Purchasing from Apple.com to Mauritius (or worldwide) via myUS does not always work

Welcome back to the blog! 🀩

This post targets 🍎 fans or any enthusiastic Android user who wants to move for better products 😏

Advantages of shopping directly on apple.com is that you are sure about the product, the iphone is unlocked and it is cheaper than purchasing here in Mauritius. You can also get colors πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸŸ£βš«οΈβšͺ️ and options you can possibly not have in stock in the local market. And it takes only 1 week to travel from the US to Mauritius.

However, while going through online forums, you will notice that several persons complained that Apple.com will not deliver to package forwarders such as myUS and shopandship. I even contacted myUS and they confirmed the same.

Despite those warnings, I kept my fingers crossed 🀞 while ordering an iPhone on apple.com with delivery address set as the one in myUS’s account.

1 week later, DHL was at my door 🏠 with the iPhone… Shipping for 1lbs parcel costed $45 with an optional $20 for insurance. DHL requested me to pay only the 15% VAT along with a brokerage fee of around Rs500 to clear customs πŸ›ƒ procedures.

πŸ—“ 2 weeks later, I repeated the same steps (for a second iPhone) with same name, same address etc.

After a few hours, Apple cancelled the order with the reasons stating:

β€œWe are unable to complete your order. We do not ship to freight forwarder addresses.”

So, be careful but it does not cost nothing to try….

Cheers! ✌️

9 thoughts on “Purchasing from Apple.com to Mauritius (or worldwide) via myUS does not always work

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  1. I used to read your blogs back during my college days 2007-09… then for some reason i lost your page.! No idea how i came up to an old blog about ebay and it redirected me to your article posted back in 2007!! and the memories just came back… i just clicked on your header and boom!! You’re still posting even in 2022!!! Please never stop. Take care man


  2. Hey Yashvin!
    I had a small question regarding your apple.com purchase using myUS.
    I just did a very similar thing today, but on apple.com my order is left om “preparing for shipment” state for the past hour. At what stage did they cancel your order? Was it during the processing stage or Shipping stage?


  3. Hey Yashvin! Good news regarding my order. It has been delivered today to my address in MyUS! Apparently, apple runs a few checks before deciding whether or not to ship to your myUS address. In most cases, apple rejects the purchase. However, it looks like theres some rare occasions (for some particular suite numbers), where apple hasnt blacklisted the suite. For some purchases, apple runs a second check to determine whether the sale is for fraud purposes etc or not. I believe thats why your second purchase didnt go through.


    1. That’s good news and thanks for sharing!

      Weird thing as both my purchases had the exactly same address. Or perhaps it depends on the mood of the one processing the order haha.


  4. Hey there! Its me bothering u again xD just wanted to let you know that I’ve attempted a second purchase today and the order has shipped again!! I think i might have cracked the mystery about apple.com not shipping to myUS.
    Did you sign in on apple.com the first and second times you tried to make your purchases? Did you use a guest account?


  5. Hi

    I’ve been thinking about getting the new Iphone 14 Pro Max from Apple directly.

    However I am quite confused, could you please guide me through… Waiting for your response….
    Best Regards,


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