Security @ Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1

Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1…
the most intelligent building in Mauritius at least (thats what is being told)

well, many of u have sure been there and may have seen the security deployed there,at entry, or before entering the lifts…

The Control Room, has always amazed me…
I would be grateful to that person who could make me enter there and allow me to see if the screens are not just screensavers 😛

however, i managed to see a security guard there, glaring at a screen, divided into more than 10 portions, displaying camera outputs.

kouma dire “24hr chrono” manke zis jack Bauer 😛

well, i nearly forgot that, i took the pic of a Visitor Card, during my last visit, yesterday. Supposingly, i think, i dont have the right to take that pic, but it wasnt written anywhere 😛

lol, its not so well protected after all.

anyway, thats only a visitor’s card and each person working at the cyber tower has a permanent access card, which i dont have yet 😛

wish it is for soon 🙂

n thats only tower 1, there are 3 more towers… 😛

14 thoughts on “Security @ Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1

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  1. wai..
    so system reseau mari bon
    si mo pas tromper
    c sel place kot to ena GPON kinn deploy dans maurice
    si li pas labas..then its in the cyber village itself


  2. Akoz li trop cher sa ban lespece flat la.. mo ti ena kass..kav mo ti pou aster ene..
    bt mo pena kass for many other mauritians..
    pis r zot


  3. :tongue: cyber vilaz! :silly: wai security top net laba soi disan! hopefully 4 a long time.. :happy: kan to rentre dan security room la.. dnt 4get to tir imper foto!! who knws kav ena 1 jack bauers laba si!!! :blink:


  4. personellement mo pa trouV q fer bizin tou sa securite pu 1

    ——CYBER CALL CENTER——-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    mauritius is about to becone a cyber call center!!!!!! :biggrin: :devil:


  5. sa facon tne decri sa,kuma dir KING ki travail labas.. :unsure:
    mw mo truv sa kuma prizion e to bzn pran un num ale zuen gran chef pu diminuier to sentance :silly:


  6. to bollygirl:
    ki ena? :wassat:

    its the most ‘intelligent building’ in mauritius and perhaps in the region, where a lot of companies have their offices, mainly BPO, call centers, etc etc… dan domaine informatique.


  7. Which Companies have migrated into the Ebene Tower?
    Can you name some.
    Actually Am from uk. so dont know much whats goin on in there.
    Bon Anglais ki p kozer la. 😉


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