Smile please – Speed cameras are now on, price of diesel goes down & old ID cards still valid


Finally a new post on the blog but however, I admit that what I’m gonna write is nothing new. Not that kind of post I’m fond of but nevertheless, I wanted to write on these few points here.

Speed cameras

To start with, approximately half of the speed cameras are operational since today. However, I still don’t understand how switching on all cameras simultaneously would have caused an overload on their server.

Remember :

This said, I should update my map of speed cameras very soon.

Old ID card

Next, the government has decided to extend the validity of the old Identity Cards up to the 31st January 2016 in order to enable all Mauritians to register for the new one. For those who have missed the verdict of the court and the show whereby several officials assisted the ‘destruction’ of the biometrics data, it is worth reminding everyone that fingerprints will still be captured but stored solely on the biometric card.

Price of Diesel

And the last point, I feel that the Petroleum Pricing committee have finally decided to review the prices of petroleum products, especially because everyone is eager to know why Mauritius isn’t decreasing the price as compared to countries worldwide. So, they have decreased the price of …. diesel only by Rs 2.30/L.

september price diesel petrol

Diesel :Rs 37.80-> Rs35.50 / L

Essence : Rs49.95 / L

What more?

Personally, I don’t find any improvement on the overall situation of Mauritius right now. I have the impression that the new government isn’t fulfilling what it promised during the general elections. Just to quote a few : Political nominees are still at the head of governmental agencies and institutions, price of petrol is still very high as compared to prices practiced worldwide, an increasing number of people are currently unemployed, young graduates are still struggling to find a decent job and lastly, the new government has not scrapped the new ID card system but instead, it has only strictly abide to the verdict of the court. Instead of moving forward, our institutions are stuck with BAI, Navin and his Sournack.

As time goes by, I think that this new government isn’t much different from the previous one. So people, prove me wrong…

5 thoughts on “Smile please – Speed cameras are now on, price of diesel goes down & old ID cards still valid

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  1. TCI Minister, Roshi Badhain, said he was against the idea of having a central database as there could be misuse. Question is, can there be a misuse with regards to identification using fingerprints minutiae stored on the card? Yes!


      1. Thanks Yashvin. Our ministers do not realise that there is a trust issue with what they say. Once they are elected they think the rest of the population will no matter have to accept their wild fantasies.


  2. It is still a little early to come to conclusions. Not forgetting that this team has inherited a real mess. I expected that they would first have to tackle the immediate problems which were largely due to institutionalized corruption by the previous government. As for ID cards, it seems inevitable that the country implements a system to combat the huge social-security fraud regarding pension payments where it is estimated that Rs72 million has been paid out to deceased persons? This suggests, an inefficient control system but also frauding of identities.


    1. I believed that it would take time too but they are very far from the 10 priorities they defined themselves,, I quote :

      1. Le combat contre la pauvreté et l’introduction d’un salaire minimum

      2. Le combat contre le chômage

      3. Renforcer le Law and Order

      4. La mise sur pied d’une commission d’enquête sur la drogue

      5. La lutte contre la fraude et la corruption

      6. Plus d’« accountability » dans les institutions pour assurer plus de transparence

      7. Approfondissement de la démocratie : introduction de la télévision privée et une Freedom of Information Act

      8. Égalité des chances. SAJ promet de nommer des compétences à la tête des institutions

      9. Environnement. SAJ affirme qu’il faut « arrêter avec la braderie sur nos plages »

      10. La relance de l’économie

      Link :


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