Public Holidays 2021 for Mauritius


On the 7th June 2019, I was nearly complaining that 7 out of the 15 public holidays of 2020 were in weekends. When you think about it after being confined in the house for two whole months and with many among us still working from home, you really want to do anything but stay in the house for the rest of 2020.

Enough talking about this chaotic year.

Let’s move on to 2021 and the public holidays, officially announced today :

So, interesting things as you probably noticed:

  • Only 4 out of the 15 public holidays are during weekends, more specifically Saturday
  • The 11 remaining public holidays give opportunities to have very long weekends. So, be the first to apply your local leaves asap, especially second week of March and first week of November.

Hopefully, 2021 will bring in joy, (good) surprises and more memorable events other than staying at home.

Let’s keep fingers crossed!

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