Where is singingfish.com?

Its neither a fish which likes to sing nor a site dedicated to show u how to make a fish sing!

It was my favorite music search engine, especially to get direct downloads to any songs u need, ya any!
just type it n the search engine gives u the direct link to download the song or even videos etc…

According to wikipedia:
Singingfish was an audio/video Search Engine that powers audio video search. Singingfish employs its own web crawler, Asterias designed specifically to ferret out audio and video links across the web.

but some minutes before, when i tried to access the www.singingfish.com,well, it was automatically redirected to AOL Video

In fact, AOL aquired SingingFish and integrated the service in its aol search.
Again according to wikipedia, since 7 Feb 2007, all hits to singingfish on the internet are being redirected to AOL Video…

Just 2 days back!!!

that’s wat happens when everyone tries to download illegal music….

hmm, who has the link for a better and valid Free Mp3 download site ???

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  1. piracy is a crime :devil: :whistle:
    moricien as long as 1 kitchose free li abuser mem li
    kan li nepli free li alle rod lot ki free like kinda of a parasite (moi si mo moricien ein)
    a living example is right here

    :tongue: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :tongue:


  2. u could try Ares
    sometime ago I’ve been looking for Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” like damn crazy. I wanted listen to the song but no P2P seems to be working. I was a Warez user. Then it stopped working. Then I switched to Limewire. It stopped working too and huge huge trojan seemed to want to visit my pc. I googled “Best P2P” and I got Ares. i installed it.then i had to uninstall all these psp then re install ares. the fucking thg was not working , had to go the whole procedure again its a wonder that my hair doesn’t turn gray. Bitch. Cow. Fucker. :alien:
    ( i dont usually cose comme sa but circonstances ….)


  3. lol avishna :dizzy:
    to cpv ekrire composition lo sa topic la 😛

    i tried Limewire too, but a long time back, it stopped working wiz nomad, dont know if it works now :blink:

    ya, i think its true for any P2P software…
    viruses n trojans form part of them 😛

    y dont u try to buy original ? :angel:


  4. hey Yashvin, I agree 200% to avishna .. :cheerful: :cheerful: :biggrin:

    Ares really rocks !! I’ve been using that since more than one year now .. 😉 :w00t: :whistle:

    You can reach up to 60Kb/s with MyT :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :wub:

    You get everything you want there .. from movies [ enfin .. my friends download Indian movies from there .. :blink: :blink: ] ; applications [ personally, overdownloading applications from ares explains why I’ve got 3 overloaded 120GB hard disk ! :w00t: :angel: :cwy: :cwy: ] and of course music ..

    enfin .. but specially for music download, I advise ya use Imesh :ermm: [ its sort of really really goooooooood ! :ninja: :ninja: ]

    [ but Ares remains on the first position ] :heart:

    enfin .. up to ya to decide ..

    ** try reading in wikipedia also .. :whistle: :angel:


  5. IMESH suckssssss :angry:
    yea li sucks all kind of fucking trojans, virus,worm tou
    :alien: :alien:

    enfin up to u to decide


  6. Ki to p atan to try ARES?v or any P2P software
    everything is free… :angel:

    Sandra osi in coumence servi sa dpi plusieur mois now…

    si to ti pou demander dpi lontan ti pou dire toi…
    zamais to ti mention singfish avan :biggrin:


  7. Hey. yeah, imesh and ares rule. Imesh now provides only music and video now, and the speed, i dont have numerical values, but in one night i had evanescence*s The open door, and the fray*s how to save a life, (the whole albums.) so i guess it runs. as for trojans, well, a bit harder to get those through only mp3s i guess :). Downloading from radio blog club (link to my tuto) would be the last resort if you really cannot find a song ya want 🙂

    By the way, you have been Tagged! :devil: :devil: :devil:


  8. You seem to have an inborn thieving culture… Maybe the day you create something and it gets pirated, then you will understand the feeling & impact of piracy & p2p downloading.


  9. to shaan :
    ah, who isnot a thief in this cyber world?
    1%? perhaps…

    n what abt u?
    Do u have
    – illegal mp3 in ur disk?
    – downloaded movies?
    – cracked software?

    if u got NO to all those 3 parts, then, my sincere apologies….
    u r truly original n thief-less…

    anywaym thnks for ur visit here :silly:


  10. It’s rather presumptuous to assume that only 1% of Internet users are not thieves. Seriously, how do you come to this conclusion?

    I download movies, music and software, all which I buy online from legitimate content providers.

    I have have been an Internet thief & pirated content supplier for a short time in the past, as it was only linked to my research paper on ‘the psychoanalysis of an Internet pirate & his supporter’. I must say piracy & internet thieving screws with you logic and perception in the long term and it’s effects are reflected in your moral & ethical standards in real life. Anyway, it’s your choice after all, so be it.

    Enjoy till you can 🙂


  11. my estimation i did, is surely wrong :ermm:

    well, i guess that we are pushed into that “piracy-illegal” pathway due to the fact that
    – we do not work yet, so get what u want free
    – its “a la portee de la main” to take things from the net rather than to look for them, buy them etc…

    but i agree wiz the fact that this reflects in real life…
    the fact that i may download illegally does not imply that i may steal a music cd in a shop tomorrow .
    nothing to do wiz that…

    well, as u just said, enjoy till we can….
    i would perhaps add,
    enjoy till you can while you cant affort it :whistle:


  12. As I said, it screws with your logic.

    You assume that when you cannot afford something, you can get it for free when it is supposed to be bought. That is stealing.

    Just because it’s “a la portee de la main”, you take it, without considering its implications.

    Illegal download does not essentially lead to you stealing a music CD in a shop, but your perception and rationale is heavily affected. Its implications will have a more serious repercussion when one day you have to teach your kids, if ever you have kids, about what is right or wrong.

    If you cannot afford it, do not steal it. Work your way up till you can afford it. And also learn to live within your means. Living beyond your means does not make you any better and definitely involves cheating.


  13. the way u r talking, makes us, at least me, believe that never u downloaded something illegally on the net, u r simply a born angel, even, in your early days on the internet…
    well, am glad that in all those millions of users, there exists at least “une perle noire”
    anyway, keep it up :angel:


  14. hehe shaan.. its been a while 😉

    Bein si pas ti ena industry pirate some stars will not have been as popular as today!!

    et dimoune ki buy originals ousi important.. else who will pay those artist? :whistle: :whistle:

    so eski ziste argent ki interest bannes artist ou popularitE ousi??

    Am a pirate :blush:, its a bad thing but pas connE kifer it seems harmless when i download music from the net or tv shows..


  15. It seems harmless when u download because even if you didnt download it i doubt you would have bought the originals. at least thats the way i feel. And as for my youtube and RBC tricks, i found i rarely use them meself, which somehow very corresponds to the very textbook definition of a hacker we learnt in form3 or so (finds security flaws for fun but does not exploit them for money 🙂 ). but i do use p2p a lot. Guess that makes me a pirate too, and i also accept its a bad thing.
    As already said above, shaan, you are a specy en voie de disparition :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :angel:


  16. shaan tou dimoune pa riche cuma toi
    to payer par internet tarrrrrrrrrrr
    mo pa riche like u so i have to get it free
    dailleurs to pa aller lor free porn toi :whistle:
    to payer payer pu mat les femmes good for u , in a sense to p encourage them b sell their body.
    wat u do about sites ki offer toi mp3 gratuits? to dir aioooo li free pa pa cav , c koi la logic de free??
    ben to aller to downnload tou cki to le free :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
    alle lor papuyaar.com li dir toi free members download here , mai toi to ferme to eyes to pa guetter sa to aller rite? coz to envie alle payer
    n btw mo estimer ki mo payer dsl asser cher so mo bizin gagne value for money
    kifer to pa alle dir telecome baisse to tarrif de merde la kan download rate moins ki 5 kb/sex ooops i mean 5 kb/sec :angel:
    kifer to servi free mails? yahsoo,gmail,or to hotmail accout, kifer to pa alle ser premium account u can pay?
    i sincerely hope to ban piti pa penser cuma toi 😆
    cheers :devil:


  17. well said all of u :whistle:

    who is not a pirate???
    anyway, u urself wrote:

    I have have been an Internet thief & pirated content supplier for a short time in the past, as it was only linked to my research paper on ‘the psychoanalysis of an Internet pirate & his supporter’.

    so u r not an angel after all, i take out my sweet words! :blink:


  18. Aie…. This comment section is starting to feel hostile. It feels like I have an army of piracy advocators stepping on me while I lie flat on the floor… Ouch.


    Seriously, I am guessing you are all conscious of the matter but do not want to admit it because you have developed it into a habit, so you remain in your comfort zone. Vicks has participated in another discussion about the subject on another blog and there also I am sure he will agree the same hostility sprung out from some of the piracy supporters.

    It’s not strange to see people getting hostile when they feel targeted. But this behavior does not really lead to anything constructive. Anyway, I doubt I will be able to make any of you listen to your own conscience, as this is the most important part of one’s aptitude & attitude.

    So just to end this pointless discussion and clarify some points.

    @ Vicks
    I don’t think piracy makes artists popular in any way. Artists become popular when they get interviewed in magazines, on television, during concerts & gigs, and most importantly from word of mouth. When people have talent, it is not hard for them to get noticed.

    Most of the time money comes with popularity. But in the instance of piracy, even if it helps an artist be popular, it does not bring in the money required to sustain that popularity. That is why you see a lot of short-lived stars nowadays. Once piracy catches up with their songs, albums & films, they make less and less money. The media industry is the most unstable industry at the moment as artists are not sure they can make a living out of it. Many artists are also given a loan upfront by the label to release their albums, and then they have to pay that back to the label once they start making money. But with piracy, many of them cannot pay back that loan and they end up releasing one album and then their music career is over.

    It seems harmless because it is easy & free. You do not normally know the source of the content, so it does not bother you too much. An analogy that can be applied to this is: when a guy has sex with a prostitute, he does not feel responsible as he barely knows who she is. He just wants the sex. But when he has sex with his g/f or wife, there is more responsibility & care involved. Then sex is more significant. :tongue:

    @ Kyu: (As already said above, shaan, you are a specy en voie de disparition)
    I think it is a bit farfetched to think that most people consume pirated content. After all, maybe in your circle of friends & family it could be like that, but do not think it is the same outside. More and more people are conscious of the issue & its impact.

    @ Avishna
    Wow! You seem to know so much about me, did we meet before? :tongue:

    I don’t know where you get all your assumptions & information from: that I am rich, that I use free mail, that I download free mp3, and my g/f found this hilarious: that I watch free or paid for porn & that I encourage women to sell their bodies etc… etc… :w00t: Even secret services cannot do such a good job :w00t:

    Personal attacks & blabber on unfounded assumptions does not make you any smarter. Otherwise, it was an entertaining read. Keep the entertainment coming.

    @ Yashvin
    I was involved in piracy for research purposes. And the content I was supplying was a sting file anyway, so it is not like I was supplying music, movies or software that was ripped illegally. It was only to monitor the habit and frequency of people who download pirated content.


    The logic behind ‘free’ is when the content owner states you can have it for free, but not when an opportunists who has no rights on the content distributes it for free. Very simple indeed. Remember the Internet is an economy just like a real life economy.


  19. wow shaan, thnks for the longest comment on my blog! :w00t:

    i simply wanted to point out that at some time or other, u were also involved in the Illegal Issues of internet…
    so, its not fair of you to point out to others what they should or not do…
    seems that u are keen to kill everyone using the internet for illegal purposes with your morals :blink:


  20. Hey…… Slow down. You are going out of context here.

    I don’t know if you are trying to read between my lines or just dramatizing this whole discussion, but come on, do not start becoming paranoid. That’s the last thing we need :w00t:

    I have no interest in telling others what they should or should not do. Come on, who do you think I am to take such a responsibility & I also do not have the time. Most or all of you seem to be university students, so I assume you are all intelligent enough to evaluate and assess different opinions and views. And you are all surely clever enough to know what is good or bad. So do not think I am trying to ‘educate’ anyone here, I was just engaging in a debate. Now if you all cannot handle constructive debates, then I am sorry for upsetting your minds.

    So as far as killing everyone using the internet for illegal download goes, that will a rather novel film plot, don’t you think? :biggrin:


  21. well, i dont know wat others say about this,but for me, as i said, i wanted to show that illegal activities on the net are practically carried out by a large majority of users…thats all :pouty:

    its u that started talking about intellectual matters, that we were doing wrongs things…
    all of us actually are well aware that we carry out illegal downloading, no need to remind us about that.
    we do know the implications of our actions

    anyway, everyone is trying to put their opinion here…

    as for the killing thing :whistle:,
    perhaps….but it would take ages to get all of them killed, by the end, the majority of internet users would all be dead 😛


  22. Intellectual matters! What intellectual matters did I talk about. It was all based on what you said and around the issue of piracy and effects. Not much intellect there but more logic. And as you said, you already know it is wrong, so why do you think I need to waste my time reminding you.

    I did not stop anyone from putting their opinions out, but when people turn debates into personal attacks, it does not lead anywhere.

    Let’s be more efficient here. Lets make this a proper debate then.

    ‘i wanted to show that illegal activities on the net are practically carried out by a large majority of users…’ How do you show that?

    Also, when you know something is wrong, why do you keep doing it? What is the rationale behind this behavior?

    When one steals in a shop, he is arrested, judged and put in jail. But when one steals on the internet, there is no arrest, no judgement, no jail. Is that the main reason why people feel it’s OK to steal on the internet?


  23. this is where it becomes interesting :whistle:

    if there is no punishment, are we to be blamed?
    sure, that must be another topic to be posted since this one is going to be extremely long :silly:


  24. shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
    get lost 🙂 i havent met u and i blieve if i ever meet u thgs will degenerate
    u have said ur view on the free downloading FINE
    i have said mine, everybody said theirs…. good
    y u imposing on us ur views?? :blink:
    its ok to b stealing the internet coz u are paying a fee to use the internet.have u been on freedownloads.com? non ben aller its all free
    mai since to autant HONEST ben mayb yashvin should make u pay to put a comment on his blog :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: (idea yashvin hint hint)
    we are all doomed then according to u :ninja:
    to tuseul bon la

    I was involved in piracy for research purposes. And the content I was supplying was a sting file anyway, so it is not like I was supplying music, movies or software that was ripped illegally.ITS THE SAME THG RESEARCH PURPOSES for sting file OR DOWNLOADING MUSIC ITS THE SAME THG ITS CALLED PIRACY. u r doomed also :devil: :devil:


  25. When one steals in a shop, he is arrested, judged and put in jail…. :wassat:

    very true what you said! And yet, believe it or not, there are still people who steal in shops, even knowing thats very very bad!!

    And, returning to our matter, there are special cases too. consider meself, a manga fan. well i dload licensed mangas from rapidshare / megaupload / p2p… thats without any doubt illegal. but then, some of those series havent even seen the light in mauritius, and others, well, i dont feel like buying a dvd with only about 5 episodes at > Rs 2000-2800.., would you?…
    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


  26. @ Avishna
    I don’t know how to get lost… I always find my way back… Damn :biggrin:
    How can I impose anything on you!!!
    You are probably suffering from delusion :whistle:
    I am several miles away from you, how could I even influence you in anything, unless you are extremely gullible and brainless, then maybe you’ll be a good puppet.

    When you say stealing from the Internet because you pay a fee is OK, please go and think a bit more about this statement, about how your fee is related to media content & software, about how electronic commerce works and the structure behind it, and how the concept of commodity evaluation works, and then come back to your statement and if you have used your brain a bit harder, maybe you will realize you spilled out a statement that is somewhat… hmmm… I don’t want to insult you, so yeah, go check your statement logic again.

    A ‘sting’ file… Dear, a ‘sting’ file is not from the artist ‘Sting’… A Sting file is a surprise file, usually with a graphic/movie/music with a statement saying you have been caught downloading pirated material. The title will usually be that of a popular film, music or software.

    Have a good day, don’t stress too much.

    @ Kyu
    People still steal in shops even when they know it’s bad; as I previously said, it’s a habit formation that affects logic and perception.

    Concerning Manga, I know it is hard to find a lot of titles in Mauritius. But don’t tell me it is not possible to save Rs2000 over a period of time, or even doing a job to get that money. It’s all quite possible when you really want something. Earning your way through to afford it is easier than just waiting for it to appear on your screen and pressing a button to download it without knowing the real value of the product itself, which essentially reflects the amount of work and dedication put in for it to entertain you. Where there is a will, there is a way. Unless you are not really a Manga fan.


  27. how?
    u started to talk about electronic commerce and the issue is again not to find the reason why we want to carry out our “illegal” activities practised by millions of ppl…
    the initial post’s point of view was
    “where is singingfish.com”

    now u started to talk about earning money etc… :pinch:


  28. How is electronic commerce not linked to piracy? You know, those who do not download illegally, they buy their content online, e-commerce. Thats the other side of the coin.

    Singingfish was acquired by AOL in order to control piracy. But AOL failed it its attempt as the singingfish’s reach was too vast to control. And AOL was facing serious pressure from music labels & film studios as to when this thing could be controlled. In the end, they just closed it and fired everyone.

    Hey Yashvin, relax mate, people are just debating here, no need to get all worked up.


  29. sorry no pa 1 paranoid cuma toi pu alle pense des truc ki pa fer the world go round
    am brainless? i think u r coz to in go way out of the topic
    the topic here is were is stingfish.com?
    pa comment vine L’ADSU ek amerde des gens like u doing.
    dont make personal attacks, sa se voit t jalous des gens ki vivre dan 1 monde real n not in a virtual world. :ninja:


  30. :sick:

    this post really got out of control!!

    guys and gurls if you want to fight, just take each others mail, or msn address something then get it sorted out!!
    :ninja: :ninja:

    @ Shaan..
    every1 makes his own decision, and giving up using pirated media is up to him or her..

    if you want to be a mesiha or something, your talks will simply get into one ear and get out from the other

    Let them see the light by themselves..
    just have to live with the fact that somewhere people are downloading illegaly

    @ all
    hehe using pirated stuff and downloading copyright stuffs is illegal, i download a lot of stuffs daily although knowing its illegal.. i might burn in hell :devil: :devil:

    But who knows maybe hell is a much better space than heaven.. (might be doing lan games with other pirates,hackers etc)
    :whistle: :whistle:

    and as i said if ever i decide to put a stop to the my downloads, it has to be a my own decision..


  31. exactly, the initial topic was SingingFish n seems that after your xth post, u suceeded in posting something meaningful, regarding the post :ermm:

    Singingfish was acquired by AOL in order to control piracy. But AOL failed it its attempt as the singingfish’s reach was too vast to control. And AOL was facing serious pressure from music labels & film studios as to when this thing could be controlled. In the end, they just closed it and fired everyone.

    thnks for ur participation! :biggrin:


  32. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

    deviation 360 degree from intial topic .. :dizzy: :w00t: :ninja:

    someone is hurt ? enfin .. I thought there was some sort of battle going on here ! :devil: :devil: :w00t: :w00t:

    I agree to what Vicks said ..

    Its up to people to decide if they want to use pirated things or not ..

    As all the 5 fingers in the hand are not alike, so are people .. 😎 😎 😎 :whistle:

    understood ?? :whistle: :whistle:

    by the way Shaan .. you are unique dude [ :silly: :silly: ]

    hehe ..

    take care ..

    enfin .. can include the topic in gp now …… as a debatable subjext !! :w00t: :w00t: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    :sick: :sick:

    take care .. :whistle:


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