Online shopping – More info about the CCS fee applicable when shipping

You probably came across the above communiqué during the past days and as usual, you didn’t give a damn about it (just like you did not when scrolling down!). No worries now that you are reading this post.

As you probably know, all parcels shipped to Mauritius go through a set of procedures and paper-works before getting delivered to you. Just to quote two of them :

  • Tracking numbers are updated,
  • Customs verification to determine if parcel can be delivered directly to your doorstep or it should be held by customs so that the recipient can fetch it at the Central Parcel Office in Port Louis

There’s an additional task which most of us are not really aware of.  It consists of declaring the goods (parcels etc) to the Cargo Community Services. You can read more about the system on the official web site.

Why a CCS fee?

As a service provider, the Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd (MaCCS) hosts the information system enabling the postal services to electronically perform the declaration of items/goods. With the latest update in their systems (golive) on the 16th January 2017, Mauritius Post can henceforth use this system, unfortunately at a cost, known as the CCS fee. Mauritius Post has no other choice than to pass this cost to the customers, hence explaining the issue of the communique to inform the public.

For info, other postal services such as DHL or UPS were already using this system since some time. This explains why you probably came across the CCS fee in your receipt when receiving your items.

Where to pay?

This amount will be payable directly to the Mauritius Post counter. It does not involve any further paperwork

Additionally, I was told that the CCS fee isn’t applicable to category 1 and 2 because if will be illogical to bill someone with a CCS fee of Rs50+vat for an item he purchased at a very low price. For categories 3, the fee is Rs50 while the sum is Rs 325+vat for any items not falling in the first 3 categories.


If you buy an earing for $2 on eBay, you will get the product directly at your doorstep (or at the nearest post office), free of charge.

If you purchase a mobile phone for Rs10,000, you will be required to pay :

  • VAT -> 15% on Rs 8000.
    Please note that (1) there’s a vat Exemption of the first Rs2000 and (2) the customs can charge VAT on up to 75% of the shipping cost too. UPDATE 09 June 2017: Following the Budget 2017-2018 exercise, the exemption limit (introduced in the budget 2013) was raised from Rs2000 to Rs3000. Read more here.
  • Post Office Fee -> Rs65
  • CCS Fee -> Rs50 + vat

Note : No ICTA clearance/permit needed for mobile phones / tablets if for personal use. All other items using wifi or other communication medium (for example walkie talkies) will theoritically need a written clearance from ICTA.

Now, if you purchase a drone for Rs40,000, you will be required to pay :

  • VAT -> 15% on Rs 38,000
  • Post Office Fee -> Rs65
  • CCS Fee -> Rs325 + vat

You  will also need a broker to clear your drone out of the customs.

Using the MaCCs portal

The public can also use the web site using the link to double check if they have been correctly billed or to verify the status of their item (I think that if you have a cargo or something like that). Don’t forget to click on “Courier” to be able to select “Mauritius Post”. For the consignment number, you can use your shipping tracking number, it should work.

Summing up

As I pointed out earlier, this fee was already applicable to other courier services and this update has been made to ensure that all courier services bill their customers accordingly. If any of you need more information about online shopping, just head over to this page. There are 99% chances that my previous posts will be very enriching.

Questions, clarifications and suggestions are the most welcomed!

That’s all from me,


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