infotech 2007, ur expectations?

Since some years, Infotech Exhibitions has become part of our ‘culture’, if we can say it as such.

Every year, thousand of mauritians make a must to visit THE infotech, which is supposed to be a window over our future cyber world, where we are already lagging behind by one or two decades.

It is now purely commercial rather than supposingly, making mauritians discover the ‘latest’ technologies.

Some time back, it was announced(more can be read here);

INFOTECH 2007 will be held from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 12 August 2007 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC) in Pailles

The Opening Ceremony will take place on 8 August 2007 and the exhibition will be open to the public over four days from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 August 2007.

However, as the exhibitions succeed one after the other, most of us have been realizing that there is no real innovation or revolutionary products which we would be expecting to see, displayed on the shelfs.

Still, we do have some exhibitors which attracted much visitors last year, for instance

  • The apples that stood there, large screens, fascinating most of us.
  • Emtel stand with their cow-girls
  • Nomad, with the hundreds of agents, spamming the expo
  • That famous BMW which can be seen in so many hi5 profiles,lol

without forgetting the usual ones like

  • MBC and the private radios Studio
  • Rajiv Gandhi Science Center with their Virtual Simulator
  • tens of Computer Shops exposing their products

The prices of the stands range from rs45,000 up to rs190,000…

For this year’s edition, most of us would like to see new things come up, in addition to the “copy paste” that has been done since all these years.

Personally, I would like to see something that would bring a change in our local web-sphere, that would be a great innovation for a cyber island.

Why is it that, we, Mauritians, are still lagging behind when it comes to participating in online forums/blogs?

How many of us do possess a web site, when most of us(YOU) do have a 50Mb free personal web server space offered by Telecom Plus if you have ADSL or MyT?Let aside the normal Internet Users…

Lets consider how many Computer Science Students or even IT-related job holders do have a simple web site or even their space on the web? without taking hi5 or facebook into consideration… its sometimes a shame for us with thousand of them leaving College and hundreds of them graduating, yearly…

Do show that u are in the IT Field by at least proving that you do know how to make a simple blog or web site.

Perhaps, it would be interesting to have an exhibitor or organisation, promoting this culture, but i doubt there will be, seeing the cost of the stands.

So, my question is

What do you expect for Infotech 2007?

20 thoughts on “infotech 2007, ur expectations?

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  1. Probably i will b working for infotech this year as well..
    for my company EDS..
    if they decide to take up a stand
    since we are already having a major event on the 5th of this month..


  2. ..en autres.. :p

    my company just became an expert partner with Alcaltel-Lucent..there is a major seminar which will be held on the 5th..
    sa kantiter kass banla p spend lor la la
    mo pas sire zot pou met ene stand dans infotech..
    it will b in line with wht they are doing for the alcatel-lucent event..


  3. I am blogging since less than 1 yr and i think that blogging should really be promoted among our generation.

    Infotech would be a good platform to do so, but unfortunately, till now, there has been no blog awareness done, except in some modules taught in university this year.

    that was a really good start.


  4. Expectation.. ihihihi

    nice cowgurls with shorter skirts :biggrin: :biggrin:

    et aussi mo envi ki titamboou fini par fer sa zafer 90% discount lor professional courses la ene fois..

    pe atan sa since imP letemps la :angry: :angry:

    bein moi mo envi trouve plis bannes cool storing and backup devices.. tousa download mo fer la :).. ti pou nice..


  5. in the morning i am getting 246kps but now at 13:49 36kps
    and guess what i am still on guarantee allowance (1GB).

    the guarantee is to fool people need to speak to them about this.


  6. sa pa bizin aler,zot koz menti sa ban nerport la.
    lot laner la zot ti dir pu ena infotech apr exams s.c mai guetr ban bon zenfan kuma mw bzn rest lakz e lir e dimoune kuma tw pu vin kot mw grmtn e ou demander eski mo bon,to croir dimoune ou remark mo t-shirt ( nomad sucks limit)(mo penser samem in ecrire dan t-shirt la) tou sala mo ti cpv dir en face mai tne dir mw ecrire li dir tw :silly: :silly:


  7. infotech is very disappointing, not as advance as japanese exhibitions and yet not even as elegant as CES. Mauritius has a long way to go.


  8. hehe..l’anee derniere ti ena 1 ser zafer q ti interessant dan infotech : bne cow girls cot E***L la!!!!! LOL!!!!

    d’apres moi, 1 sel fois ti ena 1 bon infotech dan moris, ek sa ti premier fois ti fer li…… zot rapel ti ena 1 l’espece computer q ti p kav servi ” the sence of touch, smell, and 3-D’?? ba sa ti 1 zafer innovant ek 1 demonstration a L’EPOK!!
    enfin mo esperer mo pa pu truv bne zafer ” embecile kuma loto rawat encore…kumadir p encourage servi portable lot volan!!!! pu met to T-shirt niomad enkor san fois la?


  9. kestion bete, micheal :biggrin:

    ena encore time la, nu guet ene koup ki arriver koume sa.

    wi mo rappelle, li ti ena ene espece la main virtuelle, enfin mone blier ki year sa mais mo penser was first time.
    to ti bisin servi ene genre manette pu place something in a bocal.

    was nice :silly:


  10. peut etre to dir was “was nice”…b si sa technolohie la ti developer……to koner q ti pu mo problem!!!?
    pa blie system la aussi kav fer ” sense of smell”

    b lersa si to ti p get 1 film….pas toi 1 scene asser degeu….ti pu gne 1 mari loder!!!!!!


  11. :unsure: LOL

    to ena raison, mais parfois, imagine twa, hmm, mo prefer pas cite bane differents situations kot sa cpv ene lavantage 😛



  12. Infotech is mostly a family Expo!! Crowded with people having nothing else to do!! They could have atleast make a special STUDENT Expo during one of the days!!!AND When will the Companies STOP MARKETING THEIR PRODUCTS AND RATHER ALLOW US TO TOUCH AND TEST them?? Most of us won’t be able to afford these OLD but still Expensive piece of technology!! Talking about ADSL, HIGH Internet conectivity limited to 2MB!! Where will there be the talk of installing fibre optic cables over the island??? MT owned by France telecom but te french company is sucking our blood out and leting people in their country enjoy


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