How often do you switch off your internet modem/router?

Pleasure to have you back here. As you noticed, no gagging order against yashvinblogs after the recent articles here, here and the highly appreciated “Yashvinblogs Awards 2012” 🙂

After the rainy weekend accompanied by lightning and thunder in some regions, some of you have probably rushed to switch off and disconnect the electrical appliances such as your TV sets as well as your internet modems and routers as a precautionary measure.

This leads us to the poll of the day… I promise, it takes only two clicks to participate.

[yop_poll id=”6″]

8 thoughts on “How often do you switch off your internet modem/router?

Add yours

  1. I never switch off my routers. Be it lightning, thunder, whatever else.
    And the livebox isn’t supposed to be off.

    Well, even during short power cuts, they are ON.


  2. pas sipozer teigne sa livebox la… mo livebox depi 7 ans mwena li zame mn sanzer. ek zame mn teigne li.
    si teigne li, livebox la briller sa


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