My Dog Piff Smiles!

Have you ever seen a dog smiling?

And what about a dog smiling whenever you ask too? haha!

I invite you to watch the video below, no tricking, nothing. My dog actually smiles when you request her!

Really too doogie goodie good!

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Update (24th December 2011):

It is with much sadness that the world learnt that Piff passed away today. She lived among the family for 7and a half years and she was much loved by all.
Rest in peace Piff.
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36 thoughts on “My Dog Piff Smiles!

Add yours

  1. tarrrr piff p fer actrice ta.toule jours sa joli toutou la vin rend mwa un bien innocente,li pa care pu personne mai si voleur pu vini e li pu guet piff so extra ordinaire smile,li retourne so lakaz.piff li kumsa :angel:


  2. Hey Yashvin… you could showcase the video on your blog itself instead of linking to YouTube.

    Go to you WordPress admin section, go to “Users”, uncheck “Use the visual rich editor when writing”, save your settings. Now go to the post creation section and paste the whole <object> tag you will find on your video’s page on YouTube in the post editor. Done! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. well fadil, its done!
    its now directly on the blog…
    at first i didnt want to include it here koz i thought it would perhaps slow down the loading of the page…
    thnks for zat advice!

    n vive Pif!


  4. Haha waaaa Piff cav all fer miss mauritius ๐Ÿ˜†
    Tro comik ca toutou la.wooohahahhhahhaaaaaa :silly:
    Comment mo cav montrer wally riyer??? :biggrin:


  5. :w00t: just tell me how you did that? did you trained them or was it a blackmailing :silly:

    I think you should be carrying them, all 3 with you to a future MSPCA dog show…….you should be getting that first prize of amazing creatures :cheerful:

    Thanks for sharing such moments with us :happy:


  6. sure hans…. next time gonna be in the mspca show…
    it will be called the Pif Show! :angel:

    i got another mail from a friend, n he told me that the dog could be used for toothpaste adds! :sideways: lol thats nice too.. i gonna edit the videos n try it out…

    to sundeep:
    to pas entort…lichien tellement ine reste r twa, li si ine gagne trait zako :devil:

    to kymlin:
    montrer wally rier? hmm, thats gonna be difficult but why dont u try to make it watch the Pif Video??? :cheerful:

    to jaya:
    ofet, pif ine gagne rier kant mone montrer li to photo haha!



  7. Ey again :tongue:
    top sa toutou la…cav fer ene clip avk li yash :biggrin:

    coool com chien ur piff ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. to mantasha:
    cool dog :whistle:

    to angele :angel: ;
    ya, its a teckel n got 2 other specimens @ home!

    to carine:
    trying to imagine how ur cat will look! :biggrin:


  9. :tongue: any of these will do…

    malheureusement, franchement vous dire, je ne touche plus aux chiens depuis preske 3 ans…:ermm:
    peut etre seulement dans des situations vraiment importants…

    la raison?
    J’avais un berger que j’adorais comme un enfant et elle est morte subitement juste devant la porte d’entree et c’etais moi qui avait decouvert le premier :cwy:

    depuis sa, je ne m’attache plus au chiens :dizzy:


  10. ahaha mone tombe lor to website par hasard et to toutou fine fer moi extra rier ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Vu de pres though so les dents parait plis grand ki li meme..faire peur dans noir sirment :biggrin:


  11. LOL! God! Sa extra sa! Never saw a dog smiling like that!

    You should have that on tv man! Bane dimoun ti pou pli interesser ar sa ki bane “actors” habitier gagner dans infos! Lol!

    Great man! Great doggy au fait!


  12. Pif ti besoin fer reclam Colgate!

    look at her, ‘as if she’s making fun of you.
    U’re just walking down the street and she’s sitting there, laughing at your face.

    I’d like to have a dog like her. I’ll teach it how to make pranks and then laugh at it!


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