Our first visit to AngelBerry ( Riche Terre Mall )

As planned a few days beforehand, we drove straight to the brand new Riche Terre Mall after work. Despite we spent quite some minutes to decide where we were going to have our dinner, we finally opted for Charleys Philly Steaks. On our previous visit here, we tried the “Noodle Box” and I must say that we enjoyed the dinner, despite the cuisine being a bit too salty IMHO. Anyway, tonight’s dinner wasn’t bad either. A real feast! Both Dhaneesha and myself loved the food there. Even the chips (covered with melted cheese) were yummy!


Dessert time!


After the wonderful feast which costed Rs400, we moved to “Angelberry” for a dessert. On reaching there, a staff member welcomed us before explaining how to proceed. Introducing a totally new concept in the island (although someone once mentioned a similar concept somewhere else in the island), AngelBerry serves fro-yo (Frozen yogurt) and Blenders. You walk in the shop, grab a cup and serve yourself with one or several of the flavors of yogurt ranging from Vanilla, Mint, Chocolate and etc.



My fro-yo had a weird look and shape. Please don’t bother about it lol.

Then, you move on to the toppings section where you can choose as much toppings as you want. Some of them are pictured below :


While I was still shooting a few pictures with my camera phone and having a look at the range of toppings available, Dhaneesha already started to fill her cup :


Let’s water your mouth 🙂






What’s next?

Now that we covered our fro-yo with the toppings, you can walk to the cashier who will weight your cup(s). Each 100g costs Rs55 and our bill amounted to Rs225 for the 0.4kg, as pictured below. In fact, the toppings will make your bill heavier (or bigger, if you want). So, choose them carefully instead of just trying to make your cups look nice lol. I must admit that for our first time, we did put a bit of everything in our cups.


We liked it!


AngelBerry’s fro-yo tasted great! It was something completely different and new for both of us and on top of that, it did not cost that expensive. The next time, I’m gonna try its blenders, costing Rs110 each I think. Now, just imagine the fun and excitement when kids go there! For info, another AngelBerry opened its doors at Bagatelle and from what I heard, there should be one either in Grand Bay La Croisette or Super U (“Coeur de ville”, ridiculous name, I know!)

To conclude, you must really pay a visit to one of the AngelBerry shops. That’s definitely something you need to try someday if you haven’t yet! It made me remember the good old times during which we drove to Shoprite’s Milky Lane for some nice ice cream and milkshakes 🙂

13 thoughts on “Our first visit to AngelBerry ( Riche Terre Mall )

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  1. Go to the supermarket and look for the frozen yogurt of brand TIPCO

    A container of 1.6L cost Rs 250

    Exactly like the angel berry.


  2. i would love to try the angel berry thing
    last time i went , i opted for grilled food and service was awesome, looking forward about going this week too.
    Riche Terre mall is so way gorgeous ever since renovated. Does the Hypermarket name stays the same or it switches to the new one?


      1. “Coeur de ville” is a French expression meaning City Centre or Downtown where you usually get all the administrative and shopping centres. People refer to it pretty often here : “On se retrouve au tram du coeur de ville?”. A simple Google search will show you that it is present really everywhere in France.


        You can also check Google images on that, most “coeur de ville” are branded as such with logos and all. Super U being a member of the French U group they are trying to get people use this expression in Mauritius.


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