Hundred of passengers trapped in Metro on the first inauguration day

Don’t worry.

We are not talking about Mauritius! 

You probably did not come across this news yesterday and I haven’t seen anyone talking about this neither in my Facebook news feed. I will briefly go through this unexpected incident which will definitely remain in the memories of people. On the first inaugural day of the brand new Metro service in Lucknow, India, approximately hundred persons were trapped inside the second train because of a technical glitch.

This left the people without lights and air-conditioning in the train for about one and a half hour till the arrival of the maintenance team. This caused quite a chaos : people were sick, children and elders were very uncomfortable, some missed their flights. They were eventually evacuated through the emergency door and from what I read, some of them had to walk half a kilometer to reach the next station.

Some facts

Now a bit about the Lucknow’s metro service :

  • The first phase of the metro, known as the “Priority Corridor” or LKCC-01, was inaugurated yesterday.
  • The “Priority Corridor” is of a length of 8.5 km while the total planned metro service is of a total of 22kms.
  • The metro will be available from 6am to 10pm everyday
  • Construction started in September 2014 and first trial run was done in December 2016
  • Larsen & Toubro was selected for civil works while the same company has been awarded the construction of further 1 km extension from Transport Nagar station to the proposed Amausi station (LKCC-XX)

That’s all…

Before ending this post, I found an interesting sentence concerning L&T on the Mauritian Metro Express project (, dated 2 August 2017) :

“Although the project is scheduled to be completed in 48 months, L&T commits to complete and deliver a priority section of 13 km in 24 months”.

Nothing more to say. Just Google if you want to know more!

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