I have not been able to watch Miss Mauritius 2013’s competition. Did you?


Let me reassure you. It’s not that I did not want to watch it intentionally. In fact, I was away from home with limited access to tv and internet for the past two days and when I examined my Facebook home page today, I came across a large number of comments and even videos about the Miss Mauritius 2013 finals which was held yesterday night at J&J auditorium. Practically at that same time, the house of the president of the organising commitee, Miss┬áPrimerose Obeegadoo was being visited by robbers. I do hope that the police can get hold of them soon.

Coming back to the competition, I need to watch a few videos, just to catch up. Perhaps you might be of some help, is there anything interesting I might have missed?

17 thoughts on “I have not been able to watch Miss Mauritius 2013’s competition. Did you?

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  1. Some of the answers given by the participants made me ASHAMED.
    technology progress in MRU. .Acoz in met sonnet dan bus. . WTF


    1. @Tushal:disqus ala to la..?he *cough* *cough* ranting queen…and there me I thought you were totally isolated.


  2. Mrs Primrose Obeegadoo should resign as chairperson of Miss Mauritius!! That event, since some years, is being considered as a JOKE!! Miss Mauritius has been misjudged, wrong chosen and sometimes i doubt manipulated results. Worst, when their ‘right girl’ is chosen to represent our island, she is given disgusting (yeah some joke-ish) stuffs to wear. People who do not agree with me ?? Here is an example:

    The chairperson has outdated thoughts and the Miss Mauritius contest should be revamped.


      1. most probably replying to the comment above and not using the “reply” feature correctly, don’t you think so Yashvin?


  3. ‘women emancipation’, blablabla -‘sorry if i sound like a feminist here..’

    you don’t sound like a feminist, you are plain stupid -_-


    1. Not so stupid I would say… there are many men whom I know that have a problem with women emancipation.They hate to see women in the spotlight or stand up for themselves.. That Miss Mauritius candidate could have been more eloquent though.. however I do understand her.. It’s not easy to be in front of an audience and on TV. Kudos to her..


  4. I don’t watch these competitions They are usually degrading women as if we did not have enough degradation in the media. Apart from that you get some real dummies giving dumb responses to stupid questions. Conclusion the “Miss” competitions are a big MISS.


    1. Lol at the comments on the video.

      I totally agree with a few of the persona there :

      – she cant make such mistakes since she is going to represent Mauritius. Our reputation is at stake.

      – The journalists could have shot parts with errors again + make it in creole dude!

      – She should accept critics since she chose to go public.


  5. i guess that this contest should be organized differently..something that is not so boring.i was watching it but when i saw them dancing(if that what they were doing)i switched off the t.v and preferred to read a book.

    i bet half of Mauritius did not watch it..and what that about what Tushal commented that goes ‘technology progress in MRU..acoz in met sonnet dan bis.??
    xplain in more details,TUSHAL?


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