A visit to the freshly renovated Balfour Garden (Rose Hill)

Being on holidays for some days, I grabbed the opportunity to bring the family to the freshly renovated Balfour Garden. I haven’t been there since my childhood days during which I clearly remember having fun there. And as usual, Google Maps was of great help :

balfour map

At a few minutes drive from the center of Rose Hill, the garden has practically the same look it had at the time I last came in here. I was pleasantly surprised to see the good job carried out there : Everything was as new with great landscaping works, fresh paint jobs and very well maintained games, unlike the Pamplemousses Garden which is falling in ruins. From what I read in the newspapers, the renovation works has cost around Rs 1.4 million and lasted for 4 months.

The Peace Corner

The swimming pool was unfortunately replaced by something they called “Peace Corner”. Believe me, that place is as good as hotel spa with a cool music (and birds singing) being played through loudspeakers cleverly hidden in the deco, flowers and a pond in the middle.

A small video (btw, I tried to use a filter, so sorry lol) :

The view

The view over the Riviere Seche and the waterfall :

Still lack some games

Despite occupying such a large area, there’s still room for more games but I guess that finance is main reason behind the complete use of the available space. However, I was a bit deceived to find several missing games which I knew when I was young. Also, at only a few weeks from the launch, one of the games was already broken. I wonder if this was the result of an adult trying to have fun or it just broken.

Be responsible

As usual, such calm places are also the ideal place to “casse ene poze”. You don’t necessarily need to be a kid to go there to relax. For example, there were several couples sitting on the benches facing the view :

I also grab this opportunity to urge parents to be responsible when bringing their kids to such places.

Be careful when your kids are going for an outing (even with teachers). When we were there today, we saw a large group of kids accompanied with some parents and teachers. At some point of time, some of the parents were involved in some weird kind of game in which they had to wear bras and skirts (jupes) while the kids were clapping their hands. It was truly disgusting to see how they behave in front of kids. Can you imagine what might be going on in the mind of those kids? Anyways!

For info, the garden opening hours are as follows :

1st November -> 15 March : 10am to 7pm

16 March -> 31 October  : 10am to 6pm

If you have a kid, do drop there for some time. Even if you don’t have a kid, you can still go for a quick tour there but just make sure that you don’t take the kids playground for a room and the bench for a bed! And be sure to spend some minutes in the Peace Corner. Totally worth the visit!


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