Retrieve money from any SBM POS having the ShopNCash logo

The State Bank of Mauritius introduced this ShopNCash (also known as Cash Back) in October 2018 last year and I have been regularly using this service since then. This avoids me having to queue in front of an ATM machine to get some cash if I’m already purchasing something in a supermarket. I have personally noticed this logo in Winners Supermarket stores but this service should be available in various places all round the island.

How does it work?

When checking out at the cashier in any supermarket, look for the SBM ShopNCash sticker. Any SBM POS (card machine) displaying this logo will enable SBM customers to get cash from their account while paying for their purchases at that specific cashier.

You need to tell the cashier that you want to use the ShopNCash or Cash back facility to withdraw some additional amount. The cashier will add that desired amount to the existing bill amount and when you need to key in your PIN number, you can see the total.

For example, you are purchasing items worth Rs 750 and you want to withdraw an additional of Rs 1, 000. The cashier will ask you to enter your PIN on the SBM POS (card machine) for a total of Rs 1, 750. Once the transaction is complete, she will hand over the Rs 1, 000 cash to you.


  • You need to be an SBM Client and using a SBM card
  • You need to be purchasing something from the merchant ( for example, in a Winners supermarket) for a minimum of Rs 200, as defined by SBM but this minimum amount depends on the merchant. In Winners supermarket, that minimum amount is fixed to Rs 500
  • You can withdraw up to Rs 7, 000

Why should you use it?

Because you are an awesome SBM customer! Seriously, this thing is a time saver! Now, when going to a supermarket, you can also get some cash money. On the other hand, I should also acknowledge that the MCB Juice is also a very cool service which I personally use regularly but strangely, I have not heard people talk about SBM’s ShopNCash (or Cash Back) service. Perhaps a lack of marketing around this?


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