ya, u have read it right!


well, yesterday (like many other times), Zainab and myself decided to play a bit to pass time n meanwhile taking notes and replying to questions…


we remembered our younger days and decided to play the “Noms Pays Fruits Animaux”

after some mins of play, we had to start our words with ‘Q’ and, none of us could fill in some of the fields, so, i decided to include creole as allowable language…the result was simply hilarious 🙂

words like “Questrel” (kestrel) and “Quoquo” (coco) were invented.

Yasmina, fadil, zainab and myself burst into laughter in the class and i couldnt stop myself, tears of joy rolled down 🙂 i stopped only some mins after…


Wow, i succeded in posting this after, lol 2 days trial since am getting enormous problems to blog, getting errors each time

and editing the post line by line to be able

to save it without running into an error!

thnks to vicky for his help but am still getting the problem.!

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  1. :biggrin: cool i was playing same ” kan mo ti jeune” :tongue: . u indeed rite sm letters r damn tricky to find the fruits. ppsssst pu ban teachers ki p read this, i no u no that i was not following in ur classes, but wat u dont no is that i no loads of extra interesting stuffs besides ur blabla in class. here u r a list of thoses bizzare letters and their matching fruits
    Q- Quince
    E- Emblic
    H- honeydew
    i- ita palm
    J- jujube
    u- ugli ( alerment fruit la ti villain :whistle: )
    V- voavanga
    X- Xigua
    y- yang-yang ( ena li morice )
    AND last the best one
    Z- Zombie Apple :ninja:
    aster certains cav delcarer zot conne 1 fruits par sa ban letters bizarre la :devil:


  2. lol, nice findings avishna :silly:
    sure i will revise them for the next class, plz dont tell anybody else about these words :ninja:

    u c, some classes help u in learning other things, extra-curricular activities :tongue:


  3. alor, non fruits pay animaux, bein kot moi nun bien zouer OX
    tro top sa, surtt sa ban dernier moemnts kot assignemnts, prof n tests ti p done bal!!!
    Yash we shouyld try 2 play one online someday 😎

    c ya


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