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Update: If you have any questions related to eBay purchases, Paypal and online shopping in general, please post the questions on the blog article itself. I don’t reply to individual mails on these topics due to large quantity of similar mails.. Thanks.

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  1. Bonjour,
    On est très content, que tu es vu notre blog et que tu l’ais apprècié.
    Nous avons beaucoup aimé, le festival du 24/7 et bien qu’il y ai eu quelques malentendu vers la fin (taxi), ce fut une très bonne soiré.
    Nous sommes ici pour faire un stage de deux mois dans le landscaping dans une entreprise de Curepipe, mais maleureusement, il ne nous reste que 4 semaines avant notre départ! On arrivera jamais à tout faire et tout voir !

    A Bientôt

    Les étudiants français


  2. Hey there, I need your help buying from Amazon.

    I’m unable to validate the (inexistent) Zip Code.

    230, 00230, 742CU001

    None of them seem to work.


  3. Hi Yasvin. I need some help about an online order which seems to have been returned by the MU Customs. It is about an electronic microscope bought from China. The seller has informed that the product has been returned by Customs and reason given is due to the included battery. Do you have any such information from similar situation? Thanks


    1. Hello
      Sorry for late reply.
      I personally never heard about any similar incident before. I know that some shipping carriers might refuse to carry an item if it has batteries, but customs returning a device, nops.
      Does tracking confirm that it reached the customs here?


  4. Hi Yashvin,
    Your blog is very informative. I would like your advise on custom duties, VAT, clearances, etc that may be required if i am sending a new laptop from abroad to my nephew in Mauritius. The laptop is new and in its original package and around Rs30,000 inc tax abroad. I know if will have to pay 15% VAT above that plus shipping cost to Mauritius. Are there any other fees like custom duties etc. I have gone through the MRA custom tariff guide but could not find much.
    Would highly appreciate your help.



    1. Hello Kavi.
      Yes, you are right. You will pay 15% VAT on Rs29,000 ( first Rs 1,000 exempted).
      If your invoice shows Rs30,000 + shipping costs, good to know that they can include some of the shipping costs into the calculation of the VAT. However, I do not know if they still include some of the shipping cost in the calculation.

      Since it is a laptop, I will advise you to go on ICTA’s web site and apply for an e-clearance for telecommunications device. Choose laptop from the list and the approval should be immediate. Nothing to pay. Your nephew will need to present this document when he fetches the laptop at the central parcel office.

      There’s a risk that they will ask you to go through a customs broker as the item is just on the limit beyond which a broker is needed. In case they do ask you for one, you will need to hire one who might charge you a few thousand bucks.

      You will also have to pay some other minimal fees such as post office fee etc.

      If there is a laptop bag along, they can charge additional 15% duty on the bag’s value ( or they can evaluate it themselves). It all depends on their mood lol.

      My advice : Given the current context, ship the laptop through DHL or UPS. You will pay more but you can be sure that the item will reach here safely and quicker.

      Hope I have cleared any doubts.



      1. Hi Yashvin,
        Btw if i ship through DHL or UPS will i still need to get the ICTA clearance or the shipping company will do it.



      2. Hi Yashwin,
        I am please to confirm that shipping and delivery by DHL and custom clearance for the laptop has been smooth and successful. Thou shipping was expensive, but i came to know during the process that shipping of electronic equipment through postal service (Canada post in my case) is not accepted. So only solution was DHL or FEDEX or UPS. The ICTA clearance as you mentioned was quick, within 24hrs.
        Thanks again for you valued time and advice. Keep on the good work.


  5. Hi I need your help about Documentation fees, MACCS fee and customs vat.
    I wanted to work on the Import clearance fee to know how much I’ll be paying at Fedex. I’m having an upcoming order which is USD 311 in total including shipping charges.
    The products is only USD 81 (around Rs 3491)
    And shipping charge is USD 227 (around Rs 9780)
    Thus total is USD 311 (Rs 13396)

    Will it possible to clear this for me and give me a more clear way of how much will be charge?


    1. Hello.
      You should be paying 15% VAT on only an amount of (Rs 3491 – Rs 1000 exemption) = Rs 2491, which will amount to around Rs375
      From my first experiences with only shopping, I was told that the customs can include up to 75% of the shipping costs in the VAT calculation too. But do update me if that happens.
      Additionally, you should be paying the macss fee of Rs50 + vat and probably some postal office fee, depending on shipping you are using.
      If you are with DHL, Fedex etc, they might be charging you documentation fees, perhaps around Rs300.

      So the total cost might vary depending if they are including shipping costs, whether you are using normal postage services or premium ones.



  6. So lately I’ve purchased an order by FEDEX.
    The product was USD 33.33 (Around Rs 1366)
    And shipping cost USD 30 ( Rs 1230)

    The documentation fee costs Rs 820
    I don’t understand how they calculate that part. As you’ve said that documentation can cost Rs 300


    1. Personally, I don’t advise anyone to purchase from China right now. Wait for the borders to be fully opened and make sure that flights are back to near normal. Then, I guess that we will be able to buy and get shipped from China.


  7. Hello Yashvin,
    So recently, I’ve made my 3rd time order via Fedex. I’ve ordered in large quantity. Now, they’re asking me to register/provide Tax Account Number(TAN) and apply as an importer.
    Do you think it’s a good idea to apply for TAN and as importer? Even though It’s just my 3rd time ordering?


    1. Hi there.

      Unless you are importing in large quantities for personal usage, you should have an import permit or go for one if you haven’t applied for one yet. If you are importing for doing business, you should definitely have a necessary permits.

      The customs allow import in reasonable quantities. Reasonable quantities can be : 2 or 3 phones for use within family or a set of 24 hair clips. If you can prove it is for personal usage, you can explain this to them.

      Kind regards,


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