Bye bye HTC One M7… Welcome HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

A quick post!

I have just received a new HTC Desire 820, with a glorious 5.5 inch display. I’m quite impressed right now but also, confused about whether I should carry a small bag just to put the phone (or rather phablet?). But before going home, I need to change my micro-sim to a nano-sim.

In fact, MauriSystem, HTC’s official distributor has swapped my HTC One (M7 – Read my review) for this HTC Desire 820 because of a factory defect on the first batch of the production. In low light, the camera shot pictures with a pink-tint colored and it was quite disappointing. I will come back on this later on when I write my full review of my new device. Update ( 17 May 2015) : I have written the review of the new device after using it for approximately one week. Click here read it.

Bon weekend!

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  1. Mauri systems lol…htc evo 3d’s price dropped from $400 to $300 back in 2012 and mauri systems was selling that for $600


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