ahhh! batte r panneau signalization

“Mone batte r ene poto signalisation”

more specifically a “Cross Here” Sign post…

wish to precise something…
i havent gone into the sign post but my head struck the bottom of the sign post..

hurts? not really…
funny? really, a lot.
it was so funny at that instant, that we had to stop walking and eating our bread and we started to laugh for some time, realizing that its perhaps the first time that this happened 😛

just to add, i got some years experience in getting my head hit the lamps or the roof of buses..it does not really hurt now, “mo latete ine vine dure!” i should add that to my CV!

24 thoughts on “ahhh! batte r panneau signalization

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  1. “Cross Here sign” :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
    ki lendroit so sign kumsa?

    tone bien trouver m sa? lol

    add to ur cv???
    plito add cv lor latet com amortiser :whistle:


  2. Gette gaT dan marC enkor!! apres sa longeur to ete sanse to pas ine tap avek sign la mem .. else.. figuire ti pou plate..

    ou couma dan ti comik to figuire ti pou graV lor sign la.. hihihihi

    enfin ti bizin tire photo sa :whistle: :whistle:

    Quand to fer ene reconstitution pou nou la?? :tongue:

    Btw effet papier Ds la???


  3. to bbZush : :silly: kant meme ta! check mo profile next time 😛

    to zai : wai wai, lot koup, mo signal zotte

    to Splash : mo pane ose al tire foto the sign in question la 😛
    mone prefer tire foto another one, mo pas envie refaire vilain :angel:

    to amar : pas ti sou sorry :ermm: enfin mo croire, hic!

    to vicks : wai DS la sa lol, ine beze destabiliser :getlost:
    reconstitution? la to pu ammene radhoa tout la lol :blink:

    merci pu zotte support mais personne pane ask eski mone gagne boukoup bobo, ou enfin, zotte pas casse tete 😦


  4. hahahahahaha,,b sa marque mo meme la ba pou gete twa..
    hahahaha..bez..to ti pou comment dire tom quan armoire ti tombe lor li..(tom and jerry)lol :biggrin:
    eh ki sign?cross here??eh ale faire test leaner once more..post cross here sa????lol :biggrin:
    anyway.mo cmprnd twa..quan reste long la..bez sa,..ramase roof bus..or lamps la..sa in abitier..mais sign post la..hahaha..jamais mo in ramase 1..mo croire mo bsn faire 1 experience sa.lol.n anyway..quan to pou faire reconstitution des faits..to faire mwa koner…lol :ninja:
    anyway..mo cmprnd twa..next time..geter kot to pe marcher..lol..mo croire bsn faire petition pou zot met sa pli above! ! !lol.sinon to pou ale ramase encore! :whistle: kiddin.. :tongue:
    faire attention..


  5. petition :biggrin: hahaha!

    pas facile r twa la tushal!
    mais ene bonne idee :sideways:

    bein, faire li, lerla mo signer, mone tan dire to ena experience dan “making petitions”
    just to mention, to ena nomad, myT on list and perhaps DWC prochainement :dizzy:


  6. :whistle: YashVin To latet chauve la N ti bosse la assez grav mo penser, Lot Coup :Wear a cap

    Kumen dir parti kot amb sa?To p al aster gato dan sa la boutique sinoi la hmm, wai attention ena ban ti pervers roder autour touletemp :sideways:


  7. petition..wai..ena experience..quan ti coll ti write..aster ti ena pou nomad..myT..aster si nu ale 1 lot ISP n nu pa satisfy..b normo..anthr petition..lol.
    wai..1 petition pou ban dimoune long..la meme fini gagne 2 signature..mwa n twa.lol..sinon dire.comment li ti eter quan to in mange sa sign post la??mwa mo in 2ja trouve 1 garcon mange 1 bus dan rose hill.sa imagine twa..eh btw bus pa ti stop li.lol.bus la li la gare rose hill.kot gagne express p.l..garcon la ti pe marcher..n li ti pe gete 1 zoli tifi..li mange bus la en plein..pa bsn dire twa combien dimoune in laugh! ! ! ! aster si dimoune kpv mange bus.(1 bus! !lol).b sigh post la..normo.lol..anyway..si gagne location mo faire experience mange sign post 1 coup.lol.na.pli jolie..mange la porte bus quan desande! ! ! !sa mo croire to in bsn experience sa a lot of times..lol :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


  8. to crystal :
    pas tracas, sinois la rode zis bane tifis kouma twa…line gater r to CV :whistle:

    to tushal :
    manze la porte bis, non, mo faire attention :biggrin:
    trop la honte sane la 😛


  9. Haha..To pas premier la dans.Moi ci mo ine tape aves ene poto crosshere beau bassin :tongue: Fer mal ca premier fois…Mo ena lexperience avec bus selma… :tongue:


  10. to roushdat:
    mone prend trop boukoup dimoune so part longeur!
    mo pa entort! sa lere la zotte ti p BLOG ! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    to Josh:
    ah seryer!
    am relieved! :tongue:
    am not the only one! :cheerful:


  11. la yashvin cntnt la..li pa z only 1 pou mange 1 sign post..lol.
    ..eh bez..mwa mo pan resi geT hw tall u r..bez sa..twa to in gete mwa stand..to pli tall ki mwa?????dapres ceki varsha in dire..wai..to pli tall..


  12. yoyo…
    yep, thats true k to latet ine vine dure…parsK li encore emplace.
    hey..wanna know…eski tone aret servi lunette??
    ben..si oui..mo pa done toi tor!! but si “non”…better wear always wear it..coz to longuer pa pou dimunier 2toute facon e to ena 90% chance rest taper meme :w00t: :biggrin:
    catch ya l8r…btw will give u z full functioning snake game l8r kan exam over


  13. wai, mari dure encore avec tout sa coups mo ramasser la
    non, to koner, mo encore porte mo verres, mais mo atention ti porter on kelkechose d’autre, enfin on kelk’un d’autre :whistle:
    sa meme mo pane truv pano la p arriver :cwy:


  14. hmm..mo p truv the old sayin
    lov is blind..but i will add lovers r not..hahaha..how come tne tap ar colon then!!!huh :dizzy:


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