Cheating within the Mauritian horse racing industry : 6 jockeys suspended!

horse starting

I’m no horse racing gambler nor a fan of horse racing but this announcement on the news bulleting shocked me.

6 jockeys were suspended for their ride in the first race on Saturday 30th November 2013 in Champs de Mars. When I heard the number, I said wow. I said kudos to the other jockeys in the race who were clean in this case. But when I further learnt (correct me if I’m wrong here) that there were only 7 participants in the race : WTF!?

The names of the horse riders along with the horse name and suspension period are as follows (Information from l’express):

  1. Roland Boutanive (Drug Squad, 18 days)
  2. Mayaven Chinapiel (The Sneaker, 12 days)
  3. Swapneel Rama (Port Albert,  14 days)
  4. Rehaze Hoolash (Infinite Destiny,  14 days)
  5. Nishal Teeha (Manta Ridge,  12 days)
  6. Dinesh Sooful (Surprising Dream,  2 days + Rs 25,000 fine)

Below, a crowd of people moving in and out of Champs de Mars:


A first time in the Mauritian horse racing history!

And a shame too when you imagine the huge amount of money involved in this industry! Yes, I call it an industry. Just like the speed cameras industry 😛

10 thoughts on “Cheating within the Mauritian horse racing industry : 6 jockeys suspended!

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  1. There were 10 horses participating in that race with only one motive from the start! What a race it has been….7 were heard and 6 were suspended..the only one who was saved was fully supported by his trainer!


  2. This will happen when large amounts of money are involved. They should not be allowed to race again because I would not trust them again.


  3. What if I say that we should ban gambling in horse racing? :p
    Maybe horse racing won’t make any sense in the end. Because most of us today follow horse racing just to bet. At least 99 person of the people who are at Champ de Mars is for the money they have put on stake.
    Do you realize that gambling today has corrupted most of our sports today? 🙂
    Many economists might say that Gambling is a very important pillar of our Mauritian economy. So I ask myself how? 100000 Mauritians bet, 60,000 of them lose, the rest of 40,000 (I guess it is even lesser) get a part and the rest goes in terms of tax. We are all under the misconception that Gambling even if legalized is being controlled by the authority. Well the above article is the proof how it is being controlled. 🙂

    Gambling was never a source of income. If we think well, for one person to win, 1000 other people are losing their money. There is nothing productive in that. Each and every person who bets in horse racing looks for “Tuyeau sek” but how many face deception in the end? I am sure there are more that 60% of people are disappointed after betting. How many is ready to accept the fact that they lose the money they put on stake and move on without any stress? There are very less people. Most of them get stressed and get mad and fall sick.

    If tomorrow as a leader I decide to ban gambling in sports. Many of those people are going to hate me. 🙂 What if I say, put a limit to the amount of money put on stakes per person. How many will agree? Corporates will conspire against me. Isn’t it? And the population will support those corporates who only want to rip them off. Lepep Admirab? 🙂


      1. Opium of the masses.
        L’opium du petit peuple.

        Lepep so ti nissa.

        Samem sa ti la-gréss ki férr ki larou-la contign tourné.

        Si péna sa…


      2. Exactly. So we cannot blame the government for the state of our country today. We are the ones who want this. They are simply doing what the people want to see. B zot si zot pena droit gagne zot ti nissa? Alors kifaire pas laisse zot jouir zot la vie? Let the population be under the influence of that nissa and let the politicians enjoy on our heads. 🙂

        We can whine how much we want… But we will never accept that we are the ones responsible for this situation today. 🙂 We always find someone to blame and we are satisfied.

        Well this is the society we live in.


  4. So, it’s only today that cheating was discovered?
    With so much money changing hands since Champ de Mars has been in operation?

    Come on…

    In any case, I’m thoroughly against beating up these poor animals for some stupid (I repeat for all Jug Gocool wannabe’s: stupid) “Sport of Kings”.


    Try putting a rod-shaped thing across your mouth onto your tongue, have someone tie this rod to control the way you turn your head, and then make you move forward with dented spikes thrusted in your ribs, and if not fast enough, with a whip on your bare ass. If more is needed, make you ingest food that ultimately causes rupture of internal organs, and need a veterinarian for keeping you alive, until the first leg injury that necessitates a blow to the head for ending your agony (If you are ‘lucky’ to survive, end up with a loser who takes you out on crowded beached for children to tour on your back hours on end…)

    This is not sport.


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