban village zot loin ek li pren letemp et en plus ena places ban cables la in  vine bien vieux


  10. Hello,

    Just came along this blog. It’s nice.
    I am looking to move to Mauritius and the best choice to make, in my opinion, is My.T , MTML or Nomad but certainly not the french money hungry ORANGE. After more than 10 years in Europe including 6 in France, I can tell advise you to avoid as many as french products or services that you can. I know their dirty business tactics. They try to make money by scamming mauritian people into buying their crooked sms jokes ! what nonsense.!
    Internet is still expensive in Mauritius thanks to ORANGE with the French trying to kill competition and imposing a monopoly like in Reunion island next door. I’m still wondering why the Mauritian government is in no way trying to counter their pro slavery policies !
     No wonder why people are fed up in Reunion island and made the riots recently because a couple of french families monopolise the trade and try to STEAL the money from mainly poor people. Orange is France Telecom. Even their own people are fed up with working for them as it is the company with the highest suicide rates in France.

    To students wanting to come to study to FRANCE : BIG mistake !
    You’ll end up loosing your money and getting in debt unnecessarily !
    You’ll also get to pay 400 euros rent per month minimum in a city like Paris.
    My advice to you: Get your Bsc in Mauritius, then make your MSc in Singapore, US, Canada, Iran, India !
    Good luck


  11. i reside at coromandel and i am paying the total sum of Rs. 945 for nothing to Myt. my speed must must be 1 mbps and everyday after cleaning everything things and effet speed test the total speed is less than 512 kbps. i am realy shocked how myt is earning a lot of money by stealing surfers in Mauritius. how to make surfers awake from their sleep. We all know that 90% of us dont care about speed but now i know that they did not even care about their money. How could people stay silent after all these times thats why orange is doing lot of lobbying for products which hold only casing and empty inside. Please wake up sid.


  12. Sir, grateful if you could add “Bees” to your list:

    Off course, after Bharat Telecom’s (very premature) bragging about a price war with Orange, we see that it was all hot air and that the only selling point will NOT be price, but it will be customer service / service quality.

    So far, BT fails miserably due to the place of delivery being limited to QBornes only… And can only say that its speed will be “stable”, its silence is even more revealing as it forgets to mention peak time bandwidth availability…

    Why couldn’t it wait until it could cover, say, at least 50% of its target market, and then start a predatory price war until Orange would move under the erosion of its customer-base?

    But no, this present tactic reveals its greediness: it knows that Mauritians are “mouton” and will not complain, especially when their hard-earned money is being ripped from them.


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