UOM Engineering Tower

Welcome to the nearly brand new building of the University Of Mauritius…

I invite you on a small tour of this latest bijou of the campus.
Doing a class there is nearly nightmare, you will know why…
I think most of the students prefer to attend a lecture in those old buildings rather than in this tower, facing the “Cyber-City

  • 8 levels,
  • 2 lifts,
  • 1 normal staircase + 1 emergency staircase,
  • 1 control room with a computer ( i still wonder if the guys know what to do with this computer!)
  • lots of classrooms (which ” laisse a desirer!”)

And thats the purpose of this post…
Lets talk about those classes!

  1. The building is designed as such, there is no flow of air inside!!!
    Concentrating on a lecture becomes rather impossible specially in this hot climate!

    There are fans, lot of them (about 4 ) per class…But out of these, only one works! And the designers have placed the fans as such that the fan will give good air only in 10-20% of the area its supposed to cover!

  2. The White Board!

    Impossible to read whats written on the board or what is projected on it due to the large amount of glare.

  3. No Proper Curtains!

    We are fortunate i think, those ‘curtains’ we have are 5-Stars!
    The curtains are simply white sheet of papers, stuck on the windows, wise thing to do!


  4. What a nice binwe have !


  5. No Proper Lecturer’s table!
    There is simply no table made for the lecturer!

    Imagine when the lecturer has to use a laptop n projector!
    He/She has to do with a normal student table + Chair!

  6. Notice Board
    Unlike in other buildings, the engineering tower has only 1 notice board found on the floor ground.

    So to pass messages, a paper is simply stuck in front of the class!

hmm, thats all for the tour….btw, when are you attending the next lecture in those classes?
And the last one? U enjoyed the atmosphere?

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41 thoughts on “UOM Engineering Tower

Add yours

  1. aret plaigner do… ACT!!! u feel sumfing is wrong with our tower, lev bezer r administration! avoye papier dan zournal, lor radio tousa… fer signe petition.. pa conner mwa… zot cwar plaigner lor n blog pou fer n gran difference dan moris? lol, au mieux ban la cav bez toi n case diffamation… si zot pan bez toi avant akoz tne pran foto uom and in servi sans prior approval by administration…


  2. hmm
    need to admit..
    sa batiment la pann completer sa..
    li ti deja ena retard..ek lor la..zot inn donne nou sa kouma akoz ti bien bizin ene place pou fr lecture..
    Frank tout..
    zot imagine zot fr classe ladans?
    tank ki ti dans lhiver ti ok
    l’ete la deja fr so meme..
    hey mo konne li sa class la
    wai ena nek ene sel fan ki p work
    ene lot zaffaire mne tann dire..engineering tower prend courant ek batiment phase 3(kto nou registry la) mo pas konner si li vrai..
    mais sa pas ti pou ettone moi
    akoz o debut net mo pas konner si to rapel..pas ti ena mem courant labas..
    ban lift la si..sa lespece truc ki ena enba en caoutchou la..sa si p sorti..
    frank tout..
    ti bien bizin ena ene system ventilation imper plis modern ki sa ban fan la..
    kan meme siposer ena ban ingenieur ki p sorti depi la sak lannee..


  3. UoM produces fresh graduates every year [civil engineering]
    so y such a tower was built with so much added problems???
    i got an interesting answer once…

    Who can confirm this?

    “Eng Tower was a gift given to UoM…”


  4. vraiment batiment la KK!!

    glare la pli minante enkor!!

    fer tapaz at uom.. pas pou fer narnien sa.. zotte static and mem paress.. inertia tro fort!

    mo ena pou ajout mo laptop lor lan .. ene tas zeste bizin fer avant!!
    en ggt.. mo laisse laptop lakaz.. mo pou fou ene bez si mo pas gagne pc pou travay next lab la!!


  5. to think i was complaining about the
    AIRCON dan 1 classe dcdm ki ti p fer tapaz!!!!!
    la u are worst OFF :dizzy:
    i dont mean to boast mai dan dcdm, ena aircon dan tous classe ek proper rideau ek la table pu lecturer la met so ban atirail
    and we still complainnnnnnnnnnnnn :getlost:
    taaaa ehhhhh u made me realise how precious all those stuffs are !!


  6. @ Avishna

    haha aircon ki fer tapaz.. nice non.. pas laisse toi dormi durant class!!

    uom gagne lots of gifts.. and li recolT lots of funs with sa katiT dimoune ki fer eng courses la..

    + sa somme ki nou payE pou labs la.. pas conNE ki zotte fer.. i think zotte servi sa.. pou finance labs lotte faculT tou.. i think next session bizin tire photo dan lab floor 1



  7. @ vicks
    actually sa mem mo ti p complain
    mo pa ti p cav dodo a coz li ti p fer tapaz
    malheureusement zot in repare li so i guess mo cav pu cav catch up the sleep i lost in doing my assignments 😛

    actually ur tower was supposed to have an automated ventilation
    however being costly and due to lack of time, they had to cut off this option
    so goodluck guys coz u will be cookin this semester
    but for those r used to sit dan four pa pu 1 prob pu zot (yahsvin nos was i mean :silly: )


  8. @ vicks i see u have the same prob
    me 2 zot fer 1 ta zess avant ressi gagne pu mt lan lor laptop
    donc finalement mo pa brg laptop mo use pc laba mem mai li p empeche 1 dimoune who really needs it
    for eg cki pena net la case tousa
    wat to do , enplace mo lose 1 hr in trying to get a lan mo prefere work.


  9. to cyske:
    akoz sa meme tone arrete blog koz to truver ki sa pas servi twa narien…
    pu mwa non, sa servi mwa a faire passe ki mo penser et grace a sa blog la, mo gagne support of lezotte dimounes ki mo fier appelle friends!
    si to content vivre dan sa four la, surtout dan classe networks, bein, to free!

    to Sundeep:
    wawa, 4.2 meme sa!
    ki koume sa populaire sa classe la eter?
    btw, mo meme ki ti rempli sa poubelle la!

    to vickss:
    to ti bien temoin sa glare ki ti ena today dan classe la akoz to assize a coter mwa!
    pas truv narien!

    to splash:
    ya i think its rite!
    as u told me, a lecturer himself told this to u, but perhaps in his joking style

    to Avishna:
    hi gurl, thks for ur active participation!
    i liked it very much
    but mo mille fois prefere ene climatiseur faire tappaaze kouma ene bis ki reste dan sa four la!
    sa si ene chance ki ene ventilo o moins travaille sinon ti pu bisin aster sa bane evantaille ki vender lo simer la!



  10. pu met Laptop lor wired LAN fer 1 ta maniere
    aster si ena pou met laptop lor wireless LAN [Wifi];
    ki ban demarche bizin???

    al direct high commission??? :angel:


  11. @ splash
    u know y they do so much fuss
    coz they dont no how to put u on wifi just like they dont no wat the hell they have to do to put u on lan
    blieve me i witnessed this!!
    actually to croire they heard of wifi yet???

    @ yashwin
    u make me blush !! :blush:
    pa ti conner u like my comments comme sa, ben ava met imper compliment pli souvent

    @cyske (or wat ever ur nickname is)
    to cose gran coser
    facile sa
    mai u dont u try to mend thgs for ur and ur friends
    if not for ur friends ( coz u seem selfish) at least do it for ur sake. howerver u mention ” u feel smthg wrong with OUR tower” so u must not be THAT selfish . put all ur ideas into practice lerla to vine critiker.
    mo critiker moi si , mo mo pa placker dan four, i try to move up thgs
    have a nice day buddy :biggrin: :devil:


  12. wow 😉 ena dans sa batiment la dire ou :ninja: hey ventilateur dans place climatiseur : quieter sa???? moi mo dire bisin faire lagreve……donne nous climatiseur :w00t:


  13. haha.. pe vite vine ene post pou uom complains..
    bein, tousa letemps mo at uom la.. one thing mo ine apran for sure, useless to make complains.. to pou fatigue toi pou narnien.. et narnien pas pou fer!! :angry:

    so fer ene sort ki sa zotte dernier semester.. and leve packet allE banne zen! :whistle:

    dan travay.. climatiseur climatiseur mem!! amoins to travay lecturer at uom.. lerla to retaC enkor with ventilateur ki fer tapaz 😆


  14. pa faire narien.. ena zis 6 mois rester la, phase 2 ti pli bomme en tous cas, humain zamais li satisfait r ceki li gagner.. si nu ti gagne aircone, lerla kitfois nu ti pu rode mocket enba ou lezot zafaire pli chik :biggrin:


  15. yashvin mo dak ek toi ki to blog p aide toi exprime toi , mais uom c pour government sa donc , zot pa pu casse tete ek toi zot…Engineering tower la so bane class ine mal departager.. so structure dan bez, NOU PENA CLIMATISER …
    🙂 cheers !!!


  16. @vissen!!

    nopes uom pas pou government sa!!

    si ti pou government lerla ti pou fou ene bez.. mais i think semi government sa!


    sinon to ti pou trouve sa normal ki bannes beta primaire la pe gagne bon la pareille ek toi to enkor pe travay dan marmite dan lab



  17. I think this is a fair analysis of the design faults for this building. One fire escape stairwell for 8 floors of classrooms crowded with students is on the low side. Same for his points about the lack of curtains and furniture for the lecturer. Never mind the absence of notice boards on each floor or the tiny paper basket.


  18. si james, mone truver but right now an interesting subject going on…thats y mo pas encore reply to the tag….
    my next post will contain 70 answers as u wished :dizzy:


  19. hi Yashvin.. may be it’s the 1st time on your blog…

    well, it’s quite an interesting topic: The Engineering Tower…

    So let me tell u something:

    I am in a part-time bsc Communications Course at UoM and our class consists only of 9students… Nous faculty ti book a class there for us, en+ pa ti encore ena sa ban separation(sans la porte la) labas….

    practically speaking: in a 75seats(i do think it’s more) class… only 9 was occupied by us… Kan lecturer causer, classe la fer extra echo… enfin, pa grave, nous ti p tende notes 3coups…

    1 ti zhistoire vrai… during nov/dec exam of Nov2005… p assizer p rappe plume lor papier, neck nous tender et trouver 1 pression dilo sale tomber derriere supervisor la(li ti p assize devant net)…. tiyo percer dans Engineering Tower!!!! Supervisor la ine bisin pren Poubelle met labas pou ramasse sa dilo sale la et arrete sa tapaz dilo tomber la… :w00t:

    hey b zot koner ki problem ena encore labas? perna laporte dans ban ‘ti-classe’ kine fec met separation la… sa v dire ki kan nous p kave suive lezot lecturers p lecture!!! Disturbing indeed… But UoM has decided to provided its students with a broader wider education level :biggrin:


  20. goodluck in ur “fours”
    apparement this situation wont change NOW
    mayb in 5 years if the students keeps on complaining
    till then ki mo pu dir zot, dir dir
    veil veil muruga!! and om bholenath :alien: fer winter comes fast
    ek improviser pu 1 rideau (jupes des filles, chemises des mesieurs):devil:


  21. @Vicks

    kave pren pantalon jeans bans garcons aussi … zot pou plis bar ban larder la! :biggrin: I mean larder soleil…. and not l’ardeur des filles!


  22. Enfin, batiment seryer net
    compared to UTM 😉
    mais seems really uncomfortable though, samem ki dasn bez la..At least mo pa kav tro plaigner lor sa. bien ki a few times climatiser UTM pa ti telment bon.Bein sinon mo koir in ler pou ki zot al get administration :whistle:


  23. utm? mo pena narien contre utm, :unsure:
    except its location….

    sinon bein today itself mo ti p ask a friend,
    “eski to croire vice-chancellor koner ki nu ena papier A4 comme rido?” :whistle:


  24. @ yumnzaynah

    good idea ein, mo pa ti pense o jeans de garcons LOL 😆

    mayb the vice chancellor mem in donne sa idea de papier A4 comme rideau :whistle: (lorla papier A4 blan…. li pa conner it DOESNT make a difference r papier A4??)

    anyway cheers
    suis encore en vacances 😎 yuyu!!


  25. congratulations!! this post in nearly transforming into a forum
    reste just pu to add chat dan to blog (is that possible?? ) :ermm:


  26. chat? sure, can add a shout box….
    it was in project phase…dont worry, am gonna see to it just now itself!!!

    na, vice chancellor la parait bien korec :angel:

    thnks to all of u for making this post so long….
    nomad p rane gaz kant bisin load sa page la, tellement li longue haha :tongue:


  27. mo pas croire li connE.. ki nou servi papier as rideau!!

    since i remember ene fois li ti dire li pou give pc away..

    (ici nou mem pena pc pou travay dan lab :cwy:
    2 dimoune lor ene pc… couma dire lekol primaire..!!)

    problem si mo amene mo laptop ousi.. mo pas gagne access ar net.. since bizin fer sipa ki longue couyonade pou gagne access!!


  28. The eng tower is really cool buildin nice modern design mais ..pas kave guette appearance..dans klass 1.2 ena seperation with wood and very soon m sure it will fall on students coz the nails they used are startin to get out due to wind when we open windows …prefer nu faire klass under trees coz we will get air to breathe ….something as well bisin note dans toilet gals the lock pas bon ..two of my friends got stuck there ..aster pu ale faire pipi si dimoune peur ..


  29. Just 1 seul fois in fer class laba et ti tellmen conten-bizn compren nu,nu fer tou le tem class dan 1 NAC delabre ek dan Agriculture-ke pan remarke tou sa la. Mai o moins li comfortable pr tire fotos!!l

    Keep it up Yashvin!!!Great Initiative Uv taken!!!


  30. hi guys!! moi mo ene ex_UoM. was just blogging around and came across ur….Apres tousa complains la, i can’t stop myself from adding my bit. Well, UoM Tower was and is still a crap as a matter of fact!! Pa coner comier letemp encor zot pu pren encor pu complete sa cazot poule la. Mon passe ladan mo si! glare, tapaz, lack of ventillation and all. Ceki mo kapav suggest, fer ene demande pu gagne ene classe permanant dan phase II, C seki nou ti ti fer laner derniere. (Ex CSM). Adresse ene petition avec zot Dean. (Is Charlie still the Dean btw?? can someone confirm that to me)

    Apres, mo lopinion lor ban seki p tro show off of being DCDM students.. deman zot comier zot paye fees? Are they getting value for money???? ene ggt…Ex UoM students work as lecturers at DCDM but ex-DCDMs just cant do the same at UoM! We are far better than them. si zot le preuve…deman moi.

    contente zot for being a UoM student. even though ena ban kitsoz ki bizin ameliorer. you are still getting value for money!


  31. hi ex uom 🙂

    glad to have another opinion here..
    ya Charlie still dean :ermm:

    as for ventilation, all the fans are now working, but sometimes got to switch them off to increase the probability of hearing wat others are saying :getlost:

    glare? not much because of the “paper-curtains”

    Vive Uom, we r better (malgres some ptits problems here n there)


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