What if something like the world famous “selfie” was shot in Mauritius?


While the world was mourning for the loss of one of the greatest man who marked history, the memorial of Nelson Mandela turned out to be in the international press for a completely different reason. President Barack Obama, David Cameron (UK PM) and Helle Thorning-Schmidt ( Danish PM) were caught taking a “selfie” during this memorial service by the AFP / Getty photographer, Roberto Schmidt.

The media is really going beserk about this! Just imagine!

For those who are new to this word “selfie”, it is simply defined as a photograph that you take of yourself using a smartphone or a web cam and which can be further uploaded to a social network, like Facebook for example.

Without going into the “incident” involving these 3 leaders and the fact that Obama’s wife shows a different facial expression as compared to those 3 ones, I am pretty amused but also confused about this question :

What if a smiliar “selfie” was shot in Mauritius?

At this point of time, let your imagination run wild by guessing :

  • The names of the persons who might be in the photograph and of course,
  • The martyr and legal prosecution through which the photographer will go…

*irony* Long live our democracy! *irony*

Disclaimer: You are solely responsible for what your mind thinks. Yashvinblogs.com will at no instance accept any responsibility or bear any consequences in the outcome of this small guess-game in this post. Comments quoting names of persons will not be approved for publication on this blog.

4 thoughts on “What if something like the world famous “selfie” was shot in Mauritius?

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    1. Interesting story which I just read some hours ago too. But I did not instantaneously think to share it here. Thanks for this comment 🙂

      But nevertheless, my questions still remain the same…


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