First car stolen from Grand Baie La Croisette’s parking

That’s something to be taken very seriously.

As reported by Ledefimedia, a first case of car theft has been recorded this week at the recently opened shopping mall, aged of less than two weeks old. The director of Grand Baie La Croisette, Ashwin C said:

Toutefois, dans l’aire où la voiture était garée, il y avait une colonne qui empêche une bonne visibilité. Quand le personnel a visionné les images de la caméra de surveillance, il a vu la voiture arriver au parking, mais pas sa sortie” [Source: defimedia]

Okay, my first conclusion is that their camera surveillance system is not that efficient. But the (small) funny thing about it is that the stolen car is that of a sergeant of police, working in the anti drug smuggling unit (ADSU). I quote a colleague’s joke:

Si voleur la lire sa l’article la (referring to the fact that the owner is an ADSU officer),
li cpv retourne loto la tout la!”

As I wrote in my previous article about the shopping mall, I was very disappointed upon my first visit there. Personally, I spotted quite a few security flaws for drivers as well as people wandering into the mall.

I really wanted to write a quick post about it because while it might be the first case in this mall’s camera-covered parking, several other cases have previously been reported in other shopping malls, especially Bagatelle.

According to l’express: the covered parking (first floor) can hold 800 vehicles while the external parking (around the mall) can accomodate 400 additional cars. I also quote from the same article:

A partir du 9 novembre, l’accès coûtera Rs 10 chaque heure après les deux premières heures.

I still remember my post in which I discussed about the disclaimer displayed at the entrance of parking areas. You can read more here.


I wonder who can be blamed for these cases of theft or if any other similar incidents occur in the parking or the mall itself. And how much importance do malls put on security of their customers and their assets? And does it differ if they make the parking paying? What might be their motivations behind making these parking spaces paid???

Don’t worry, you can still go there by bus and use the free shuttle facilities to access this mall, situated far away from most bus routes.

Bon weekend!

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  1. All these “commérrsan” deserve the worst for their lives.


    When I was still a student, we were asked a question during a Building Services lecture: what is the natural pendant of prodiving an escalator to a shopping mall? No-one came up with the proper answer: escalators go in pairs, if you provide one to go upstairs, you MUST provide one to go downstairs too… Well, we could not be at fault, because at the time, we knew of only a very few “malls” fitted with escalators: Orchard Centre, Grand Baie Store and the freshly opened Caudan. None had downward-going escalators. When we were asked why, we still could not provide a decent answer. The lecturer came to our rescue: it’s all down to the design philosophy: how much do you care about the users of your facility…

    Which brings me to day that the concept called ‘customer care’ is way outside the way of thinking of the local “commérssan” – they take us only as masochistic cash-cows (well, the silent way we accept their way of treating us surely encourages them to continue, for sure) that deserve the worst treatment possible.

    You want additional proof that all eat the same grass? Ok, ask yourself why, even the poshest ones (I’ve not yet visited Grand Baie La Croisette, but for sure, Bagatelle and Cascavelle are in that, add Jumbo too) are provided with specialised toilets for babies/toddlers, but strangely enough they are always locked up when they are most needed…

    As for other shopping centres, forget about specialised toilets, even if they count thousands of footfalls per day, they are completely oblivious to the fact that wheelchair-bound or other motion-impaired people are also ready to make purchases: access ramps and other amenities are either ill-designed or non-existant – it shows your level of care, if you care. As if they never had a plaster on a broken foot, never had an ankle sprain, never had a paraplgic relative, old person or babies in their entourage…

    I’ll pass on their signage: too high, too small, illisible, arcane in their choice of colours or text, or even invisible…

    Are they human after all???

    It’s in the absence of caring in these non-small details that I see crass, obscene incompetence at work in these things despite all marketing research and lavish expenditure on launching and trumpet-blowing and what not…

    And they somehow find to further squeeze your neck on fees, and they have justified it already, such as fees for parking, because their parking will, fatally, have to be occupied by their income-purveyors, and probably dirtied by their mere presence.

    Then what?
    – you are urinating and defecating in my toilets and using my water and soap and toilet paper and hand-dryer: fees for using the loo
    – You are looking at my things through the windows that I cleaned: Fees for looking at the shop window
    – You are walking on the floors that I cleaned and hey, these floors get dirty from your feet – fees for walking
    – your are alive and breathing my air-conditionned air inside? fees for breathing.
    – My CCTV monitors your movements and guarantees your safety: presence fee.

    But then, appart from the depreciation and operational expenses, what ELSE is supposed to be covered in the rental that you the mall-owner get from the rental that the shop-owners pay to you ?

    And now you wonder why I want them to suffer a painful death?

    And why I would be the first to remain indifferent (laughing is for others) if their relatives happened to get any problem on these parkings?


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