Roshan Domun, the guy with magic fingers passed away

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to come across him anymore, as I wrote in my previous blog post dedicated to him. Some hours ago, a friend informed me that Mohindranath Domun (Roshan) passed away on Saturday night. I’m still shocked!

But now, the news is confirmed. His funerals were held today. I find his death quite troubling since from what has been reported in the local media, he had been electrocuted after he climbed on an electric pole near a night club. Unexplained! probably has the last videos and pictures of him performing live on last Friday. For this reason, I will be contacting his family members to hand over the original pics and videos to them.

RIP Roshan. You deserved such a better destiny 😦

27 thoughts on “Roshan Domun, the guy with magic fingers passed away

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  1. Shocked at this tragedy. Roshan was introduced through this blog and now suddenly the talented guy is no more with us. Sad times for his family and friends.


  2. this gentleman was known to me n by my pals for some 8 yrs….li ti ene gran vivant et ene bon vivant,,,thing that u could not tell to a lady, he could do it.. with tact n talent….
    but its fishy….


  3. i just read this in defi media n i realised that he’s the same guy from ur previous post..such a talented person gone in such a tragic way :((

    RIP :-/


  4. i couldnt refrain myself from saying this: i dnt believe in coincidences, and i believe it was no mere coincidence you guys came across him days ago and been able to capture and immortalise the talent of Roshan! many people die and are forgotten, but this guy needed to be remembered and recognised ! Roshan might have died, but he shall be forever remembered , for his gift! thnx Yashvin for bringing him out , his simplicity and awesomeness !


    1. Il est Sourd mais pas muet. En effet, est muet celui depourvue de la production vocale mais n est pas mue dans la mesure qu il s exprime dans sa langue ; la langue des signes mauricienne, une langue de notre patrimoine linguistique et culturel issus de notre racine. De nos ancetres. De notre histoire. La LSM tient sa source de notre gestualite naturelle de mauricien. Les sourds de Mairice sont garants de cette richesse gestuelle pluriculturelle. Ouvrez vos yeux. En apprenant a mieux les connaitre, vous vous connaitrez vous meme. Dans la beaute de votre geste associe a votre parole vocale. C est ce que vous apporte a vous tous, ceux qui ont croise son chemin. Paix a son ame.


  5. I really hope the story come out to be clear..its a life of a man and a good friend…someone really at heart… he will not only rest in peace but will be guided in the purest way to his destiny.. R.I.P BRO


  6. Yashvin, do you have any other videos of this guy?

    Do you know what? The day following your blog post, I went to search for him, I really wanted to meet him, but fate didn’t let me. 😦 Really sad about that.


  7. Rest in peace Roshan! Such sad news! we were childhood friends and I saw him on my last visit back home in August. The guy had great talent, my condolences to the family!


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