Elections getting nearer : Prices of petroleum products decrease!

Price decrease

New prices applicable as from tomorrow, 22nd November 2014:

Essence : Rs50.15 / L -> Rs47.90 / L

Diesel : Rs41.90 / L -> Rs39.45 / L

They can say whatever they want but facts remain facts :

  1. Price increased by the maximum allowable of 5-6% in March 2013.
    The prices set at that point of time were as follows :
    Essence – Rs 52.25/L
    Diesel: Rs 43.95/L
  2. The prices on the worldwide market has been decreasing since several months.
  3. A first decrease was finally announced in the month of August 2014:
    Essence : Rs50.15 / L
    Diesel : Rs43.95 / L
  4. Date of general elections announced less than 2 weeks ago.
  5. A second decrease in the prices announced today by the Petroleum Pricing Committee…

Lastly, the population is not so stupid as they believe.
At least, I think not anymore, I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Elections getting nearer : Prices of petroleum products decrease!

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  1. Whatever decrease it was, it not not sufficient at all: the Lepep government maintained it at its unreal levels while everywhere in the world it’s slumping! In India, it’s already the 10th decrease since August 2014: http://www.outlookindia.com/news/article/Petrol-Price-Cut-by-80-PaiseL-Diesel-by-Rs-130L/891704

    Go figure how Vishnu will bring on competitiveness, despite sky-rocketing prices to come with the USD climbing from 31 to 38 MUR over the past 4 months!


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