30 years old…

That’s the day on which Facebook does a really great job and I did prove this! Birthday wishes are once again all over my Facebook wall, emails and messages. Thankfully, some close friends and family members still give me a call on this special day. Even Nando’s did remember me by sending me birthday wishes through SMS. lol. This year, the celebration is even more memorable since exactly one year ago, Dhaneesha and myself learnt about her pregnancy. Yes, it happened on a 22nd March! Today, he is along with us, celebrating my 30th birthday.

The Daily ageing project is still on!

As introduced last year on this same day, my daily ageing project is still on : During practically every day for the past 2 years, I click my selfie! I now have around 700 selfies which I compiled into the above time-lapse face movie with the help of Google Picasa. And the best part is that I take a picture of my son regularly too, not daily though. It will be really great to see the outcome in a few years time. Just imagine: a video with pictures as from day 1!

Before ending this post, let me heartily thank everyone for their wishes and for being part of my life! And also, to Dhaneesha for her cake 😉


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  1. Happy birthday Yashvin. DesolE pann gagne call pou wish toi today, didn’t have your num on that phone i am using.


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