SBM Amigos Tirelire

Some days ago, I came across this post :

The criteria to get the piggy bank is clear :

  • All existing active Amigos account holders with a current balance of Rs50,000.
  • New Amigos account holders with opening balance of Rs5,000 along with a monthly standing order of Rs 500.
  • Reactivated accounts with a current balance of Rs50,000 and a monthly standing order of Rs 500.

That was cool, coming at the right moment, as my elder son Dhanvin collects all coins laying around the house for his existing piggy bank. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to find a few coins to buy bread or put in the supermarket caddy.

I collected two piggy banks earlier today, and when being handed the box, you are already warned : be careful, it is fragile…

My instantaneous comment was :

“Li pas siposer solid akoz pu zenfant sa?”

Despite thoughts, unfortunately piggy banks are normally made of ceramic or porcelaine [wikipedia]

Anyway, it looks cool, colorful and attractive. So, thank you SBM…

pss : mo ti pu extra content li en plastic, akoz aster mo bisin al asté ene vitrine pu met sa ladans kouma biblo.

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