[Workers Rights Act 2019] Private sector employees, you are not yet entitled to 30 days vacation leaves….

Now that festivities πŸ₯³ are over and you have been employed in the same private company for the last 5 years, some of you might have probably already started to make some big plans ✈️🏝 for the announced 30 days vacation leaves.

If this is true, wait πŸ•… I will probably spoil your mood for some seconds, minutes or perhaps even days…

A private sector employee will be eligible for 30 days of vacation leaves as from 24 October 2024 if he/she continues to be employed by same company for the past 5 consecutive years.

The number of years employed in a private company prior 24 October 2019 does not matter and they are not included in the calculation of the 5 consecutive years mentioned in the Workers Right Act 2019.

Link : http://labour.govmu.org/English/Documents/Legislations/THE%20WORKERS%20RIGHTS%20Act%202019/20_THE%20WORKERS’%20RIGHTS%20Act%202019%20.pdf

Unfortunately, this condition was not widely shared during the past months. I personally did not find this information anywhere, so, if you were already aware, good for you. Since I just learnt this today, so, just sharing for anyone else without this important piece of detail.

Update (20 Jan 2020) :

A friend (Sou) pointed to the fact that the section talking about leaves (including vacation leaves) are not applicable to those people who earn more than 50,000 monthly.

I just had a look again, at the definition of a “worker”: I quote ;

β€œworker”, subject to sections 17, 84, 85, 87, Part IX and section 111 –
     (c) does not include –
             -  (iii) except in relation to sections 5, 26, 32, 33, 34, 49, 50,
52, 53, 54 and Parts VI, VII, VIII and XI, a person
whose basic wage or salary is at a rate exceeding
600,000 rupees in a year;

And the Leaves section is included in the Part V, with the Vacation Leave part defined in the section 47. So, damn, no Vacation Leaves for Rs50+ workers.

Thanks a lot for the information Sou!

Don’t forget, sharing is caring πŸ‘¨πŸ‘§… So, please share among people around you πŸ‘

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