The best thing for the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius

This is communiqué from Yashvinblogs…

Far from the Metro / Tramway Express project or all the fuss around the President of the Republic of Mauritius, the best thing that happened for the 50th Independence anniversary of Mauritius is the launch of the new 50cl Phoenix beer can some time back 🙂

For sale at Rs50 each ( add Rs4 to Rs5 for a chilled one), the new can remains affordable for anyone who wants some beer(s). Lots of fun guaranteed!

Before ending the post, let me with a Happy Independence & Republic anniversary my dear country. Hope that you get well soon from all those sick politicians.

Hip Hip Hip Hourray!!!

As you noticed, this is not an advert. It is simply a communiqué from Yashvinblogs. As we all know, that’s the only way you can talk about any product banned from advertising. Fin de communiqué.


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